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mother! (2017)
6 days ago via Flixster

MOTHER! will divide everyone and piss people off because it won?t give you the answers you want. If Aronofsky?s goal was to have people talk, then he has succeeded. This is not an easy movie to watch or like because of its heavy-handed themes. But I give it credit for being bold and unique, even if the third act is a hot mess.


Menashe (2017)
6 days ago via Flixster

This gem of a movie is an intimate look of a Hasidic Jewish man who is recently widowed. He tries to gain custody of his ten-year-old son who lives with his uncle and his family. Menashe works at a local grocery store and has hit some hard times. Despite his financial and personal situation, he wants his son to live with him. According to his religion, a man is not allowed to live with their children if they don't have a wife. This complicates things more for Menashe. Add to that Menashe is just unlucky in general. Everything seems to go wrong for him which makes it a harder case for him to keep his son. The story of a father trying to keep his son is not a new story, but viewing it in a part of society we rarely get to see is very interesting. We are all outsiders to Menashe's world and it was fascinating to see the social norms that are very different from what we know. Menashe Lustig who plays the title character and whose story the movie is inspired by gives a quiet, yet compelling performance. The fact that the entire cast are not professional actors make the performances more genuine. Director Joshua Z. Weinstein shoots the movie like a documentary, letting the camera be the observer rather than the storyteller. I liked this technique because like the audience, we are strangers to this world. MENASHE is a bittersweet tale about a man who just wants to be with his son and live his life with no worries. A small movie with a big heart.

Grade: A

Megan Leavey
Megan Leavey (2017)
6 days ago via Flixster

A great true story about the bond of friendship of a dog and woman who have difficult lives. Kate Mara gives a fine performance. Anyone who loves dogs or just a good inspirational story, this movie will do the job.

Grade: B+

It Comes At Night
6 days ago via Flixster

Nothing comes at night and it is very disappointing.

Grade: D

Rough Night
Rough Night (2017)
6 days ago via Flixster

Very Bad Things meets The Hangover. There are few laughs but the movie falls short from being a comedy. Girls Trip did it better.

Grade: C