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The Edge of Seventeen
3 months ago via Flixster

/C-/ The lead character in the this film is just a genuinely awful person to everybody around her. This could be fine, but not if the film is begging us to feel sympathy for her. Also, her high school brother is clearly about 25, which is a pet peeve of mine... unless there's a deleted scene where he talks about failing 4th grade seven times. Another issue that always gets me in movies... why is Krista friends with this awful person? WHY!?

Hey, Woody Harrelson was good though.

Star Trek Beyond
4 months ago via Flixster

/C+/ At one point near the beginning of the movie Captain Kirk says that his voyage is becoming very episodic. Put that quote on the blu-ray case, because his quip is the perfect description of this film. Nothing outright wrong with the film outside of the fact that it feels like it was pieced together on an assembly line. The performances are well done and there are some excellent visuals and genuine comedy. However, the plot did not engage me at all. Star Trek Beyond just kind of... exists.

Room (2015)
4 months ago via Flixster

/B+/ A very good and original piece of filmmaking. However, once again, not nearly as funny as Nausley said it was. I'm starting to question his sense of humor.

The Return
The Return (2003)
4 months ago via Movies on Facebook

This is good stuff. I recommend it to all of my friends who like art films. You know who you are.

Hacksaw Ridge
Hacksaw Ridge (2016)
4 months ago via Flixster

/B/ Well executed, but it's a pretty standard war movie. Interchangeable with many similar films.