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The Pink Panther Strikes Again

The Pink Panther Strikes Again(1976)

This was the second of the 1970's Pink Panther movies and the next to last one before Peter Sellers died. I first saw this movie at a Pink Panther Film festival at the Oklahoma State University Student Union. By the time I saw this one I had seen three other Peter Sellers movies and my ribs were hurting I was laughing so hard. There is not much of a story, just an excuse for a series of comedy skits with Peter Sellers. It came out in a Presidential election year so they had actors imitate Gerald Ford and Henry Kissinger. They tried to show the President as a clumsy oaf. The movie came out after the election so Jimmy Carter had already been elected. The entertainment industry had already spent a year making fun of Gerald Ford's clumsiness. Some people think that's why Ford lost the election. When I got my first Laser Disc player the Pink Panther movies were the first Discs I bought.