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The Wedding Banquet (Xi yan)
5 years ago via Flixster

This is such an amzing masterpiece by Ang Lee back in his younger novice days as a filmmaker. A Pre-Brokeback period about love, familt and tradition. I love how cross cultural differences and sexual interpretations in modern society and traditional lore collide. I highly recommend to watch this hidden gem of the 90's.

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull
9 years ago via Movies on Facebook

I must admit I had relatively low expectations for this film, considering that there have been virtually no worthwhile movies made in the last decade, with the exception of the LOTR trilogy. Even that had it's groan-inducing moments when the CG features became overwhelming to the point of absurdity, but I digress. Overall the film was passable, but not up to the standards of the original trilogy. It ranks ahead of Temple of Doom, but way behind Raiders and The Last Crusade.

The weakest point was the characters. There were too many "old friends" of Indy's whom we had never seen before, underwent virtually no character development, and were therefore pretty meaningless. It was great to see Marion again, but her role was so small it was like she was not even in the movie.

The plot was another deficiency. The military applications of a magical skull that causes insanity seem limited - but then again, so do the military applications of a saber after the invention of gunpowder. I did not care for the surrealist ending with the flying saucer. How the Spanish conquistadors managed to rob a hyper-advanced civilization ruled over by trans-dimensional aliens, but then get themselves killed by some natives and interred in their cemetery, I'll never know.

The special effects were, as usual, dazzling. We know you can do cool special effects, now please just do a good story and it was a good movie not great but just satisfying. Overall 4 out of 5...and deserves to be on my DVD rack

Cloverfield (2008)
9 years ago via Movies on Facebook

Cloverfield is something that might just be the shocking truth about what could actually happen to any one of us, even though it might not be now but it is possible. And to see it on full screen motion picture is unbelievable. The direction is of course like Blair Witch, but this is what the director wants us to feel, that is to see in a vid-cam perspective, something that hollywood has not done before (exclude horror films). It might not be your cup of tea but it was interesting, graphics -FX were definitely on the roll here. Overall, my $6 was worth it! The fact that it makes up throw up because its only for people who cant stand these vertigo's.

Rock Haven
Rock Haven (2007)
10 years ago via Movies on Facebook

Since I'd taken a class in Sex, Gender and Culture class, I immerse myself into gender based films because they were always thought provoking and idealistic. A friend recommended me this flick which is featured in the Philadelphia Film Festival last December. This flick really defied the stereotypes of being a gay christian.Writer/director David Lewis (writer of the best-selling hit Under One Roof) crafts an emotionally realistic drama that instead of shying away from the complex nature of sexuality and spirituality embraces both topics uninhibitedly. Each character's passionate beliefs are respectfully on display, and Lewis shows how the soul, mind and heart can co-exist when generosity, love and the act of grace enter the picture.I would recommend this one to anybody with an open heart about love.

Rock Haven is a picturesque seaside town that is about to become the setting for one man├?┬?s spiritual conflict. Although he├?┬?s a devout Christian whose mother is starting a religious school in the small coastal town, he├?┬?s about to be tempted by a charming young man with good looks and a carefree attitude. But how can his anti-homosexual beliefs coincide with what his heart and his body want him to do--and what choice will he ultimately make in the shadow of his mother and the church?

Juno (2007)
10 years ago via Movies on Facebook

Juno is what we need to portray the issues of teen pregnancy and I truly believe that it is a great way to portray it in a better light. Teen pregnancy could be good and the movie clearly pro-life! Ellen page is amazing so as Michael himself, from Arrested Devp. which I love to watch. Great collaboration, story. Characters are real, not sketchy and realistic. It defies some stereotypes and most importantly, it makes someone to define themselves for who they are without changing oneself for society. I think its empowering, original and witty! At the end, it is the satisfaction you get between the relationship and the love they share. Screenwriting is contemporary, not overtly dramtic and right thru the heart. I'll be having those Juno burgers in no time!