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Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2
55 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Didn't really get the hype for the sequel. Much preferred the first movie. Other than some funny moments with Drax, this was largely a by-the-numbers movie with great CGI

The Red Pill
The Red Pill (2016)
57 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Not the greatest in terms of structure and organisation but did okay to question a master narrative, if not always convincingly

Cars 3
Cars 3 (2017)
3 months ago via Movies on iPhone

This movie is better for forgetting that Cars 2 ever happened. In fact, it's quite the nostalgia trip as McQueen and co have a Hudson Hornet love-in for the best part of the film. Being reverential for the much-loved and under-rated original is all well and good provided the current vehicle has its own legs (or wheels). And that's where this film is sorely lacking. Sure, it has a nice message about not giving up as you grow older (and wiser) and the message is diverse (male makes way for better suited female racer) but it's obsession with the original film threatens to dominate its own narrative. Still, my 5 year old thinks it's the greatest, and I enjoyed it too

The Village
The Village (2004)
3 months ago via Movies on iPhone

Would have benefited from having a gay cowboy or biker