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J's Review of Hot Tub Time Machine

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Hot Tub Time Machine

Hot Tub Time Machine(2010)

Let's take the plot of 'Back to the Future,' the rejected jokes from 'The Hangover,' put a few has-beens and never-wases together, shoot a movie on the fly and cash in! Chevy Chase can retire any time now. Rob Corddry just might be the poor man's Zach Galifianakis. John Cusack is a parody of his old self (maybe because he always seems to play himself?). Crispin Glover plays another eccentric, but at least he has fun with it. The movie looks as though it was shot on a consumer-grade videotape, and the sloppy green screen/CGI effects are not so much campy as they are just bad. The costumes/sets in the 80s scenes aren't exaggerated enough to be funny, and not authentic enough to ever be believed. This kind of obvious laziness on the production end does no favors for a comedy, and unfortunately, most of the actors seem to have been directed to always be aware of themselves and to play the jokes to the camera in a way that's supposed to be funny but never is. While this picture is an obvious attempt to cash in on the recent 'bromance' comedy trend, I did laugh consistently at the more absurd humor, usually provided by Corddry, who at least brings some energy to the archetypal 'loser party guy' character he had to work from. Also, Collette Wolfe is a fair-looking woman, and I give the producers credit for using New Order's "Bizarre Love Triangle" to relative effect. Overall, "Hot Tub Time Machine" not a fresh or memorable comedy, but you could do considerably worse.