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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

brilliant but i think tbh the books are better


not what i expected at all had me gripped even tho i am not a fan of subtittles


not the best thing ever made no where near as good as shrek but i have t give credit for the squirrel twitch he made the film for me!


ok if your ame game for a laugh but certainly not in the same league as amageddon.

28 Weeks Later...

poor poor british and poor!

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

a good film a little long for my liking but good never the less!

Home Alone
Home Alone(1990)

Absolutly awesome I prob know every word to this film!


* I Own this!

Edward Scissorhands

yet another masterpiece there is something about tim burtons work that brings a smile to my face and a chill to my spine this film is fantastic and will reman in my collection until I am as old as winona ryder at the end and beginning of the film. Thats a point he liker ryder and depp doesn't he

The Nightmare Before Christmas

A Flipping Fantastic piece of art work (cos thats what it is) For fans of this film I suggest watching the making of this film so u can truly understand why it has become such a classic and loved by all ages a film i think has sold the most merchandise and is still making and selling merchandise now!

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride

I great film but does not even come close to the nightmare before christmas unfortunatly I think those guys did so well making it that nthing will ever outshine it's brilliance!

The Omen
The Omen(2006)

hmmm well what can I say about this particular film I must admit I was never keen on the original so it should not surprise me that i found this film to be a bit boring some good images and some great acting but the story still seemed to be slowand realy not that scary. (in my opinion)

The Amityville Horror

Awesome I just watched this movie and was taken back in to a child like state and was actually quiete freaked ot it was however more by my own imagination (overactive) but I almost had to ask my boyfriend to walk me to te bathroom LOL. Brill

The Black Dahlia

slow boring and lacking in ommphh

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

I have justed watched this film and was highly disapointted I cannot say it lacked in imagination but it certainly lacked reality especially towards the end it started off very slowly and picked up pace but took off on a slippery decent in to madness I mean come on mass orgies and cannabilism????


* I Own this!


* I Own this!

Saw III(2006)

by far the best yet sickening just the way I like it!

Saw II
Saw II(2005)

* I Own this!


* I Own this!

Child's Play
Child's Play(1988)

I have great memories of this film as a kid my dad used to work away and every friday night my mum and I would rent a horror movie and get a chinese (something we stil do now) but I always had to rent another non scary film and watch that before I went to bed to avoid nightmares it worked with all other scary movies except this one I was seeing chucky in dark corners everywhere for months!

Nacho Libre
Nacho Libre(2006)

poor JB very poor!


This film is fantstic and Mara Wilson is so so sweet! she was most adorable inmiricle on 34th st though.

Dead End
Dead End(2003)

absolutly brill, twists and turns all the way loved it. best 2.99 I ever spent lol

The Holiday
The Holiday(2006)

I loved this movie and I was not too sure how I was going to take jack black in this roll but it really worked for me a great feel good rom com film featuring my fave time of yeah and the hansome jude law too Bonus!


all in all an ok film loved the dragon but a pretty poor battle which lead to a pretty poor ending and I found it hard to believe he became so strong and knowledgable in such a short space of time!

Truly Madly Deeply

This movie was intrduced to me by mum who always thought it was funny because it was released shortly after my uncle Jim passed away, and the story goes Jamie (played brilliantly by Alan Rickman) Dies leaving behind a grieving girlfriend who is stuggling to come to terms with his death and she comes home one day to discover much to her surprise that he is living on in her flat (which he hates) in the form of a ghost she is so happy that he has returned to her she completly forgets about the fact heis a ghost and then one day he brings all his new ghost mates home to watch classic movies in her living room and they end up staying for quite some time. My mum all ways said that this is so much like something Jim would have done given the chance! It is an absolutly beautiful film which never ever fails to have me in tears yet i still watch it. I must for all rom com fans!

Hannibal Rising

brilliant! belivable and spine tingling!

Meet the Robinsons

I have no words to discribe how awesome this movie is the 3D effects were out of this world and the story wasn't half bad either.

The Texas Chainsaw Massacre

This is another of my favourites in my humble opinion completly worthy of four stars but they could have developed more of a story for the beginning!

American Pie Presents: Band Camp

This film was brilliantly made in the style that had become famous over the last three movies how ever I felt they did make one big mistake when they used a different actor to play stiffler when it was only a phone call and they could have not shown the actor at all and stayed in keeping with the previous films.


seen this film last night and I think it was a very good film not excellent but it was v.good much better than I expected and it raised cage in my expectations.


I loved this film as a kid and can remember watching it with my cousins over and over again.



When Harry Met Sally

What can I say FANTASTIC!!! thats all I love it!

Sleepless in Seattle

One of my all time faves! I absolutly love this film I know it word for word but it never fails to make me laugh and cry!

Dirty Dancing

An absolutly timeless classic which FYI was perfectly transfered from screen to stage in the west end a must for all dirty dancing fans it was supperb.