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The Long Riders

The Long Riders(1980)

This is an excellent western. The locations were filmed at places that looked like Missouri. The clothing was right for the times. The guns were correct. The movie covers several years in the life of the James and Younger brothers. They started out with cap and ball revolvers but as the movie went on they transitioned to cartridge revolvers. The best part was the music. They used authentic music from the 19th century. I got the sound track album before I ever saw the movie because I read in a magazine that it was the best Blue Grass album of 1980. I didn't see the movie until I bought the laserdisc. The movie uses actual brothers to play brothers in the movie. The gunfight at the end of the movie is one of the best gunfights in western movie history. My only hang up with the movie was when Cole Younger goes to Texas to see Belle Starr. When Belle Starr was married to Sam Starr she was living in Oklahoma not Texas. They left out the Oklahoma connection to the James/Younger gang. Many of their hideouts were in Indian Territory. Frank James spent his old age living in Lawton, Oklahoma. Randy Quaid has the funniest character in the movie. David Carradine plays Cole Younger and it is one of his better roles.