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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
14 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Another thrilling ride with the unlikely misfits of this kind of family. Before, I was hoping Adam Warlock and Quasar to appear but this one is quite a different approach. Now that they're really known as the Guardians of the Galaxy, they have been doing redeeming the good around the galaxy. Until they come across a particular individual. One who is relations with Peter Quill a.k.a. Star-Lord.

Let's talk about a little bit about the soundtrack. Which is important, an essential part of the story. With how they were so good in the first movie, there is no doubt the tracks we'll hear will coincide with whatever is gonna happen in volume 2. This second movie is another roller coaster ride but in another turn. In a different path but still attaining the feel that was already established from the first movie. The intro quite shows it. My favorite of them all is the moment with Rocket Raccoon. I truly enjoyed that scene with one of the soundtracks.

Baby Groot has a special moment in the movie and I hate to admit that it's quite cute of him trying to do his best, it's also one of the best moments Groot has done so far. We'll hope to see more of him in Avengers: Infinity War. Especially interacting with Hulk.

There are scenes that seem kinda forced. To develop a little more on the characteristic side. While it's totally fine that this is done and all of things have to conclude somehow, I feel like it was just to cater specific people who watch this amazing yet fan demanding-ish movie. Hopefully, we get a lot more peering towards the story and that we can have this characters move on further than they were before.

Overall, the movie was really enjoyable. Drax enjoys the usual ensue of glorious battles, Gamora trying to keep everyone in line while Peter and Rocket seem to bicker more than the usual. Yondu gets a very special spotlight and you'll know what I mean if you ever bother to watch the movie. You should though because one can not simply pass up a Marvel movie.

The Fate of the Furious
34 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Furious 7 left a big remembrance. Not only with the actors that we're so familiar with since the very beginning but to see Paul Walker's last big performance. Continuing a legacy that's been left behind and to remember, it's to wonder if it really should continue. Well they did with this franchise. Like other franchises, you have to admit that you can never capture the essence of what it once was. Whether it's making a new movie, a new song, or even a new book. Sometimes it doesn't really work. Somehow in this movie it works but it was weird at the same time. Returning characters from past films was surprising but unnecessary. The characters you like a lot before then, have little spotlight. While it may not be necessary for those kind of characters, I thought they deserved more. Like the two guys that always argue or that other character that I won't spoil.

In this case, you need to see it to believe it. Charlize Theron did nothing but acting in this movie. Literally just acting but she did a really good job at it. Kurt Russell, of course he did a great job as well. As for Scott Eastwood, I get to see more of his acting performance and suffice to say, I'd like to see him in a Marvel movie.

Halfway through the movie, I gotta say that there were a lot of computer scenes going on. It made the movie kinda boring. I've already seen this stuff last time but it gotten more used in this movie. I understand it plays a big part into the story but it just fails it and does not bode well with everything. I got kinda bored with that. I'm here to see some fast and furious stuff. Not furiously hacking fast at things but I guess the title means a lot of different ways. Not just with cars.

Other than that, it's still a good film to watch. Jason Statham is back for sure and his role plays big in this one as he did last time. Which makes me think why enemies become friends all of a sudden. Maybe it's my own way of seeing things. That enemies stay enemies and friends stay friends, kind of mind set. But this movie reminds me of how people can change. Maybe even for the better. That you think that's how they are but when the story progresses through, even in the next movie, you never knew that they're just human beings. Trying to get by.

This may not be the best out of all the movies so far but it's another chapter into the Fast and the Furious saga. One can not simply stop at Furious 7. Another story, another movie that reminds me us that family is important. Always will, always will be.

Logan (2017)
41 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I guess this will be the last Wolverine movie we'll ever seen. It's been a long ride since the first X-Men movie. Despite my hatred towards what Fox is doing with the franchise, this one is an exception. Just like the Wolverine movie. Logan is another you can't miss. Especially to those who is a big fan of the Wolverine.

The fights are more brutal and the f-bombs are for real. If you've watched the unrated version of The Wolverine then be prepared to see more gruesome stuff in Logan.

Hugh Jackman always delivers and always will be THE Wolverine. I can't imagine anyone else to take the role of the character. He does it better and no one can replace that legendary acting. When I saw him debut the Wolverine in a live action movie that is X-Men in 2000, it was such a sight to see. I knew this guy is gonna be our Wolverine for a long time. Come 2017 and it has come to an end. Or is it the end? He seem to really love playing the character and he really does an awesome job at it.

In this movie, we're introduced to a new character. One of my favorite Marvel characters actually. In my top 5, I might add. Laura Kinney's background in the cinematic universe of X-Men is quite different than in the comics and I'm okay with that. She still has the essence of being X-23 anyways and in the movie, she portrays quite about right. Although, it doesn't seem to show her own version of berserker mode but perhaps that's how they depict her way in the movie but nevertheless, her brutal fight scenes are the best.

There are sad moments that really pulled me in. Perhaps I'm a nerd for such characters that I adore so much, that I felt quite emotional towards Professor X. Especially with Logan in the end.

For a rated R movie, it's great to have the opportunity to do a presentation of X-23. I'm kinda surprised they had a kid actor to do it but it's awesome because that's how Laura is. While not quite close to the comics version, she is still a force to be reckoned with. I've enjoyed the movie that has a fitting end.

Saban's Power Rangers
53 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

After so many years, we get another Power Rangers movie. This time, it's not down the line from a long time superhero show but this one is quite different from the rest. It's a complete reboot with its quirky and edgy as well as full of antics to keep the story going. You get the usual teenagers being the chosen ones to protect Earth from any kind of evil. The difference between the original story of the American version tv show and this movie, is that the newly reboot brings a new plot while attaining the essential elements of the story. Five teens given the power by an alien and his assistant. While all the dangers is somehow taken place in one small city called Angel Grove, the idea of protecting the weak and overcoming the evil are where it's at.

I suppose the acting is like this nowadays and I can not seem to adapt towards it. I've grown up watching the Power Rangers but stopped around the Lost Galaxy series. However, I give kudos to Saban for continuing such a show that caters to Americans. At least the original source material is still going strong, that is the Super Sentai in Japan. Where it all began and where it all came from.

Saban's version of Super Sentai (Power Rangers for Americans), gives a more different approach. Heroism does not play into this, at least I don't think it does. Compared to Super Sentai. However, this latest Power Rangers movie is actually not that bad and I understand it's made for the latest generations who grew up watching the other Power Rangers shows I've not seen that is after Lost Galaxy. Suffice to say this one is has its moments where it is nostalgic to see a band of unlikely people who undoubtedly need to work together as a team to fight against evil.

I was wary on how Elizabeth Banks portray as Rita Repulsa but as usual, she does a great job at it somehow. Let's hope we see more of her in the, said future movies of Power Rangers.

The zeo crystals are questionable and I'm skeptical about how Saban controls the story this time. The show did not deliver over because of lack of story telling and the messy characters that end up being Rangers. Don't get me wrong, it was still cool to see Tommy Oliver evolve from one color to another but we all know he's always the Green Ranger. He's been the white, red, and even black ranger. Let's hope Saban doesn't make the mistake again and make sure that every ranger is a different actor and that in the future there will be a ultimate hero team up. Come to think of it, it's probably what he has in mind. Since the Super Sentai series have had numerous films that contained ultimate team ups. Not just the rangers but even teaming up with Kamen Riders. Even going against them. So we'll probably see stuff like that in the Hollywood version of the Power Rangers.

What I can not stand is the kind of a cheesy dialogue in the movie but then again, even the show has those moments too. So I can't deny or anything about that. That's just how it is I guess. The fights are still sub par as usual. I was hoping more kung fu-ish scenes but we get the generic kind of stuff. Even Super Sentai's fight scenes have evolved tremendously over the years. It's kinda disappointing that this blockbuster film doesn't set the bar high for it. While the moves they did was spectacular to see when they're in their morphed forms, CGI doesn't cut out for me for considering a legitimate fight. Maybe I've been used to Super Sentai's dazzling fight scenes that most of the time doesn't make sense but at least the fights are still dazzling. But then again, the American version of Power Rangers is unique in its own way and a lot of people would like it anyhow of course.

I liked it and I thought it was okay but I thought it's not the best I've seen. The story was good, the characters are likable but for some reason I'm getting the impression of a "been there, done that" kind of vibe. Although despite of it all, I'll probably end up watching the next movie anyways.

Assassin's Creed
2 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Everything is permitted. Even this movie too. You have to treat this as a blockbuster movie, even though it came out in the holidays of 2016. But for gamers who are familiar with the franchise, such as myself, it's a movie added to the lore of Assassin's Creed. Take no heed of what others have said and take it upon yourself to watch this movie. With or without the familiarization of the video game franchise. This can be treated as like any other movie, regardless of being a movie that's part of the video game franchise. Like Warcraft, like Star Trek, and the other movies, you can treat this as another blockbuster movie. You don't have to know the whole lore unless you want to play the video games but if you do, I suggest starting from the first game.

But other than that, the story is quite fast paced and straight to the point. Just like the hidden blades they used to go after their targets. While the Spain era of oppression and religious fanatics was brief but adventurous, in the real life world we see our protagonist named Callum Lynch who is being used to find the Apple of Eden. An ancient device, that whoever possess it, can change the world. While it may not be much of what it is said about the Apple of Eden, it is quite mysterious and powerful device. Witnessing it video games, showcased it. However, in the movie it just a small device that doesn't give a powerful impact to the viewer on how important it really is. Hopefully a future sequel can elaborate more on that. It took a couple of games in the video game franchise, so why not for the movies?

A lot of critics and what not have despised this thought to be an "adaptation" of the video game franchise, when it is actually a unique story to the video game franchise. Better yet, it is also set in the same universe as the video games so quite canonical. What's surprising is we get to meet the CEO of Abstergo Industries, who is none other than Jeremy Irons as Rikkin.

The fights in the movie are spectacular and some moves are expected, just like in the video games but even more immersive and thrilling to see Assassins perform in a live action movie. Michael Fassbender who plays as Callum Lynch and also the character's ancestor, Aguilar de Nerha, did an impressive performance in the game. I don't know how this guy does it. First in 300, in Prometheus, playing as Magento, and now a Spanish Assassin from the Brotherhood in the 1400s. Also let's not forget the cunning and yes, the beautiful Ariane Labed as Maria. The love interest of Aguilar. Fighting solo and especially waltzing with Aguilar in combat is compelling and amazing.

The whole story is quite fast paced but I like it and I don't think the audiences want to sit and listen to the whole backstory of any kind of history. All you need to know is that there is a centuries of war between the Templars and the Brotherhood of the Assassins. While that's going on, you meet notable characters along the way like Callum Lynch and Sophia.

Now about the animus. It is the most advanced I've ever seen. Usually it's just someone laying on a chair and you just synchronize with your mind. This version of the animus is the whole shabang. Not only do you synchronize with you mind but also with your body. Callum Lynch does this and learn within a couple of days. You'll know why it's such a feat, when you watch the movie.

Assassin's Creed movie breaks another wall that video games can also turn into cinematic movies. Mortal Kombat did that as well as Warcraft. We're in a start of an era where video games are being adapted since Hollywood have ran out of ideas as usual and have done their part on adapting the books. While I'm not entirely too sure about all this but already watched Assassin's Creed and Warcraft, I think in this day and age, it can work for sure. With the right and considerate writers, a director, producer, etc. a video game adaptation into a movie can really work. Assassin's Creed is one of them. You don't have to be a fan of the video game franchise, it even start with this movie, if you will. Give it a shot. Take a leap of faith and use your Eagle Vision on this movie.