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Fantastic Voyage

Fantastic Voyage(1966)

There was a lot of hype for this movie when it came out. It's a science fiction story but all the technology in the movie was current for the 1960's. There are 707 jet planes, overhead projectors, World War II era firearms, teletypes, line printers, black and white TV monitors, electric golf carts, and big cars. The story hints at a cold war with "the other side". The whole idea that you can shrink a submarine with people inside is something from a cheap TV show. This was the best special effects available in the 1960's. It would have been impressive on a big screen in a theater. The real attraction to the movie was Raquel Welch in a white wet suit. In the story they are trying to unblock a blood clot in the brain of an important scientist. The irony is that today that can be treated with drugs or with miniature catheters. There is research being done on building micro machines. Someday they might have microscopic machines to clean the plaque out of people's veins. The idea of a shrink ray is pure fiction.