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Revenge of the Nerds
30 days ago via Flixster

Classic screwball comedy film. Features some familiar faces before they were "discovered". If you haven't seen it, you're probably not 30-40 years old.

The Change-Up
The Change-Up (2011)
3 months ago via Flixster

Not sure how much the unrated version differs from the theatrical version, but if you're gonna sit through this kind of film, you might as well go all out. Much of the film follows the typical Freaky Friday script, but there are enough personal touches to make this one stand out; mostly because it's MUCH more crass than a Jodie Foster made-for-tv movie. Not for everyone. It helps, too, if you like Reynolds and/or Bateman to begin with. Mann, Wilde and Arkin are solid support. I'm not saying you'll like it - I'm just saying that, surprisingly, I did.

Lockout (2012)
4 months ago via Flixster

It isn't terrible, it's just way too predictable and familiar. Some may call it "Escape from New York in Space" but that wasn't a turn-off for me. The trailer looked great; Guy Pearce had the smart-ass routine down and the cinematography looked solid. But the plot just isn't there. No twists, no surprises, no really memorable moments. A wasted opportunity for sure. Glad I waited to see it on DVD.

Star Wars: Episode VII - The Force Awakens
10 months ago via Flixster

(Spoiler free) Yes, it's a thumbs up, but it's far from a slam dunk. The film seems to go out of its way to ignore eps 1-3 and latch onto 4-6. The result, however, is almost comically unoriginal. One element in particular will have fans screaming "ARE YOU KIDDING ME WITH THIS?!" The script is what you'd come up with if you were given 5 minutes to map out the new Star Wars film. This is not George Lucas sweating over episode 4. I don't know if I'm in tune with the Force, but I could see every twist/major plot point coming. Subtext? Fuggetaboutit. Logic? That's for the guy with the pointy ears. My (new) hope is that, now that this return is out of the way, the sequels will strike back with more originality and forge their own path within the Star Wars mythos. (that line was more original than this plot) Also: avoid all trailers if you can. If you've seen the trailer(s) not much will surprise you. "Star Wars" is back; let's just hope that going forward we see more of the new guard and less of the old.

The LEGO Movie
10 months ago via Flixster

I never thought I'd say a movie got better when Will Ferrell showed up on screen. But here you have it. The last ten minutes of this film are infinitely better than the preceding hour and a half. This film got great press and was the surprise hit of 2014 but I wasn't feeling it. Frankly, I was pretty bored by this Matrix spoof without any great laughs. Liam Neeson was easily the highlight of the first half. It's a thumbs up film, but not the parade of joy and laughs I had expected. Darn you, Rottentomatoes for raising m expectations!