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The Outlaw Josey Wales
2 days ago via Flixster

The Outlaw Josey Wales was a very different type of western for Clint Eastwood, but it remains one of his best in the genre, and as a director. What makes Josey Wales stand out is the fact Eastwood isn't playing a nameless bounty hunter or gunslinger out of retirement, but a man dealing with the aftermath of the Civil War and grieving the loss of his family. This is a man trying to find a balance between vengeance and peace. A man who desperately wants to be left alone, but never-the-less cares for those who get caught up with him and his quest for revenge. I think it's safe to say Eastwood has always been much better at directing than acting, but he delivers a wonderfully tragic performance here, giving Josey Wales plenty of depth, conflict and humour. This may have been his fifth time in the director's chair, but this was the first glimpse we got of what a powerful filmmaker Eastwood would become. He keeps everything moving at a quick pace, developing his characters, building the suspense, staging some terrific action sequences, and throwing in plenty of lighter moments to help ease the tension. Most importantly though, he treats his characters and the story with intelligence. The Outlaw Josey Wales has aged quite well, and remains an extremely entertaining, thought-provoking, and rather poetic film that will surely be remembered as one of Eastwood's best.

Terror Train
Terror Train (1980)
6 days ago via Flixster

Terror Train is a decent 80's slasher flick that's really only remembered for two reasons...Jamie Lee Curtis, and it takes place on a train. Yep, that's about it. The movie follows all the familiar beats the genre is known for, but compared to a lot of the similar films released at the time, Terror Train doesn't quite hold up. Director Roger Spottiswoode brings a great deal of style and atmosphere to everything, but his efforts are constantly dragged down by a weak script. There's a confusing attempt to build some mystery, but it's clear from the first five minutes who the killer is. Jamie Lee still manages to make it all enjoyable, while David Copperfield shows up as a creepy magician (what a stretch), and Hart Bochner is just as much of an asshole here as he was in Die Hard. None of the characters are particularly memorable, the killer isn't very menacing, and for a slasher flick it's extremely lite on gore and scares. You could definitely do a lot worse than Terror Train, but I'd still only recommend this one to longtime slasher fans.

Dressed to Kill
11 days ago via Flixster

Brian De Palma sure won't be winning any originality awards, and Dressed to Kill is a prime example why. On the surface, he walks an incredibly thin line between ripping off and paying homage to Hitchcock, but De Palma obviously brings his own unique touch. He pushes the limits of eroticism, dark humour and bloodshed further than Hitchcock ever did, but the similarities between Dressed to Kill and Psycho are undeniable. I guess if you're gonna borrow from other films, you might as well borrow from the best. The two directors definitely have an amazing talent for visual storytelling, as the cinematography and camerawork on display here is simply stunning. The first act can be a little slow, but the story is engaging and the film is packed with tension and style. What Dressed to Kill lacks in originality, it more than makes up for with its suspense and masterful direction. Highly recommended.

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation
13 days ago via Flixster

Mission Impossible is turning out to be one of those rare franchises that just keeps getting better. I wasn't a huge fan of the first two films, but when J.J. Abrams came on board for the third he set the series in the right direction. The fifth entry, Rogue Nation, takes everything that worked about the previous films and manages to raise the bar even higher. What makes this series stand out from Bourne and similar films in the genre is the sense of fun and humour these later sequels have (bringing Simon Pegg into the mix sure didn't hurt). Rogue Nation delivers in every way possible...an engaging script, beautiful locations, great performances, plenty of twists, jaw-dropping stunts. As impressive as it is seeing 53-year-old Tom Cruise strap himself to a plane as it takes off, it's actually newcomer Rebecca Ferguson who steals every scene she's in. Crazy action, tons of fun, great story...Mission Impossible is becoming that summer blockbuster franchise that knows how to do everything right, and it definitely gets my vote for one of the year's best films.

The Final Girls
15 days ago via Flixster

The Final Girls is a hilarious meta slasher homage that understands what makes the genre beloved by so many. The film revolves around a group of friends who wind up trapped inside a classic 80's slasher flick called 'Camp Bloodbath'. It's basically Friday the 13th meets Last Action Hero. Trust me, it works. There are plenty of things that make The Final Girls really stand out...the smart writing, fantastic cast, enormous sense of fun, and that at its core is an emotional mother/daughter storyline that works extremely well. It embraces the cliches of the genre while finding ways to throw in some nice surprises. The music, the fashions, the stereotypes. The Final Girls gets so much right, but there are also quite a few missed opportunities. Two of the main things slasher flicks are know for are gore and nudity, and you'll find neither here. The film is also far too slick looking, with plenty of distracting CGI and fancy camerawork. It never comes close to capturing that low budget slasher atmosphere. Still, the terrific cast, smart script, humour and surprises more than make up for the shortcomings. Highly recommended.