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mother! (2017)
10 hours ago via Movies on iPhone

Any pot-smoking high school "film buff" could direct something this bafflingly self-indulgent, only difference would be a lack of studio funding and Jennifer Lawrence. Save yourself the experience and instead just jam some silverware into your eyes. One of the worst films I've ever experienced.

Sleepwalk With Me
13 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Birbiglia manages to walk a fine line between brutally honest confessional and inspirational comedy in a passion project about life on the road and the tolls it can take in love and relationships.

It (2017)
13 days ago via Movies on iPhone

This features one of the strongest child actor ensembles of recent memory. While the visuals range from inspired to frightening, the tension and scares feel standard and predictable. This is, ironically, a horror movie that's not very horrifying, but features a strong enough cast that you're not really ready for it to end.

Logan Lucky
Logan Lucky (2017)
13 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Soderbergh proves he's the current master of heist films, even as he attempts to juggle a few too many moving parts. The ensemble is great, especially Daniel Craig and some fun cameos better left unspoiled. I think Soderbergh's main aim is to entertain, but the setting and characters should inspire post-Trump political think pieces all the same.

Dunkirk (2017)
18 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Nolan's knack for realism and obsession with non-linear narrative is on full display here in one of his more grounded, straight-forward works in recent memory. The visuals are inspired, especially for a genre that can easily feel tired and rote.