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X-Men: The Last Stand
34 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Unlike the previous installment, the risks here feel cheap and the messages forced and obvious. Also features some of the worst dialogue in the saga.

X2: X-Men United
41 days ago via Movies on iPhone

This does a rather remarkable job of balancing fan service and not being afraid to take serious risks. The new characters feel planned and not forced. And the returning cast has settled into a strong ensemble.

X-Men (2000)
41 days ago via Movies on iPhone

This only feels dated from a technical standpoint nearly twenty years in. While some of the make-up and effects feel subpar in an HD world, fearful humans versus persecuted mutants is as socially relevant a backdrop as it's ever been. And the casting feels revolutionary considering how much they got right from the first installment.

Kong: Skull Island
47 days ago via Movies on iPhone

This kept my attention and never felt boring, which counts for something. At the same time, I can't imagine I'll remember anything about this movie in 3 months.

Logan (2017)
49 days ago via Movies on iPhone

A worthy send-off, if it really is Jackman's last stand (wink). The violence is shocking compared to the previous X-Men films. Some may be caught off guard by the body count and the iconic characters swearing profusely. As a no-holds-barred swan song it feels like a worthy farewell and leaves you wishing that there was more to come.