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Hard Times
Hard Times (1975)
17 months ago via Flixster

Never again can they make a movie this rustic and cast with such authentic actors. These were guys who stumbled into the acting "profession". Many of Bronson's contemporaries had a flippant view on acting, which made sense considering the impoverished upbringing they had. They lived through the Depression as children, so that salt-of-the-earth flare bleeds through in these Steinbeckian characters.

Barry DeVorzon's finest piece opens up the film as we see Bronson riding a boxcar into town.

The Detective
The Detective (1968)
17 months ago via Flixster

This would've been a good TV show story for Hawaii Five-O or Columbo. Not sure about a full length picture. In era brimming with great police detective stories, this one sorta just lays there. I didn't care about the victim or the investigation. Needed another draft or two.

Suddenly (1954)
17 months ago via Flixster

Frank establishing himself as a heavy fresh off his Oscar win. Interesting concept for the time. Pre-dates JFK's assassination and builds upon Frank's odd relationship with the fallen President and conspiracy theories that implicate the Mafia/Sinatra. Manchurian Candidate took this connection into Twilight Zone territory. Life is strange, isn't it?

Stark black and white footage. Sweaty, hostage scenario much like Desperate Hours but Frank lacks a fitting rival in Hayden, who gives his usual wooden performance.

The Tender Trap
17 months ago via Flixster

Great song, morally bankrupt characters. David Wayne's character was fine until the end when he made a pass at Celeste Holm to leave his wife after chastising Frank the whole film. Weird story.