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Poltergeist III

Poltergeist III(1988)

I like this a lot more after a second watch. Partly because I liked the first two movies so much. Secondly because Heather O'Rourke died during the filming of this movie. Which adds a surprising level of creepy to the movie. The fact that she died during the filming left this movie in a movie purgatory of sorts. They had to finish the movie without the main actor. I don't know what the script was like before Heather died but I imagine it made a bit more sense. If you look at the ending of the second movie, the plot and setting of this movie doesn't really make sense. You wouldn't expect the family would leave Carol Anne where they left her. Either way they finished the movie in the end and it could have been better but given the circumstances it's hard not to applaud their effort. They really were dealing with someone going into a void. They had to find a different actor to take Heather's place in a few of the scenes because they needed the character there. So in the end this third movie closes the trilogy up with a sad story along with a movie that maybe.. just maybe.. wasn't supposed to be made.