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This was the U.S.A.'s introduction to Dudley Moore. He made it with his English comedy partner Peter Cook. It's an English film with the only American Actress being Rachel Welch. It's a dry English comedy that didn't really go over in America. It wasn't until the BBC came out with the Monty Python TV show that the British produced something that American's liked. Dudley Moore plays a short order cook that's in love with the waitress that doesn't know he even exists. Peter Cook plays the devil who offers to buy his soul for seven wishes. Each wish doesn't turn out the way he expects and he winds up in the end the same as he started. Most of the wishes poked fun at some aspect of English society in the 1960's. That was probably funny to an English audience but goes flat for Americans. Ten years later Dudley Moore came to America and made some U.S. movies with more physical comedy and became a big star with 10 and Arthur.