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Ghostbusters (2016)
18 months ago via Rotten Tomatoes

IT WAS AWESOME! OMG OMG OMG GHOSTBUSTERS DIDN'T SUCK! Seriously, don't believe the "Childhood Ruined" hype. Speaking as someone who's been obsessed with GB since I could watch movies, I felt like I was watching a true Ghostbusters movie.

I went in with LOW expectations because of all the baggage this movie carried. So take that into account if you will. And let's face it, your never going to replace the original. You're just not. But it didn't feel like they were trying to do that. It felt like they were building its own alternate universe while leaving the first two films alone to its own sacred universe. Though it wasn't as funny as the original, it WAS funny. But I'll tell ya this though, it was scarier and more action packed than the first movie.

It wasn't without its flaws. (MILD SPOILERS) Slimer doesn't need a girlfriend, the Fallout Boy version of the song sucks, and the antagonist of the story feels a little weak tea. But those and a few other small gripes are not enough for me to hate or even "meh" this film.

I'm officially a fan of Ghostbusters: Answer The Call.

I'm dying to see a sequel.

I'm buying a digital copy.

I Welcome It With Loving Arms and Weepy Relief (I seriously shed a tear for how relieved I was) into my nerd canon