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Ghost in the Shell
2 months ago via Movies on Android phone

Hollyweird...It didn't stick to the original storyline of the anime series. However it was decent...

Passengers (2016)
3 months ago via Flixster

Well, we were expecting a huge action packed hit...But no, what we got was a love story that was boring as all get out. It wasn't too bad because I didn't fall asleep on it. I like all the actors but this venue just wasn't the right one for them...I'd request a refund, but I saw it for free.

Logan (2017)
3 months ago via Flixster

Oh the gratuitous violence...It had some sad moments too. It will jerk a tear or two from you. Otherwise they started something with the rated "R" movies that will only get bigger.

Into The Storm
3 months ago via Flixster

Not much to say...The next Twister movie with a cast of virtually unknowns