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The Boss
The Boss (2016)
35 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Thought it would unique and quirky like an r-rated modern day Troop Beverly Hilla but def fell short. Found myself bored; would've liked to see more shenanigans with the scouts as the promotion promised

Mr. Right
Mr. Right (2016)
35 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Tired plot with annoying characters and dialogue. Seriously surprised Anna Kendrick did this -- she's definitely earned more quality, high profile roles.

Why Him?
Why Him? (2016)
35 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Good cast with some funny moments but not much there in terms of conflict or antics to keep the plot moving along. Definitely a "been there-done that" story line with nothing new to offer

Puerto Ricans In Paris
35 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Funny idea that they didn't really capitalize on; would've liked them to explore the culture clashes a bit more

Saban's Power Rangers
38 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Definitely entertaining; enjoyed watching the characters and how they adapted the old villains