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Donald's Review of Roustabout

5 years ago via Flixster


This is a lame Elvis movie. The story is lame. The music is lame. Elvis rides a motorcycle but it looks like he never rode a bike before. It's sort of based on Elvis's rise to fame in the 1950's. In 1955 a lot of Elvis's early concerts were at State Fair's in the south. Col. Parker who became Elvis's manager started out running carnivals. Some of the sets do remind me of what the Oklahoma State Fair used to look like. You have to look close but Raquel Welch plays a mouthy college girl in the Tea House at the beginning of the movie. The DVD box says she's in the shower too but it doesn't look like her to me. Barbara Stanwyck is the co-star of this movie. She did this movie just before she did the Big Valley TV show. She basically plays the same character except in modern times. Leif Erickson is also in the movie. He was better in the TV show High Chaparral.