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Alien (1979)
16 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The movie that started it all. Even they made fun of Kane's death back then. I'm surprised we didn't get any "memes" from the latest Alien movies. But whatever, this movie is awesome. I don't know if it's because it's 80-ish movie. I know it came out in 1979 but it was so innovative at the time that it was so futuristic and at the same time makes you wonder if we ever come across an alien that is so hostile. Just like the one in this movie. Sigourney Weaver plays the iconic character named Ripley. When the crew wakes up, they're long away from home and so close to danger. When they find something mysteriously interesting, everything starts out weird and then completely horrifying. Everything in this movie is what we expected when we watch a sci-fi horror film. Sci-fi movies like this tend to be very grim, especially the ones back then. Alien movie is of no exception and if you do like horror films then don't skip out on this one. Actually don't skip out on all the Alien movies. Even the latest ones like Prometheus and Covenant. The suspense is there and the brief yet good enough character developments are there as well. All you need to know is will the crew survive? I think we all know that already but if you haven't seen it yet then the question applies to you. Until then, just watch the movie. Is a nice science fiction horror treat.

Alien: Covenant
21 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Sequels sometimes tend to not live up to its predecessor. This is one of them. While the story was good, there weren't much character development with the new ones. However, if you're wondering what happened to Shaw from the previous movie then don't worry. You'll clearly get the picture many times. I do like Michael Fassbender's performance. He does a really awesome acting on not one but two characters. You'll see why when you ever decide to watch this movie. Yes, Ridley Scott directed this but it doesn't mean it's gonna be an epic movie because of him. There more context on what happened instead of what's happening now. Perhaps squeezing more origins of what happened before the movie's story begins should suffice but it should have been THE second story. Other than that, it's an okay movie. Not the best, in my opinion. I actually liked Prometheus better. Let's hope the next Alien movie is more Alien-ish and it doesn't have to suffer from production control but rather let the guy do his thing, so we can have a good Alien movie in this era. Other than that, it was interesting to the last. We got the usual Alien attack humans scenes. Brutal ones, to say the least and I very much enjoyed them. Wish the movie was more thorough in its own, instead of multiple occasions into one. Still, it's worth watching if you're a fan of the Alien franchise.

Beauty and the Beast
26 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I had to watch the Disney animated version before watching this live action version, so that I can differ between the two. I know, it's just an animated version but with Disney making live action versions of our beloved childhood memories that is Disney animated films, I just gotta. This is one of the best of Disney's own take of fantasy tales. We all know the story and if you haven't yet then you are in for your treat. If you have watched animated version of the story, you might still end up loving the classic. The live action is not that bad but it could have been better.

Their pick for Belle was questionable but Emma Watson did it well, nonetheless. The portrayal of other characters such as the Beast for example is kinda strange to me. The romance between Belle and the Beast is somewhat weak. I didn't feel the magical, typical romance in the air vibes like I did with the cartoon. Maybe because I'm so accustomed to such a nice frivolous classic that I couldn't stand some of the things in the live action movie. But let's not imply that I didn't like the movie at all. It's just good. That's it and that's the problem. There were a few songs I've never heard of and some of them looked like it was just there to make the movie longer. The enchantress, the witch, her spotlight was so small that she didn't really need to be in the movie anymore. She didn't really have to appear again. I mean, she didn't appear anyways in the animated version. But I guess I understand that characters need some kind of development, even if it's so small. Still, unnecessary stuff shouldn't be showcased to look like it's necessary. It's just an excuse.

However, the live action Beauty and the Beast had a few twist and turns and even interesting different point of views. This sets aside for being too comparable to the animated version. Which I think that's probably what Disney is doing. Bringing life to these animated versions to live action and make them a little more realistic. After all, they can't replicate like the animated versions can they? Well if you have watched The Mask, it's a great example that they can. Aladdin live action will have to do more than just being a realistic, since the Genie is the biggest comic relief character in the story. It goes the same with Cogsworth and Lumiere. Interesting choice of actors and they still capture the essence of how these characters are. Don't get me wrong, the Beast could have been more...Beast but this version was interesting too. One thing that took me by surprised is having more background information of Belle's parents, especially her mother. I thought that was pretty good and the song performance was well put as well.

Beauty and the Beast is both beautiful and terrible at the same time. When you have those two mixed in together, you can be my guest. Come join the party and meet the rest :)

Death Note
Death Note (2017)
43 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I think Hollywood or whoever is in charge of making this should stop. Adapting an original work and making it your own is not gonna justify anything. It's not gonna make it cooler or as cool as the original, it's just going to suck regardless. The pacing of the story is terrible as the characters are. The borrowed elements doesn't help to make it any better. Even if you think this is a decent movie, it's not the best depiction of Death Note really is. If you have watched the anime or read the manga or even watch Japanese versions OR even the Japanese drama, you would know that this is an atrocious piece of work. I feel bad for those who are involved in making of this movie. It's a complete waste of time and good for them for earning salary on this project but it's not even worth it. It's better to remember by with your great performance, rather than making a quick buck out of something that hurts the original work and all of its glory. We kinda already had enough of Ghost in the Shell. We shouldn't be mocked and suffered again like this. Not like this. Just leave it to Japan. They've done it way better and I'm not saying that as a fan, mind you. I'm not actually a fan but I love the story and the characters of Death Note. The anime version. It's better too. Just watch the original ones that Japan as has made. Then you'll experience fully of how powerful the Death Note really is. Even the story itself is amazing.

Beautiful Creatures
54 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I never got around to watch this when it was in the theaters but then again, I never bothered to anyways. I thought the concept of witch stuff or as they call them in this movie, casters, would be interesting. The story is quite reverse with the romantic relationship. Of course, it's a witch and not a warlock or something else. The typical teenage romance is cringe but it was not the biggest problem. The story to me, felt rushed. Everyone did a good job on the acting performance and the special effects on the powers you see in this film are not bad. Well except for that tornado/thunder storm scene. I can't let go of the fact that Emmy Rossum who played Ridley, who also played Bulma in that other movie, was kinda hot in this one. I just want to throw that out there. Jeremy Irona, Emma Thompson, Viola Davis and the others did great nonetheless. In the beginning the movie, I couldn't recognized the main actor who played as Ethan until I got a familiar look on his face. It's Alden Ehrenreich who is the guy that will play as the young version of Han Solo. So once I finally figured out who he is, I couldn't believe he's going to be playing as Han Solo. Other than that, this movie is not that great. At least to me. While it may be a good movie for others who have read the book series and it sucks that they didn't bother to adapt the rest into movies, Beautiful Creatures is an okay movie. If you like romance and especially teen romance, then this is for you teenagers. However, the non-teenagers can enjoy the movie. If you can get past on the cringe romance stuff.