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Matinee (1992)
16 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

One of Joe Dante's, the guy behind the "Gremlins" series, lesser known efforts.
It's a cool story where we follow John Goodman as Woolsey, a horror director that never seem to get as known as he'd like.

The world is in the middle of the Cuban missile crisis and everyone is on the edge of they're seats, so it seems like the perfect time to add some suspence to an already exciting film. He directs "Mant!" a film about a man bitten by an radient ant... Effects like vibrating scenes, smoke, thunder and pyro into the movie theatre are a nice idea, combined with staged nurses that make sure everyone put their names to a paper in case of a viewer heart attack. The don't want to get sued, you know. At the same time some young kids are trying to impress girls at school - as everyone knows this is not easy business, but being a tough guy at the movies might help.

The blend of the several plots here are very good. We see several minutes of "Mant!" but also what's going on behind the scenes when it's time for the big premiere. A film in the film, get it?

Time flies and this is very enjoyable. Pretty funny film and I like both the characters and actors here. Solid stuff. A b-movie tribute in a neat packaging.

7 out of 10 Bill's.

The Gold Rush
The Gold Rush (1925)
16 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

I've seen quite some of Chaplin's full lenghts. They are all genius in their own way, still the same satirical, slapstic is always very present and never hidden.
In this film the little man is caught up in the gold rush. People are freezing on top of a mountain in search for gold. Crooks and badder fellas are in the mix and our man is naturally in the middle of it - in a cabin actually. With some shady fellas and few other facilities.

Some famous scenes like the shoe eating and the bread roll dance. There are some great effects here to, with the slipping cabin and the chicken hallucination. This film has a voice over too, I can't remember that the other ones I've seen from him has vocalized words, but I'm not sure.

Funny and smart, witty, silly and dumb. The typical message of his are here and the crush, naturally. Not his best film if you ask me, but still a very good one.

7.5 out of 10 bears.

Pro urodov i lyudey (Of Freaks and Men)
16 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Russian oddball sat in the early 1900's or so with siamese twin kids, nude photographs of ladies getting spanked, sour cream dipping and a cool little boat with a huge chimney.
The twins are sons of a doctor but a mean fella called Johann and his friends manage to capture them. Now known as "the freaks" he is earning money of them. The dirty photographer is among Johann's friends and he's got a crush by a ladie called Leeza - a lovely maid that worked with the doctor and his sons. Naturally she is photographed and filmed too.

Whipping, prostitutes, guns, a blind woman, accordions, underage drinking, a passion for cinema as an art form and music are other elements here. Some very cool songs, excellent cinematography and shots, great characters and a twisted story makes it very watchable and a very joyful ride. I dig that last scene - it's very pretty. Other images are swell too.
It's shot in a weird sepia color, making it even more unique and one of a kind. I have seen a few other films shot this way - one I can think of was also Russian, but from another director I believe. This director died three years ago, just 54 years of age.

Bleak, still haunting film. Always interesting, very strange but it's not a random experimental mess. It got a solid story, and it's actually based on a real story, as least I read it someshere. If so, it's pretty rad. A great, stylish, alternative movie experience that I'm glad I've had.

8.5 out of 10 floes.

Train to Busan (Busanhaeng)
16 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

South Korean director Sang-ho Yeon's first non animated film. This is a typical zombie film as a virus breaks out while our people are stuck in a moving train. You can figure that there will be zombies on the train too, but where is it really safe to stop? Pretty neat twist with that setting, the zombie film genre is not the most varied one I gotta say.

Well acted, it looks OK and it's not to screamy, messy or stupid. It's actually a very pleasent ride and the best non satirical zombie film I've seen since "28 days later". Naturally some plotholes and a unrealistic flick, but few dumb scenes and turns, some smart moves and a ride that keeps you attached and never bored. Impressive.

7 out of 10 baseball bats.

Lawrence of Arabia
16 days ago via Rotten Tomatoes

One of the true classics and it's not hard to understand that position. It looks impressive and I'm kicking myself for seeing it on a 36 inch or something, and not a bigger one I expect to invest in pretty soon. Man, that desert search scene.

Lawrence, a Britishman has practicly nothing but manage to assemble loads of men, warriors, fighters. How? Well, he is very trustworthy, kind and knows how to interact with people. He always has an answer and he builds his army slowly by befriending enemies. There are naturally a cooperation between the Britishmen and the Arabs and the Turks and they're Ottoman Empire are the badguys here. Lawrence collects different tribes of the Arabs to make sure they reached Damascus after several other defeated areas. Why, you say? Well I'm not really sure, but he was put in the place to check the situation down there, being a liaison, by command from the British army, and I guess he figured he wanted to change a thing or two there.

Amazing performance by O'Toole and a brilliant story. It's very long. Actually so long that my tealights that I lit in it's opening scenes nearly went out. Three and a half hours. That's a long time. I had my moments where I went off screen for shorter periods, since this is no rapid film - it's quite slow paced, but there is a constant development so it never feels flat.

Big production. Loads of men and horses. What there is little of here is women, though. There are only a handful of them on screen for seconds only and there are no words given out by any lady. That's some special stuff indeed.

I did like the moment after two hours plus a lot, called "intermission" - two or three minutes with a black screen and music. Great music by the way, the theme score is both unforgettable and fitting.

Big film, a little dissapointment but still a very good film, worth a go when you really have the time for it. There is action, adventure and a very solid story here with a fantastic lead and production. My last film of 2016, 148 in total.

8.5 out of 10 camels.