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House at the End of the Street

House at the End of the Street(2012)

With Halloween 2012 in the works, Hollywood decided to prepare appropriately with the release of the chiller, the House at the End of the Street. What many viewers may consider to be another cheesy thriller to satisfy the cinema gap until other better films hit the big screen, this one may appeal to a bigger crowd, especially with watchable Jennifer Lawrence in the lead (or is she simply killing time before filming the next Hunger Games movie?). Though this one follows the tracks of many other flicks of the genre, it manages to hold the interest of the viewer better than expected.
Starting with a spooky flashback of a creepy girl named "Carrie Anne" slaughtering her parents and fleeing the family nest, we fast-forward four years to meet a high school girl and her mother who prove to be unfortunate enough to move into a house just down the street from the house in which the murders took place (hence the film's title). After befriending the family's seemingly normal son (who still lives in the house), this na´ve girl fails to foresee the terror that lurks just around the corner while she tries to mend his mostly permanent scars.
A somewhat predictable film (which seems to follow themes from numerous Alfred Hitchcock films) that may leave viewers guessing the whole way through, this one leads to a cheesy outcome that many may be disappointed with. Yet, the cast (especially Lawrence) still makes it watchable and the plot twist near the conclusion will surely throw many for a loop. The end credits are surely the spookiest part of all, so stay tuned. After an initial viewing, some skeptical viewers may never look at their neighbors the same way again! Shockingly, the film reportedly started production almost a decade before its completion.