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She Loves Me
She Loves Me (2016)
3 months ago via Flixster

Watched this because I saw it ranked high on a list of most underrated musicals. Had never heard of it, but apparently it uses the same source material as You've Got Mail. This is a high-quality filming of a Broadway performance. The set is great, the performances are strong, but I'm not sure I liked the writing. There are some strong bits, but also a number of superfluous songs that bog down the pace. The ending is surprisingly disappointing. Really enjoyed seeing Zachary Levi on stage. Makes for an enjoyable alternative to movie-watching and fans of the genre will probably appreciate it.

Logan (2017)
4 months ago via Flixster

First off: this is NOT your daddy's Wolverine movie. There is a TON of swearing (probably more than 50% of Logan's dialogue in the first 10 minutes) and gratuitous violence. A well-earned R rating. The movie itself is solid. My main complaint is that it is a bit predictable, especially if you've seen any of the trailers. There are also a number of unanswered questions, though those may have been left unresolved to allow for the possibility of films between this one and its predecessors (chief among them: why are there so few mutants left, especially if Canada is such a safe haven? Surely not all international mutants were hunted down. Also: what is the relationship exactly between Logan and X-23? The dialogue in the film seems misleading on this point. Which, well, is a pretty big point. Why is Logan doing Joe jobs if he hopes to make such a luxurious purchase? Finally, HOW MUCH ARE THESE HENCHMEN BEING PAID TO GO HEAD-TO-HEAD AGAINST MUTANTS?! Not enough, it seems.) This is Jackman's best work as Wolverine and it's obvious this is not a Bryan Singer flick. Thank goodness. I just wish the previous X-Men/Wolverine films had been given this much style. Oh, and, don't waste your time: there is no post-credit scene. It's a thumbs up, but probably for a limited audience.

Jupiter Ascending
5 months ago via Flixster

Is it silly? Yes. Is it terrible? No. This Cinderella-in-space movie may be a bit juvenile, but that may be because I'm 40+ and this movie SCREAMS "Y.A.". So it may be perfect for 13-year-olds who want to fantasize about being whisked away from their dreary lives to galavant in the stars with a hunky wolf-man. Props to Eddie Redmayne for going all out as the villainous Balem Abrasax - walking a VERY fine line between large and ridiculous. The rest of the cast does alright, considering the odd material. The often spectacular visuals are worthy of a greater film. Not recommended for those who prefer their sic-fi on the "plausible" side, but if you have pre-teens at home: knock yourself out.

Bridget Jones's Baby
5 months ago via Flixster

Certainly falls into the "why did they bother" category. Yes, it has some charm, yes it has some funny moments, but largely it reminds me that this is NOT "Bridget Jones' Diary" which was a deserved hit. Bridget is now fit, successful and can seemingly attract any man she wishes. The only thing that seems to have gone wrong is her relationship with Darcy, and we're never given a satisfactory explanation - certainly not one that would justify her perhaps getting back together with him with any hope of happiness. Cue Jack (Dempsey) who is too good to be true and clearly too good for Bridget who attempts to shun him, despite the fact that he is stepping up as almost no man would, especially given his standing. But somehow we're to pit Mark against Jack and feel they are evenly matched? The only reason this makes sense is because neither Mark nor Bridget are in Jack's league as upstanding citizens and so, perhaps, do in fact deserve each other. The film simply lacks the heart and humorous misunderstandings of the first (two films, really). Obviously this will make even less sense if you have not seen the prequels, so it goes without saying that this is for fans only. Not a flop, just not a smooth delivery. An Apgar score of 5.