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Why Him?
Why Him? (2016)
8 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Shockingly unfunny, sloppily written, and a waste of the talents involved; It borders on having no legitimate laughs despite its excessively long run time, and, just in case it wasn't already repulsive enough, KISS is in it. I probably shouldn't have just traded those 2 hours of sleep...

Zero Dark Thirty
27 days ago via Flixster

While it is technically a very well-made film, and Chastain's strong performance is the driving force, it is also unnecessarily long, over-simplified, not very entertaining, devoid of any true emotion, chaotically filmed, and I fear that it's also not an entirely truthful depiction of events.

Lion (2016)
29 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

It feels like it skips some pieces in favor of some unnecessarily drawn-out sequences, but it's well-acted enough and the story is powerful enough to overcome many of the flaws in its screenplay, and its finale still packs an emotional punch.