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5 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Take This Waltz

Take This Waltz(2012)

"Michelle Williams is one of the most admirable actresses out there for me, she puts in a lot of hard work in her roles and reason why she's a 3-time Oscar nominee. Here as Margot, she IMO gives another Oscar-worthy performance but however since this is a very little-known indie flick, she might not even get attention. Luke Kirby is lovable and charming here, never heard or seen this actor but after this, I want to see more of him now. Both Sarah Silverman & Seth Rogen (who both i'm fan of as comedic stars) take their usual potty-mouth, cruel & crazy antics out of the window and actually show their surprisingly good range as dramatic actors. Good for them especially Silverman. The movie itself is charming, interesting and occasionally funny but it's all because it came from the actors in here. Rogen, Kirby & Silverman are terrific but again, Michelle Williams deserves Oscar attention, seriously. This is her best work so far in her excellent young career."