DonaldWhite's Rating of Gone with the West (Little Moon and Jud McGraw) (Bronco Busters )

Donald's Review of Gone with the West (Little Moon and Jud McGraw) (Bronco Busters )

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Gone with the West (Little Moon and Jud McGraw) (Bronco Busters )

Gone with the West (Little Moon and Jud McGra...(1975)

This is a low budget western that looks like a TV show instead of a theatrical movie. It's got enough women with bare buts to get an R rating but otherwise it would be PG. The stars are James Caan and Stefanie Powers. They and a few other good actors must have needed some cash. The movie was made in the mid 1970's. The good actors were either at the end of their carriers or just before their breakout roles. After the opening credits (that looked like the opening credits of a TV show) they stuck in a beginning and end set in modern times about a newspaper reporter who is assigned to write a story about the old west. He drives out into the desert to visit old ghost towns. He meets an old lady who tells him a story for $5. I had forgotten how much money $5 was in the 1970's. There's been a lot of inflation since then. The old lady's voice became the narrator for the rest of the movie. You can always spot a bad movie when they have to have a narrator to explain the story. This is just a story about a guy trying to get revenge on a gang of outlaws in a small desert town. In the process he and Stefanie Powers destroy the town over the length of the 90 minute movie. In the whole movie James Caan never speaks a complete sentence and Powers speaks in gibberish the whole movie. I think they were trying to be funny but they weren't. They just run around in the same rock formations that Captain Kirk and the Star Trek crew chased aliens. I can only think they planned on dubbing this movie in several languages and showing it overseas. In the 1970's there were still a lot of drive-in movie theaters and a lot of small town and small neighborhood theaters that would show a cheap movie like this. They are all closed now but this would be like a straight to video movie today. After Blazing Saddles came out Hollywood didn't take the western seriously and this move is just an example.