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This is movie that made John Wayne famous. After John Wayne made his first movie he spent the next 8 years making cheap B grade westerns. When he was cast in this movie he was listed below the female lead. Until this movie was made Westerns were considered Saturday afternoon kid's movies. This was the first serious adult western movie. It had a serious theme set during the Apache wars of the 1880's. Geronimo is mentioned but never shown. Although the censors at the time wouldn't allow them to say it, they had a character who was a prostitute, a character who was an alcoholic, and a gambler. The action and stunts were more impressive than any that had been done before. The Indian's horses must have been slow not to be able to outrun a stagecoach, but it made a good movie. Some of the stunts were duplicated in Raiders of the Lost Ark. The Indians were real Indians. They weren't Apaches but local Utah Indians who lived near Monument Valley. There were a couple of attempts to remake this movie. They weren't as good. I saw the one made in the 1960's on TV once. I didn't see this one until it came out on VHS. I have the DVD now.