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Visually amazing with an interesting message, but the story overall seemed long and mundane.

The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug

An improvement from the already epic first installment, this is a great middle film - where I find most middle films fall flat, full of exposition and world building rather than action. The CGI on Smaug is done flawlessly that it doesn't feel generated or cheap and the Woodland Realm is as beautiful as described in the books, with amazing work from Lee Pace. I liked this even better than the first and only hope the third lives up to the expectations.

The Secret Life Of Walter Mitty

Beautiful effects and easily relateable characters makes this a surprising favourite. Ben Stiller doesn't get the credit he deserves.

Thor: The Dark World

Stunning visuals and a lot of action. Tom Hiddleston's Loki predictably steals the show but it also features strong performances from Chris Hemsworth, Idris Elba, Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje and Rene Russo. The dark elf plot is underdeveloped and many of the heartbreaking scenes are overshadowed by cheap jokes, but is overall a good story with a lot of set up for future Marvel films. This is definitely one for IMAX 3D - and don't forget to stay until after all the credits for a second post-film scene.

Ender's Game
Ender's Game(2013)

Strong visuals can't make up for the phoned-in performances from nearly all the leads. Without having read the book, it's hard to relate or latch on to any of the characters, making it ultimately a waste of time.

12 Years a Slave

An amazing piece of American cinema telling an important piece of American history - in a brutally honest way. Performances from every actor on key that will leave no eye in the house dry. Beautiful and brilliant.

The Counselor

Shocking moments and well acted scenes are cut by lengths of absolute boredom.

The Fifth Estate

I really enjoyed this film and I'm not sure why the critics and fans alike have been giving it such low marks. The story is faced paced enough to be interesting, the drama isn't overly done, and the cast is outstanding. I thought it was stylistically brilliant as well, though the metaphorical scenes of Wikileaks was a bit odd it was still wonderfully filmed and edited. I can only assume people expected something different and so were disappointed.

The Wolverine

Better than Origins but still fucks up Wolverine's story by people who've never read the comics. I wish Marvel still owned the rights.


Not as great as District 9 but has the same feel and size. Matt Damon was a weird choice for cast but he did well.

Star Trek Into Darkness

Tons of action balanced with an abundance of emotion, this movie is a rollarcoaster for the mind. Cumberbatch steals the show with his acting chops but there's still plenty of props to give out to the rest of the crew. This sequel really holds up to the 2009, though it still leaves a lot of questions unanswered. With JJ Abrams possibly leaving the franchise to work on Star Wars, those questions will probably remain so.

Iron Man 3
Iron Man 3(2013)

A very strong addition to the Marvel universe that really surpasses all expectations as a sequel but also as a "comic book film". Obvious Shane Black (some very similar shots and techniques as seen in Kiss Kiss Bang Bang) make this a unique film in the franchise and bring a different brand of humour and reference not previously seen in either the Iron Man or other Marvel films. It's not perfect, as if any film is, but it's easily already one of my favourite Robert Downey Jr. films after first viewing. Definitely recommended.


Reminiscent of "Momento", "Trance" takes you on a journey into the mind of one Simon, played by McAvoy, who can't remember where he left a painting. The story slowly reveals itself to both Simon and the audience with more and more sinister happenings with a truly shocking ending. This movie was edited, filmed and acted brilliantly. Definitely recommended.


Boring, slow film where not much happens. Superb acting can't keep this understated tale interesting.

National Theatre Live: Frankenstein

A superb re-telling of a classic tale, with both actors playing both parts - the monster and Frankenstein. Cumberbatch as the monster can not be outdone.

Jack the Giant Slayer

While the CGI of the initial sub-story is very poorly done (looks like a early 1990's RPG game), I didn't find the CGI of the actual story jarring or overdone. A lot more gore and violence than I expected for this type of film made it more enjoyable for someone with my darker humour. A very fun movie. No one sees a film like this expecting more than that and it delivers!

Oz the Great and Powerful

While visually stunning, Oz features disappointing acting from big names - Kunis and Weisz both seem stilted and amateurish. The plot also shows the women as helpless and naive, relying on some hack magician from Earth as the only thing that can save them from each other; the feminist Baum is probably doing cartwheels in his grave. The opening credit sequence and the soundtrack (from the great Danny Elfman) were the best parts of the film.

Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter

A very different type of vampire than seen before that is a little too unrealistic - the lure of vampire lore is that it's almost possible, but these are more demonic monsters than the Ann Rice creation. Overall, a fun movie but doesn't capture the audience quite as much as it could, and should.

The Bourne Legacy

Not a film for those not already invested in the franchise. It's mostly a lot of action without plot and the sudden end with no resolution is frustrating.

Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale

Well made and well acted, a great look into a part of Finland few get to see - including folk tales.

Warm Bodies
Warm Bodies(2013)

Really weird but new take on zombies that, while there are a few laughs, mostly asks too much suspended belief from the audience. Definitely works better as a book and didn't need to be put on film.

J. Edgar
J. Edgar(2011)

Slow and wordy for those not interested in the history, but I found it intensely interesting and both DiCaprio and Hammers performances are outstanding.

Real Steel
Real Steel(2011)

Original idea but you never really connect with any of the characters. It has a lot of great effects and fight scenes, however.

Rise of the Guardians

A fun and unique take on holiday legends - this isn't just a Christmas movie. Gorgeous animation, from fast action scenes to sparkling images, keep all ages entertained.

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey

The 48FPS was strange and disorienting, with a sort of fast-forward feel - especially on already fast scenes. It did give the 3D a much smoother look than previously seen but it still has kinks to be worked out before it can become a regular format.
The film itself was very entertaining and definitely caters to fans of the book and the previous films. However, readers will note that there are a lot of things that have been changed that didn't need to be (most notably how Gandalf saves the company from the trolls), things added that shouldn't have been (Radagast is a complete waste of time and unnecessary - though Sylvester McCoy did a brilliant portrayal), and scenes that are perfectly straight from the book (Andy Serkis continues to be amazing).
Overall, not a perfect film and not one that will gain a lot of outside appreciation, but a very fun time anyway.

Attack the Block

Great story, wonderful acting by mostly unknown kids, great visuals for a lower budget British flick. Definitely recommended!

Anna Karenina

Visually stunning with a unique take on play vs. film differences. However, the plot drags to the point where you no longer care about the characters which defeats the whole purpose. Should be about 45 minutes shorter with less emphasis on dancing and sex scenes and more on actual storytelling.

We Need to Talk About Kevin

Hard to follow with random timeline jumps and you still never really learn what Kevin did to his fellow students (though I was shocked at the death actually shown). I just couldn't connect with the characters and felt really bored.


I enjoyed this a lot more than I expected. It had a lot of humour in it for a movie about cancer. There were some sad parts, obviously, but overall, it had a lot of heard and you really care for Gordon-Levitt's character by the end. If this wasn't based on a true story, I'd feel the "everything is happy and ok" ending would be a cop-out though.

Wreck-it Ralph

Really well done and engaging. Loved the animation and movement.


Hilarious with a good message.

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

:Probably the strongest film in the franchise, I enjoyed it purely for the entertainment value. Still stilted acting from the main three characters but the addition of many new people make it more enjoyable. Also, there's a reveal that is done quite well. Also, Lee Pace.

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

Absolutely ridiculous and gives very unrealistic expectations/ideas to naive girls about sex and relationships which is scarier than any vampire could ever be.

The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

Better cinematography than the last two but still a movie that never needed to be made.


Wonderfully acted and moves fast enough to not get bored. Has an almost television mini-series feel. You get to know all the characters without getting confused but Daniel Day-Lewis delivers an exquisite performance. Definitely recommended.

Friends With Kids

Funny moments with lots of heart - but in the end, just another chick flick.


A great addition to the franchise, for long-time fans or casual observers alike. Lots of action balanced well with actual plot, unlike most action films. All players give a riveting performance but Daniel Craig is definitely a star.


Well-written and acted portrayal of real-life serial killer Dahmer. It leaves some questions unanswered and doesn't strictly follow the actual timeline of Dahmer's life, but is overall a good addition to the genre. It doesn't try to be more than it is and it's over-sensationalized.


Really fun, smart comedy with a darker undertone. I like its documentary style and while not a new idea, it was executed well here. Recommended!

The Hunger Games

Could never finish the first book because I got bored so I'm really glad the movie was so well done so I get all the jokes. Seneca Crane's beard stole the film.

The Cabin in the Woods

I left the theatre thoroughly confused, surprised and more confused. However, after ruminating a bit, this is actually a pretty brilliant, wholly unique movie which is very impressive in today's market.

Mirror Mirror

Not as bad as I expected. Julia Roberts hilariously miscast, though.


I really enjoyed this film up until it tried to be morally deep. It was a cute story about how it's ok to be different that had a lot of great characters and some good quotes, but the end tries to teach a lesson in morality that bored me as an adult and would have been completely uninteresting to me as a kid. Leave these sort of messages in books, cartoons aren't the right medium.

Pitch Perfect

I saw this on a whim - I usually deplore musical/singing movies - but it was totally worth the matinee price. A lot of hilarious lines and characters, it's a great comedy with heart that doesn't bore.

Seven Psychopaths

A great dark comedy, though not nearly as amazing as In Bruges. Some of the storylines were a bit far fetched but it had plenty of great shots and quotes and will definitely be fondly remembered, but not sure if worth multiple viewings like its predecessor.


I fully expected a very disjointed movie that would be hard to enjoy, so that could have something to do with why I was so blown away by this - but it was pretty amazing. Easy to follow, even with the time jumps, and some pretty great acting in here. It's definitely a new sci-fi classic.


Intense movie that doesn't rely on the violence to tell the story - though there is plenty of that. I actually felt for the characters and the plot kept me intrigued. A few plot-holes and characters that went missing (you never really learn about Oldman's character and he doesn't play a necessary part, though Oldman is awesome in the role). Also some things you have to stretch your imagination for - which is odd as this is based off of a real life event. Still, totally recommend, and I loved the soundtrack!

This Means War

An overall fun movie with two great leads but the rest of the cast fell flat and the story itself is a bit overdone. This was a waste of Tom Hardy's acting prowess for sure.


Not bad for a supernatural thriller with a somewhat original idea but still could have been much better and more interesting.

Green Lantern

A lot more enjoyable than I expected but still a poor execution of a poor idea. This really shouldn't have been made.

The Change-Up

Overused, under-funny plot, actors and ideas.

The Adventures of Tintin

Amazing visuals, fun plot and great voices make up a very exciting film for all ages.

Winter's Bone

Long, drawn out story that will only interest those familiar with the area and lifestyles featured. After about 40 minutes, I was completely bored and uninterested in the outcome.

The Dark Knight Rises

Disappointing, disjointed story line that skipped out on a lot of necessary background information and plot lines. Catwoman also wasn't used to her potential and seemed rather pointless to all the events in the film. After the brilliance of The Dark Knight, I expected much better.

Snow White and the Huntsman

Not as bad as I was expecting from the reviews but I still left disappointed. I'm a fan of fairy tale movies and this was only a good effort for me. Nothing can replace the whimsical mastery of the 1980's movies in this genre. However, this movie did have a lot of great visuals and a good effort at a unique story line, even if the base was one of the oldest tales. The movie could have beneffited from a more aware casting director, though. Kristen Stewart gives a flat performance in every single movie she's in - how she keeps getting cast in decent-sized films is beyond me. While not a wholly awful movie, save it for the rental or a mid-day matinee.


Stunning visuals and superb acting. I didn't have a hard time following the story and didn't have a huge amount of questions after like many other viewers, but that might change after a repeat viewing. Favourite performances from Fassbender and Elba. I'm not a fan of the Alien franchise but this makes me want to go back and watch them again - but I can see how, for fans, this might be a somewhat pointless addition only adding questions rather than answering them. However, if you're just here for a little horror and a lot of space, it's good fun.


I will never understand why critics loved this movie so much. It is unoriginal and plays off of a slew of stereotypes. The most memorable actor was Chris O'Dowd who received very little attention for his role in this - while Melissa McCarthy, who simply played the masculine fat friend (something that has been done before), got Oscar nods. If this is the "new standard for comedy", I'll stick to drama for now.

Horrible Bosses

Not a very original buddy comedy but still pretty funny. Strong cmedic leads backed by a-typical performances from Aniston and Farrell make the casting more interesting than the plot itself. However, you get what you came for which is more than a lot of movies can boast.

Marvel's The Avengers

A nearly perfect addition to the Marvel movie universe. Very easy to follow - even through all the action scenes - with a ton of great one-liners, music ques, and funny moments to break up the parts where things blow up. Hiddleston is unforgettable as Loki and lovers of the Iron Man franchise will leave far from disappointed. It has a very clear fingerprint of Whedon on it which is more of an advantage than I had originally anticipated. This is definitely not a movie to miss.

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

Another unnecessary remake. It is obvious that the producers didn't have a good grasp on Swedish culture and all the non-Swedish actors (see: 99% of the cast) did deplorable accents. While the first version was confusing and stilted, this one wasn't much better. Why it exists, I'll never understand. If you've seen the first one and/or have actually been to Sweden, this movie will only annoy you.


A little pointless overall with a few holes, but still exciting and enjoyable.

John Carter
John Carter(2012)

A great example of classic sci-fi, this movie is full of action, romance, aliens and futuristic weaponry. I can only assume a bad rating is from someone who doesn't appreciate classic science fiction and has never read a sci-fi novel with an appreciative eye. If a movie makes you gasp and clap and laugh, then it's a good movie, and this film delivers all.


too long but a classic.

The Deep Blue Sea

Decent film but it made me feel more sorry for the men in Hester's life rather than her. She was clingy and needy and I wished her luck in her suicide attempts, which is probably the opposite of what was intended.

The Artist
The Artist(2011)

I think critics aren't looking at the plot, and more the intended message (which I suppose is mainly 'communication') and the fact that it is somewhat a unique movie in these times of irreverent duplication. However, looking at the story line itself, it seems to be the work of a fan of both Misery and Twilight who thinks both are great examples of healthy relationships. The woman stalks, abducts, and has an overall unhealthy obsession with the actor and yet, despite the obvious evidence against it, he still falls for her. While I was impressed with the sound editing (more the unexpected use of sound effects rather than the old time-y soundtrack) and the overall homage to classic cinema and its history, I just couldn't get past the creepiness displayed by the actress. I was vocally cringing by the half way mark and it ruined the rest of the viewing experience for me. Seeing viewers use words like "charming" and "inspiring" to describe this film makes me really wonder about the state of the world today - is it really seen as "charming" to stalk an object of your desire (she "just happened" to be where he was constantly), buy and house all his possessions anonymously, abduct him unwittingly from his hospital bed while he's unconscious, and then chase him down when he tries to escape? Really? And this won Best Screenplay BAFTA. Ugh.

War Horse
War Horse(2011)

A war movie for people not interested in war movies. I haven't read the book so I don't know how well the original story develops, but I thought there were too many in the movie. I wanted to see more of the soldiers' stories and less of the French girl or even the original owner - but I love war movies. Stellar performances by a lot of lesser known actors and many beautiful shots and camera angles. Could have been better and more interesting [see: more memorable] with its budget and director.

The Woman in Black

A throwback to classic supernatural horror in the British way. Lots of jump moments but, overall, not enough suspense. The ending wasn't that predictable though still not all that surprising . I expected more scares. However, well acted, beautiful landscapes and atmospheric soundtrack.


Walked away disappointed. The acting was amazing but the plot itself didn't interest me. This is definitely a movie for critics, not the average movie watcher.

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Absolutely fantastic. One of the best, well made films that didn't need a ton of unnecessary dialogue or action scenes to try to keep the audience engaged.

Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows

The story was less developed than in the first film and they never really used Moriarty or Mycroft Holmes like they could have. However, Moran was a fantastic character. This one has a lot more fighting and explosions than the first as well which I think takes away from the story development. The pre-cognisant scenes (inside Holmes' mind) are also done less well than in the first film. Overall, a great sequel but keeps in theme with sequels never living up to their origins.

The Three Musketeers

Another ridiculous version of a classic. The 1993 film remains my favourite.


A lot better than I expected and boasts a stellar soundtrack. Not all that original but the cast was charming and it has heart - more than can be said for some movies with higher ratings.

The Illusionist

A very exciting and interesting blend of history, crime drama and the supernatural.

Tower Heist
Tower Heist(2011)

Somewhat original comedy with a few laugh-out-loud moments. Nothing to write home about, though.

I, Robot
I, Robot(2004)

Save yourself and read the original stories instead. Much more interesting.

In Time
In Time(2011)

Very disappointing. The idea sounded awesome and the movie could have been very epic but the story was full of clichà (C)d moments and there was no real chemistry between the cast. Andrew Niccol has made some of my favourite science fiction movies so I had high hopes that this movie just couldn't live up to.


Could have been really awesome with the right cast - however, this cast was dreadful. It really says something when all the high school age actors are more believable than the more established ones.

My Boy Jack
My Boy Jack(2007)

Very powerful WWI film with great performances by all. Interesting to see Radcliffe has some real acting chops when cut from his Harry Potter casting crutch.


I thought it was hilarious and witty, with great performances by all the lead actors.


The second half of the movie is far more interesting than the first but once it's over, the whole thing comes together and it means something. This movie is far too underrated.

Third Star
Third Star(2010)

Not a perfect movie but close. Wonderful cinematography and superb acting. You really start to feel for the characters and the ending will leave you broken with emotion.

The Conspirator

A good movie for those interested in American history of the time period but otherwise pretty boring. Nothing really happens and you feel like you didn't really get behind the conspiracy as the trailer and synopsis promised.

Fright Night
Fright Night(2011)

I expected this movie to be horrible and it ended up being pretty entertaining and exciting. While still a popcorn thriller with plenty of cheese, it was thoroughly enjoyable with better acting than most horror movies being made these days.

Your Highness

Nothing new but still a good comedy when you just want to sit and laugh at something. Don't expect too much and you won't be disappointed.

Dylan Dog: Dead of Night

I enjoyed this film for what it was but I didn't expect much more. Brandon Routh has a hard time expressing any real kind of emotion or acting talent Sam Huntington is fun to watch. It reminded me of many urban fantasy novels on the market today. Not a good movie, but a fun one!

The Whistleblower

It's hard to rate this movie because while I was bored, I could tell that it was an important story and was well-executed. However, the story doesn't have a beginning nor a real end, like the events it was based on. I feel this would make an excellent novel but wasn't really worth a dramatised film. They should have spent the money on a documentary.

The Shadow in the North

Billie Piper is emotionless and dull in this series but the other actors make it worth the time.


I enjoyed it but it's mostly unmemorable.

Telstar (Telstar: The Joe Meek Story)

I was uninterested through many parts but overall, it was a good film. I think it focused too much on side stories of the band members and not enough on Joe Meek himself.

O Jerusalem
O Jerusalem(2007)

A very moving film that includes actual historical footage. It made a historical event I was impartial to mean something, and I think that's the point of a movie like this.

Midnight in Paris

I honestly think I would have enjoyed this film a lot more if it didn't star Owen Wilson.

Rory O'Shea Was Here

A very cute, moving film about friendship and overcoming obstacles. Excellent acting as well as addressing the issues of disability with care. I just love this movie!

Sherlock Holmes and the Case of the Silk Stocking

Predictable but it had a more modern, rather than stuffy, feel and that needs to be more prevalent in period drama, especially of the mystery variety. Everett and Michael Fassbender did a good job in it, too, but Ian Hart was a bad choice for Watson.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

I would have liked this movie much more if the cast had been chosen better. Who okayed Jay Baruchel and Nicolas Cage? They just didn't fit.


I actually really enjoyed this movie. The stories don't really synch up and there's no concrete ending, but the actors did a good job and I'm interested in the subject of death and the afterlife which is what attracted me to the movie in the first place. I also liked that the movie is set in so many different cultures.

I Am Number Four

Entertaining enough. Very much geared towards a younger high school audience so I rolled my eyes at the drama a bit, but the story itself is interesting.


Art house style films are just not for me, because while this film was a "good film", it was boring and mundane. It's like someone just walks around these people on holiday with a camera and nothing really happens - plots are supposed to have a beginning, climax and ending and this film just has this slow crawl of random events.


Action-packed and good acting doesn't usually go hand-in-hand but this superhero movie has both and it's amazing.


Another film were nothing happens, you just watch the characters live their lives. A dysfunctional family goes on holiday and their relationships become even more strained. If I wanted to watch that, I wouldn't need a movie.

Captain America: The First Avenger

Great effects and acting. Was better than expected.

Six: The Mark Unleashed

I knew nothing about this film when I picked it up other than Jeffrey Dean Morgan was in it. Based on the back summary, I though it would be more of an action film but instead it's a preachy Christian right movie with cheesy dialogue, horrible acting, and a very slow moving plot. It uses a lot quotes from the Bible and other religious texts to move half of the film's conversations and it just isn't a movie for someone who is not a zealous Christian religious fanatic.

The Incredible Hulk

Yet another "superhero" movie and a remake of itself no less. Ang Lee couldn't make it work in 2003 with his all-star cast so 5 years later, unknown director Louis Leterrier gave it a shot. While he did a better job with better CGI, actors, and plot line, it still is a typical Hulk movie. For me, the highlights was the surprise Tony Stark (Robert Downey Jr.) appearance at the end as well as the appearances of Lou Forrigno (a security officer) and Stan Lee (an unfortunate victim of gamma radiation via Brazilian soda). I would recommend this movie only to complete the superhero collection and prepare for the inevitable Avengers movie.

Road to Perdition

Not sure if Tom Hanks was the right choice for this role of a notorious hitman, but he did a good job anyway. A very dark, dramatic movie with great cinematography and a slow but well written plot. Jude Law is very creepy as a hired hitman slash death photographer and Sullivan's son, played by then-newcomer Tyler Hoechlin, keeps the movie from being all about death and more about family. This movie also features the late Paul Newman.

The Wolfman
The Wolfman(2010)

A great revisit to the classic horror film with a modern twist to make it less cheesy. Great effects, acting, and plot make this an ideal movie for horror fans.

Love, Honour and Obey

A uniquely edited comedy movie about two warring British family gangs. Jude gets his best friend Johnny into his uncle's North London gang, but Johnny is unsatisfied with simple credit card fraud and tries to start a real war between the two gangs. He goes on a crime spree by stealing drugs and killing rival members. Johnny proves to be uncontrollable and causes the death of too many people, so is "taken care of" in the end.
There are a lot of funny moment with more somber ones towards the end of the film. It's a great example of many famous British actors' early work and talent and a good gangster movie for people not into the typical Italian mobster genre.


Great effects but a little disappointing. Would have been better as an actual cartoon and not CGI.


Amazing but some parts where unnecessary to tell the story - perhaps a little too true to the comic.


Nothing original.

I Love You, Man

One of my favourite comedies of all time.

The Hangover
The Hangover(2009)

Wasn't as funny as I wanted. Very college humour, in my opinion. It could have been better.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I love the books and the movies, but the movies are never as good as I expect.

District 9
District 9(2009)

It was amazing. Very well edited and very epic. It contains a lot of social commentary. Not for those who hate subtitles or thick accents.

American Psycho

It was a big disappointment. I was soooo bored.

Across the Universe

What the hell was this movie actually about? It was pretty, had a good soundtrack and great actors but... absolutely NO POINT.

Death at a Funeral

Hilarious but sometimes a bit boring. Alan Tudyk made the movie good.

Star Wars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith

i hate star wars, though it is a well made and written series.


This was an amazing movie! Well filmed and stayed true to the original, wonderful story.

The Chumscrubber

Amazing movie with great story! Very well done and great actors, even the no-names!


A little weird, but was overall really good. And I'm a sucker for Joaquin Phoenix's great acting.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

Not a disappointment! It gets a little weird with Jack's visions, but besides that, another excellent sequel!

Robin Hood: Men in Tights

Hilarious and original! One of my favourite comedies of all time.


Very dissapointing - it could have been a great movie. Visually entertaining but that's the only entertaining part. Bad acting, cheesy scenes, and poor historical portrayal.

Hot Fuzz
Hot Fuzz(2007)

Very funny and action packed! Great combination.

Blades of Glory

Hilarious but a typical Will Ferrell movie. Can be described as "dumb humour."

The Invisible

Loved it though it had some cheesy moments. I would recommend this one out of the current box office selections.

Spider-Man 3
Spider-Man 3(2007)

It focused too much on relationships than on actual Spiderman. It should have been called Spiderman In Love. Topher Grace was surprisingly excellent in it, though.

Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

only good because of johnny depp.


best of the three.

Austin Powers in Goldmember

worst austin powers. beyonce ruins it.