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Death Race 3: Inferno

I liked the film, a new fresh take on the location out in the Austrailian Desert. Had cool explosions, and the chases were great especially in the small villages. The women were hot, the story wasn't too bad. I just wish it didn't take so long for the races to start. not as good as the previous movies, but watchable, i liked it.


This movie is awesome, might be my top 5 of 2012/

WarGames: The Dead Code

They succeeded in racking up a bunch of nobody names with mediocre acting skills and totally killed the sequel to one of the classics. I watched this on netflix, the guys hacking were too old for the role. This is one of the worst sequels ever made.

WarGames 2: The Dead Game

They succeeded in racking up a bunch of nobody names with mediocre acting skills and totally killed the sequel to one of the classics. I watched this on netflix, the guys hacking were too old for the role. This is one of the worst sequels ever made.

10 Years
10 Years(2012)

A good film about friends who have their own moments of drama, insecurity and their pasts come to life through the story. I wouldn't classify this as a comedy, but there's alot drama and cheese in it.

Now Is Good
Now Is Good(2012)

People who don't find this film charming, sad and innocent are heartless. Dakota Fanning is fantastic is this movie.

The Last Word

This movie is depressing, Help people who want to commit suicide, don't assist them.

The Switch
The Switch(2010)

Though i consider Jason Bateman to be a huge cheeseball of an actor, this movie was quite good with some good cheese. The story was fresh and new which made it interesting. Jennifer Aniston is good in her role, the kid Sebastian is a spoiled brat, and not many people like narotic people especially children, very annoying movie, but i watched it, because the script was different.

House at the End of the Street

Even though I predicted what was going to happen before halfway of the movie, I still enjoyed, maybe because I'm a fan of Jennifer and Elisabeth. The story was quite unoriginal and most parts of it are forgettable, I still watched it, it was interesting.


I know I would of enjoyed this alot more as a kid, but as an adult I loved it anyway, Can't go wrong with a talking bear that drinks and has sex.

Premium Rush
Premium Rush(2012)

Has no rewatch value, the story seem nutty and uninteresing, They wanted us to care about a girl that was barely apart of the movie about getting her son to her from overseas, so he had to deliver a ticket worth alot of money to Chinatown, this script was poorly written, only thing this had going for it was the fun escape bike chases, THAT"S IT!. I would of thrown out the girl, chinatown, a stupid ticket, and a police detective with no sense.


Richard Gere never seems to disppoint, this movie was great, I loved how Richard can pull off a thriller with simplicity. I hated the ending, but throughout was entertaining.


Movie was alright, didn't and couldn't watch it all, I got bored after the first half of the movie, thought Paul Dano added some suspense and good acting to it, JGL looked strange, Bruce Willis was alright, Movie just seemed a little repetitive for me, overrated.

Life in Flight

How do you make a terrible movie with Patrick Wilson and Amy Smart, well.. this is a perfect example. That's the problem with first time filmmakers, to much into their art and not the story. This boring was beyond boring, each scene seem to go on forever, i drifted away in a matter of moments, could hang on to this very forgettable and disappointing film.


Your Typical story about a woman choosing the jerk and cheating on the nice guy. This movie disgusted me especially with the story between her and Brad. I like the parts of her artistry, those were the only times she came off as likable. Jessica Chastain is very talented but his role made her look gross.

The Hangover Part II

Obviously not as good as first time around, but I seen myself laughng and being entertained again even if it did seem too familiar. They need to be more creative next time around.

The Hangover
The Hangover(2009)

One of the funniest and creative movies I've ever seen. Zach Galifinakis and Ed Helms are a Exceptional comic duo.

The Words
The Words(2012)

This movie lags beyond belief, I pictured this movie to be more fast like limitless, with more interesting scenes.But it felt more like sitting through a two hour history class. I fell asleep half way thorugh the movie. Bradley Cooper needs to stray away from these dramatic, boring movies about literature. Stick with movies like the Hangover

Killer Joe
Killer Joe(2012)

This movie was interesting and fun, not very smart or rememberable, but Juno temple is very sexy, and Emile Hirsch always plays those dramatic characters well, and oh yeah Matthew Mcconaughey is in it too, playing the psychotic detective that becomes a paid hitman to kill the mother of emile hirsch for insurance money. The Fried chicken scene and alot of parts in the movie are funny.

Blood and Bone

I was impressed by this movie, DIRECT TO DVD? that is rediculous, this movie is very underrated. The fights in this movie are memorable, action packed. I just wish the ending Bone would of fed the guy to his own dogs. Great Movie!

Like Crazy
Like Crazy(2011)

I fell in love with the characters in this movie, the love between them felt true, the ending was quite disappointing, but the entire movie kept me interested and is one of my top favorite romantic movies.

The Bourne Legacy

Not the best bourne yet, perhaps the worst of all. Jeremy Renner is unfortunately not as slick, smart or as likeable as Matt Damon in this role. Action is comes to late and is rarely seen, story is disappointing.

Remember the Daze

I admit, I watched the entire film, just because I thought the actress's were cute and likable, but as for the story, there was no powerful provoking thought to the plot, it fell flat in every scene.


This movie has an attractive dvd cover, and the actors in this movie are great, but the movie itself is just terrible, from the beginning to the plot, it's all flawed and very boring. Blake Lively is sexy as always in her performances, but nothing can save this movie, turn from Paris with Love back on, skip this flick.

Brokeback Mountain

About two guys who fall in love on their days workin as sheep herders on brokeback mountain. Out of fear they keep their relationship secret from their normal lives with their wifes and children. You really feel the power of love between two great actors, even if you disagree with homosexuality or not, this movie is exceptional, no one should miss it, the drama is outstanding and likable. Everything about this movie is a winner.

Shotgun Stories

This movie will keep your interest all the way to the end, but throughout your wanting more to happen, it's very slow in alot of parts of the movie, but with the feuds of the families, the fights and the suspense of what will happen will keep you wondering and hanging on until the end, though you might be disappointed.

October Sky
October Sky(1999)

Homer H. Hickam Jr plays a young man growing up in a small town of Coalwood in WV. in the 1950's. After a night of residents coming together to watch the first man made satellite launched, Homer glances at the shooting star with amazement, it ultimately inspires him to start building rockets and learning more about science, and his least successful subject math, with the help of his friends, anything becomes possible, and the town is delighted by their high flying rockets. This is a heartwarming film with a great acting performance by Jake Gyllenhaal. There comes a time when a movie based on a true story is a winner, and this is one of them. The best and the most unforgetful scene would be when the father shows up with the town's people to show support for his son, though he wanted him to walk in his footsteps as a coal miner.

The Blind Side

Sandra Bullock is powerful in this movie with the country accent, and she really shows off her fantastic acting skills starring as a mother who has the glamorous lifestyle, but going against what she hears. She takes in a less fortunate young man into her home, when he has nowhere else to go. She and her family build his confidence to believe he can succeed, when it becomes to life, and playing football, also starring Kathy Bates, and Tim McGraw himself. The movie didn't get deep into detail how hard the young man's life was, but was mostly spoken about, but the movie leaves you feeling all warm and fuzzy inside.

The Messenger

You can tell from all the award nomination that this movie is definitely a winner in the eyes of the critics. The casting of this movie including Woody Harrelson, Ben Foster, and Jena Malone is very interesting, and I liked it. This movie gives you the inside look on the military messengers, because most movies that are similar don't go into detail about what the messengers actually go through when they deliver the horrible news to the families about the passing of their loved ones. I was on the edge of my seat when it came to the scenes where they had to go into the homes, because each sequence was different. Like most military films, you automatically know it will be mostly dramatic, but when you put these actors of such great caliber in one movie. It hits like a brick to your heart, and it definitely leaves you remembering and spreading the word. The only part that didn't go well with me was the lack of appearance from Jena Malone, but the movie was pointed toward the woman who lost her husband in the war, in which eventually Ben Foster starts developing feelings for her. I didn't really feel the spark "sort of speak" or real connection between Ben Foster and the widow played by Samantha Morton. I was surprised when I seen an appearance in a couple of scenes with Steve Buscemi. The guy mostly known for acting in some of Adam Sandler movies, if you can remember crazy eyes in Mr. Deeds. I think it will do fairly well in theaters this year.