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Wow, I had never heard of this movie before.... but as a cult film, it definately ROCKS! Angela Jones was wonderful as an otherwise sweet & innocent girl obsessed with violent crimes. It was funny, not too gory, and the latin music just fit the music perfectly.

Angela Jones is just mesmerizing to watch, she held me fascinated through the whole movie (which probably wouldn't have been that great without her performance). She never goes over the top with Gabriella, making her seem like some kind of sicko, just someone who's morbid curiosity has gone awry. The way she mixes a child like naivete with her serial killer obsession was done just right.

The Golden Compass

Ummm, Hello? I think the editor/screen writer or someone FORGOT TO PUT IN THE ENTIRE ENDING. Seriously, WTF?!?!?!?!

Dakota Blue Richards is a CRAP actress, hired simply because she looks like Nicole Kidman. And it just, ENDED! The completely left out the entire ending, it was just not there. It was so stupid. What crap. Poor writing and editing. It was confusing (even to me, who just finished the book, people who haven't must've been completely lost!). It was paced poorly and just jumped from scene to scene.


OMG! I totally loved this. I thought the trailer made it look too good (so I would end up being disappointed after watching) but it far exceeded my expectations. The begining was a bit weird at first, But it turns out great, with everything you want in a fairytale adventure! Romance, humour, fratricidal princes and a Happy Ending. I think I need to go watch it again....

Becoming Jane

Hey, Let's make a knock-off P&P and the gimmick will be its Jane Austen's life! I don't know why they bother making biopics that are fiction. And do they not have any English actresses?

Nanny McPhee
Nanny McPhee(2006)

Totally predictable, but its a cute movie and I enjoyed it.


Even worse than I thought it would be... Don't think I laughed more than twice through the whole movie...

The Holiday
The Holiday(2006)

What can you say? It is what it is. Bland romantic comedy really... But Kate Winslet was totally adorable in it! Ended a little abruptly and cheesy, but still left you feeling pretty good.

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

Completely convoluted plot line, and how can they not bother to actually END a trilogy? What a disappointment, especially since I really liked the first 2.

The Last Mimzy

Science Fiction is not really my thing, but in this movie it was interesting. But the stupidity of the surrounding plot ruined it. Certain seemed to be included for no apparent reason.


I think I still feel like dancing... John Travolta totally MAKES this movie, he practically caused hysterics in the theatre every time he was onscreen... But overall great performances by the whole cast. Not great, but just a really fun movie!