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Doctor Strange
37 days ago via Flixster

A mind blown, fast-paced, space and time continuum adventure. Of course with a little bit of jumping into other dimensions. I love the concept of dimensions. It's the next best thing, other than time travel. Now, I'm not one who is familiar with the story of Doctor Strange but what I do know is that he becomes the Sorcerer Supreme. The one who can do magical stuff. This movie is absolutely not Inception. No one is dreaming and no one is imagining things. If you know the concept of dimensions, mult-verse theory, and jumping into portals to get to where you need to be, then you're gonna have a fun time watching this. If you don't then don't worry. Those stuff will be covered because you will journey with Stephen Strange throughout the movie.

The one thing about this movie is its fast-paced progression. But somehow still consistent. Any fan of Doctor Strange would love this anyways. Benedict Cumberbatch does an amazing job as the Marvel character himself and I'm actually quite surprised about it. There is even a few funny moments in this film, even in the serious and danger situations. Perhaps they want us to just get right into the action and just be brief with Strange's journey into becoming an expert of the mystical arts. Maybe we'll see more of him once Avengers Infinity War begins. Since I'm getting the impression that he will play more than just a huge role into the film. After all, we're talking about a guy who can jump into places and even dimensions at his own will.

I don't know what the fuss is all about with the Ancient One. Tilda Swinton also did an amazing job portraying as the character and she kicks so much ass in the movie. For those who are still in doubt, don't. Because the Ancient One plays in favor for Doctor Strange's strange mind blown journey.

The climatic scene is where the spotlight is at. It's a huge one too and it somehow a precise yet straight to the point kind of ending. You will probably laugh at the part where Doctor Strange finds a solution to all the problems, repeatedly. Key word: repeatedly. Other than that, I enjoyed so much that I can't wait to see him in Thor Ragnarok and then Avengers Infinity War. The mid-credits scene will leave you to that. It's quite interesting actually.

Doctor Strange is another Marvel movie that doesn't fail yet again and it's another that is obviously shouldn't be missed. If you're like me, who's on this long journey since the first Iron Man movie then you know that phase 3 is coming along really, really good. Oh and the astral projection scenes are really nice and funny!

Star Trek Beyond
37 days ago via Flixster

While I was watching throughout the movie, I felt so reminiscent. It's like there is a nice touch to the original Star Trek crew and it was. With two deaths of notable actors in real life, this movie was also a send-off. The movie takes place within the span of three years from the voyages of the starship Enterprise. However, Captain Kirk questions about the voyage itself and what is the true purpose of it and everything else. His thought begins to reflect when him and his crew crashes down a planet after navigating through the nebula. What I was so impressed about this movie is that they used the ship as some kind of plot device, halfway into the story and I thought it was well done. Justin Lin's cinematography that continues the traditional direction since the first film but added in his own style. You can tell it's really his style if you watched the movies he directed, huge example is The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift.

We all love the characters that are already established in the first film but we get to see more of their outlook both attitude and personality that they have developed after the years of their five-year mission, which was only a few years so far in the movie. The friendship between Kirk, Spock, and even Bones gets deepened and let's not forget to the rest as well. A nice touch of Ambassador Spock, the one Spock we know all throughout the years, RIP. Which questions the current spock, Zachary Quinto's Spock, on what he will decide for himself. Which brings him conflicted with his dearest friend, Kirk and what he has to say about his decision. It's also the same thing for Kirk as well but in the end, when you watch the movie, you know that bonds like they have are actually unbreakable. Let's just say, they haven't finished their five-year mission and that Captain Kirk loves space exploration as much as I do. It'll be long before he actually becomes Admiral, suffice to say.

Star Trek Beyond is what fans should or would have been looking for. If you're a fan of the original series and perhaps TNG, then you know what I'm talking about? If not, the movie speaks for itself. Venturing into the unknown, facing off a long dreaded oppression, and perhaps what we've always wanted to see: a spectacular space adventure of the alternate reality crew of the Enterprise.

For what it's worth, this is another good Star Trek movie but I enjoyed Star Trek Into Darkness more. Maybe because Khan was in it and Benedict Cumberbatch did a really awesome job portraying as him. But the whole movie was like "The Dark Knight" to me, if you know what I mean but I even love the classic Wrath of Khan movie as well.

Well at least we have another Star Trek movie to watch and I thought it was really great. It's good to know that we're going to have another one and hopefully it has to do with space and time continuum since Thor has signed up for the next Star Trek movie. But we'll see about that. Star Trek Beyond is not just another blockbuster film but a proper send off to not just two notable actors but even a particular song for a particular music group. Interesting and fun to watch.

Kingsglaive: Final Fantasy XV
3 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

If you think Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children is the best FF CGI movie you've ever seen then think again. Kingsglaive takes you on a thrilling ride of the King's elite forces and the main focus of our unlikely "hero" named Nyx Ulric. Aaron Paul provides the voice for the character. While critics have no idea how wonderful this movie is, despite of them getting paid and all, especially no knowledge to anything that's Final Fantasy XV, Kingsglaive can even be treated as a fantasy adventure movie. However, if you're a fan to the franchise and you can't wait for the game to finally come out., then you are in for a treat.

The CGI is a huge improvement from Advent Children. The team who created that movie, are also the same team who did Kingsglaive and I think they've come a long way for this. This movie pretty much sets up for the game and while it seems like a long trailer like one critic said or another critic who said it's an enticing advertisement, it doesn't change the fact that this enticing prequel is quite the enticing rollercoaster ride. But maybe I'm just all hyped for the game. Maybe I'm just glad we got another Final Fantasy movie. Really though, this movie is catered to the fans. If you have played any of the games from the franchise then you'll know how much of a Final Fantasy-ish this movie is.

The story is fast paced and gets things right to the point but while at that, it's also beneficial to the plot that will be in the game. The main focus is the King's elite forces and they are a force to be reckoned with. You see a few of them on how they can really get things heat up when it comes to battles. The beginning shows it. While the transitions edits were awkward, it didn't bother as much and just didn't made it a huge deal. The fast paced story is I think well written and there not much of flaws to point out with. Again, this might be because I'm hype for the game. That could be it but seriously, it's a prequel, it's a story that sets up for the game. It may be something to other people as an advertisement or a 2 hour trailer but it didn't show the characters from the game, well if you stayed and watch scene after the credits. Oops. did I just say that? Yes, I did. It's a nice touch that connect the movie towards the game.

The character development, not so much but you get the idea of who is who and why are these people are important in this movie. The fight scenes are great, the CGI is very well done, and well the story is not that bad at all. I think critics are missing the point about how this movie, like I said before, sets up for the game. Even can be treated as just a good blockbuster movie itself. You don't even have to know everything if you just want to watch another action fantasy adventure movie. But if you want more, you want to know more, then go play the game! Seriously, it can't hurt to try, right?

Anywho, I would definitely pick this up. This movie has become on my top movies of 2016 and I am thrilled, I am amazed, I enjoyed it and I want to be loyal to the kingdom of Lucis! Come when the game comes out, I'll be sure to do that! Kingsglaive is a wonderful and thrill ride and one can not be missed by every Final Fantasy fan! Be sure to watch before you play the game!

Attack On Titan Part 2
3 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Part 2 is what seems to be the conclusion of the story. I know a lot of people are upset about the way the movie went but what can you expect for a live action adaptation? Too close to its predecessor, people will complain. Too loosely based and people will still complain. I think for this blockbuster vibe, it's fine. We got the important elements from the story, like the titans and the Omni-Direction Mobility Gear, the characters, to say the least, are there like Mikasa and Eren. I understand it's not all ye faithful and all but at least we got a live action adaptation, right? I mean, it's not as bad as the others are. I won't go any examples because everyone has emotional varies according to their opinions on the subject but suffice to say, the movie is good.

Again, the CGI is just terrible but like I said on my review for part 1, it's immersive enough for me to enjoy a blockbuster movie. I'm sure fans are iffy about that as well. But then again, any CGI fanatic would. It's quite a short movie and it's just heads right to the end where their objective is supposed to be. A sudden change of heart from a particular mad man and all of a sudden this bigger, bigger titan has revealed something for such a plot twist. Along the way, I experienced something I never thought it would happen which is the infamous Michael Bay explosion and how one of my favorite actresses survives! That's some record, don't ya think? Well anyways, this would have been okay if it was a J-Drama of some sort, instead of a movie. Part 2 was so short that the whole movie was a climax.

The acting overall is what you'd expect if you have watched Japanese movies like me. Especially something big like this as an action movie. An ultimate guilty pleasure on my part but I love foreign movies and the Japanese genre is on my top of the list when it comes to that. Would love to watch this in one sitting if two movies were combined into one. I'm okay with prolonged movies like this, I really don't mind. I also wouldn't mind to own this 2-part movie myself.

Attack on Titan Part 1 (Shingeki no kyojin: Attack on Titan)
3 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Three reasons that gave me an excuse to watch this movie: Rina Takeda, Kiko Mizuhara, and Satomi Ishihara. Not because this is based on the popular Anime and manga but these three actresses gave me a reason to watch the live action version. Addtionally, I wasn't aware that the former AKB48 idol, Takahashi Minami a.k.a. TakaMina, is in the movie as well. So that also gave me another reason to watch. I'll admit, I did not finished the Anime and I never read the manga but watching this first part gives me the gist of the plot and it seems to have elements from the episodes I've watched so far from the Anime. Especially the ending. However, this movie's plot is catered for more of a blockbuster dive. For audiences who are not familiar with Shingeki no kyojin a.k.a. Attack on Titan, you can just pick this up and watch without even bother going for the Anime and manga. However, the fans would strongly recommend that you do but I think it doesn't matter much if you just want to watch this live action version anyways.

I'm gonna be a little bit biased about this. I would have given it three stars but with my favorite Japanese actresses in this movie, I pushed the rating a little bit more so lick me. Other than that, the plot is quick but not thick enough to even indulge into what is going on between the titans and the small pathetic human race that somehow still exists. Just like its Anime counterpart, you're thrust into the action without much explanation. All you needed to know is that these people are against these abominable titans who reluctantly to eat any human flesh on sight.

So what about the ever so infamous flying around with the ODMG (Omni-Directional Mobility Gear) and slicing up the ever so tall naked zombie-like creatures? It sucks. Can't say any other way but it just does. But to me, it's enough to even have myself immersed into the plot the visuals are just whatever. Sure, it could have been better but I guess it was the popularity that got to it, you know? Just like any other movie adaptations, this one suffered as well. But it's not as bad as I thought it would be. It's Attack on Titan, ffs. Based on a manga, based on an anime. If you like Japanese movies like me, then surely this shouldn't be on top of your list. This should be just on the list to watch anyways.

I wouldn't want to spoil on the details of the plot because I don't intend to do that when I review a movie. I figured, people should be their own judge for any entertainment medium. As for me, I think this movie is good. Like I said, it's more of a blockbuster movie and I'm glad there are a couple of my favorite actresses in it. The action is there, what else can I ask for n live action adaptation? Overall, I'm glad Japan got first dibs on making a live action out of its popular franchise. If Hollywood touches it, it would have been more than just a disaster. Attack on Titan is another franchise beloved by fans but for me, not so much but I do like this movie.