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The Dark Knight Rises

The Dark Knight Rises(2012)

This is the third of the latest Batman trilogy. It's a lot like the first two. The "Dark Knight" was better. It had a better villain. Batman stories need a colorful villain. The villain in this movie is a badass but not very colorful. The Dark Knight trilogy tries to make the stories more realistic than past Batman movies. That's why Gothom City was obviously New York. They even had aerial shots of Manhattan Island. In the comics Gothom City was a mythical city in the BosWash corridor with an undefined location. The story in the movie was hard to follow because they were always playing background music during the dialog. It's also hard to follow due to the constant action. They stole a concept from "Escape From New York". The criminals take over Gothom City (Manhattan Island) by stealing an H-bomb and sealing the Police underground in the sewer system. The Government seals the island off so no one can escape just like in "Escape From New York". The Bane character is some kind of Russian super-criminal and sets up a Neo-Communist government to run his criminal empire. Batman shows up in the nick of time to save the day. Robin is in the movie but you don't find out who he is until the end of the movie. At least he's an adult in this version. They had a cool Catwoman too. The underlining theme of the movie is that a secret society from central Asia considers American capitalism to be decadent and evil and the rich are greedy and that this justifies the criminals stealing from them and destroying Gothom City. Bruce Wayne as Batman is the defender of the capitalist system and the American Way.