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Decent action flick, if you are interested in yer typical, cliché car-chase, explosive climax type 'o thing. Good basic material though - after all, it's philip k dick.

The Devil's Advocate

Entertaining and, at times, quite interesting.

This Is England

Great, touching piece of cinema. Easily the best skinhead flick.

The Big Lebowski

"Shut the fuck up, Donnie"

21 Grams
21 Grams(2003)

overrated, but pretty good at times


artsy fartsy piece of shit


Atmospheric, gritty look at religion, mathematics and...stock trading.


Back to the future for those people who surf the net to nitpick blockbusters.

Walk the Line

Probably the best biopic to date

The Ice Storm

This movie took two hours of my life to watch - I WANT THEM BACK!

American Beauty

Pretentious piece of shit about midlife crisis in suburban, middle class America.


The slack of the 90's meets the nifty, upbeat american dream of the 50's with the help of a magical remote control.

The Truman Show

Phildickian look at a reality show blown out of proportion.

Stranger Than Fiction

Touching, clever and Kaufmanesque tale of a man who is unwillingly put in the position of the protagonist of a soon-to-be completed novel. Will Ferrell amazed me in his first serious role to date.

Revenge of the Nerds

One of the flicks that turned me on to watching movies. Remember: at the end of the day - us nerds will lead the way!


The landmark of generation X cinema. Funny, clever, and with some pretty unforgettable moments.


Ridiculously overrated, but still pretty good.

Down by Law
Down by Law(1986)

"I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream!"

Fast Food Nation

Intelligent and satiric look at the economic, social, cultural and environmental consequences of America's juggernaut fast-food industry. Richard Linklater never seizes to amaze me. "Super size me" meets "Traffic".

You Only Live Twice

The best of the bonds!

Love Is the Devil

Well directed story of one of the most gruesome and grotesque expressionist painters during the 20th century, and his homosexual relationship to the drug-addicted, cat thief, love of his life. Excellent cinematography and great work with metaphor and symbolism.

The Fisher King

"C'mon, Jack, what do you think the Crusades were? A Pope's publicity stunt?"

This Is Spinal Tap

"But this one goes to eleven!"

Being John Malkovich

"It's MY HEAD, Schwartz. It's MY head!"


"You and I share the same DNA. Is there anything more lonely than that?"

A Clockwork Orange

"There was me, that is Alex, and my three droogs, that is Pete, Georgie, and Dim, and we sat in the Korova Milkbar trying to make up our rassoodocks what to do with the evening."

Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas

"We can't stop here! This is bat country!"

Blade Runner
Blade Runner(1982)

"To bad she doesn't live! But then again, who does?"

Blue Velvet
Blue Velvet(1986)

"Don't you fucking look at me!"


"Remember - we're all in it together, kid"