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Ella Enchanted

This was surprisingly silly in a Princess Bride kind of way.


Silly, but kids love it.

Cars 2
Cars 2(2011)

Lacking compared to the first one, but kids will enjoy it anyway.


Surprisingly awesome, actually.


Strange. A little scary for most kids.

George of the Jungle

Silliness on a big scale.


It started off beautifully, although with major plot holes. Then it just got more and more ridiculous.

The Rescuers
The Rescuers(1977)

Such a lovely classic. And the kids really loved the mice.

101 Dalmatians

This was charming and the kids LOVED it.

The Secret of Kells

The animation was gorgeous, although it was a little dark and scary. The toddlers didn't find it scary though, and were gripped all the way through.

Chipmunk Adventure

Wow, this was so awful in so many ways. Oh the stereotypes! Redeeming point: Toddler sat through most of it.

The Gruffalo's Child

Mythology in action. Brilliant.

Room on the Broom

This house favourite has everything going for it.

The Emperor's New Groove

Quite a fun Disney film. I still can't believe that they got Eartha Kitt in it - the voice is perfect!

The Aristocats

It was a good Disney story. Our toddler absolutely loves it.

The Time Traveler's Wife

Fantastic. I was surprised to see it start from his point of view, but that really worked.
Oh, and the book is better. Read it first!

Beauty and the Beast

I think this was beautifully done. And it kept a toddler entertained for the entire movie, which is rather impressive.

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

It was alright for a kids film. But I kept thinking Ben Stiller (Adam) sounded like Ted Mosby, which really made for a big distraction.


This was really well done, actually. And Phil Collins totally sounded like Peter Gabriel, which was its own kind of awesome.

Marvel's The Avengers

This movie had everything you love about the characters because of everything you love about Joss.


Not actually very epic. Okay for a kids film.

Despicable Me 2

It's true. Everyone loved the minions in the first movie, so they got to feature somewhat in this one. Good fun though. :)

Tinker Bell
Tinker Bell(2008)

Kids love it. It was pretty generic, but with nice-looking characters.


Loved by our two-year-old girl. It's very typical fairytale movie, but it's got good songs and likeable characters.

Lilo & Stitch

This movie was surprising. Even funny at times. Certainly not a stock Disney kids film.

The Princess and the Frog

It was an alright Disney movie with some decent morals. Meh. Some decent music, though!

Meet the Robinsons

This was a surprisingly fun kids movie. It actually had a decent science fiction plot to follow!

Gnomeo and Juliet

The Shakespeare references got the biggest giggles in our house, along with the parts of the movie that did align with Romeo and Juliet. Cute story, though.

56 Up
56 Up(2013)

I am so glad I finally got to watch this. I realise most of the participants don't really like being a part if this any more (if they ever did), but I still find it fascinating.

I also was left thinking two of the participants had married each other for a moment. That would have been interesting.

The Pirates! An Adventure With Scientists

This was great fun. And the animation was awesome, as you'd expect from Aardman.

Monsters vs. Aliens

It's silliness, really. Good fun, great animation & some great girl-power moments. Plenty of giggles for lovers of b-grade sci-fi and other movies.

Despicable Me

This was really cute. I can see why the second one focuses on the minions - they were awesome. So cute!

The Lion King

I finally watched this. It's a pretty standard 90s Disney film. The music is great, but the plot is simple. There's nothing extra for adults, either.

Curious George

That was really cute. The 18 month old loved it and I got lots of hugs.

The Duchess
The Duchess(2008)

Perfectly done and terribly sad. Kiera Knightly is brilliant in this role.


Just re-watched this in French with adult eyes and found it really weird. The translations of the songs weren't quite right and sort of changed the feel of the film. And Tim Curry?!?!?! Just, wow!

Top Hat
Top Hat(1935)

Absolutely ridiculous plot, but with some amazing dancing.

Inglourious Basterds

This was a fascinating story which had cinematic moments of pure brilliance. I think I enjoyed it a lot more than my screen studies educated husband, who noticed the homages to older movies and got annoyed with them rather than being impressed by them. I, however, was watching these scenes with a fresh eye and noting that they really were impressive (for instance, the movie projecting onto the smoke). End result, I thought it was great, yet he thought it was a let-down and that Tarantino could do SO much better. Perhaps it's a little of both.

The King's Speech

That was absolutely brilliant. There was some unexpected casting, but everyone was great in their role. It was also fascinating to see English royals in a 1920s/1930s context.

The Muppets
The Muppets(2011)

This was good for a laugh, but definitely aimed at adults who loved Muppets as kids. Not sure how much kids would like this one.

Journey to the Center of the Earth

It was pretty dire, but not the worst movie I've ever seen. At least the characters clearly revered the book.

The Hunger Games

I think they did a great job of remaining faithful to the book. Sure, little things were missed or different, but mostly they weren't important (except I thought the bread sponsorship would have made it in). Visually, this movie was stunning, but that was to be expected since even when reading it you could tell the book was written with a movie in mind.

Tangled Ever After

A very silly short follow-up to tangled that's worth watching for a bit of a giggle.


This was great, actually. The Pixar touch is everywhere and it's fantastic.

The Gruffalo
The Gruffalo(2009)

If you love the book (or your kids do), you'll love this.

Vanity Fair
Vanity Fair(2004)

Pretty dresses & warped social lives. It's mindless pretty. Enjoy that or just don't watch it.


This was fantastic. Great story, beautifully done. Everyone should see this. Sam Rockwell is brilliant and Kevin Spacey is just a little creepy while being uncannily nice.

Spider-Man 2
Spider-Man 2(2004)

I thought I'd seen this, but I hadn't. So much awesome in this movie. :D

The Girl in the Café (The Girl in the Cafe)

What I really loved about this is that it told the story it meant to tell, without getting too involved in the love story. There were plenty of things left unfinished, unsaid and unexplained. Meanwhile, a much more moving sentiment was expressed. Fantastic movie.

49 Up
49 Up(2006)

I love how the big hook of this installment was "What's happened to Neil?" although I have to say I was also quite pleased to see Tony and Sue's happy stories and to find out about Bruce's job.

And now the fact that I can talk about them by name is starting to scare me a little.

42 Up
42 Up(1999)

It's good to see lives turning around and to see the mothers start to think about careers again. It's quite clear how the effect of documenting these people has changed them, though some more than others.

35 Up
35 Up(1991)

This series is great. Well worth watching from the start, but maybe with a few month's worth of rest between each film (unlike what I did) otherwise the flashbacks get a bit much. By 35 up I was starting to feel like it was all flashback and no current footage.

28 Up
28 Up(1985)

28 up is the year most of the subjects suddenly have kids.

21 Up
21 Up(1977)

Suddenly they all seem to have careers lined up and a real direction.

7 Plus Seven (14 Up)

It's interesting to note which of the subjects were reclusive at 14.

7 Up!
7 Up!(1964)

This is such an interesting series. It's well worth watching from the start so you get a feel for the people in it.


Best Hamlet production I've ever seen. It had a very modernised feel and gorgeous sets.

Love N' Dancing

The costumes and dancing were great, but the rest of the movie was pretty underwhelming.

Lust, Caution

Absolutely stunning, beautiful and tragic. Scenes from this film will haunt you forever.

The Soloist
The Soloist(2009)

Some powerful moments and an interesting (true) story. Not exactly lifechanging, but refreshingly real and un-hollywood.


My viewing of 'Heat' came complete with a screen studies student's ramblings on why this was such a superb film and why certain moments proved that Val Kilmer really could act. I'm happy to admit it was also a great movie.

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

This was beautifully done and about as faithful to the books as movies can be, given that movies often need to rush some things along.

Zack and Miri Make a Porno

Very Kevin Smith - including a few familiar faces. Not a lot of porn (if that's what's putting you off), although you do get a few front-on nude shots that have nothing to do wtth sex scenes. There are some good Kevin Smith dialogue moments, but all in all the movie just isn't that great.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

This was a bit of fun. I wound up giggling at the silliest things. All of the game references were great and Ramona was just perfect.

Peter Pan
Peter Pan(2003)

They managed to bring Peter Pan to life in a way today's kids actually like.


This is really sweet and kind of odd in that Miyazaki way.

Rugrats in Paris - The Movie

Not the worst kids film ever, but not worth going out of your way for.

Lie to Me (Fling)

This movie explores the lives of a couple who have an open relationship. It's nicely done, but if the idea of an open relationship doesn't shock you it's just not that exciting.

I did like the ending, though.

Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2(2010)

Silly. Splodey. Worth watching if that's what you like.


A lot of fun action-style.


Wow. This movie was something really special. It had a very European style to it and some amazing music and scenery. The storyline itself also managed to spectacularly smash together an action flick with the beautiful awakening of a girl moving from seclusion into the real world for the first time. Some brilliant moments.

Also, almost everyone likes to see a cute teenage girl kicking butt. It's awesome.

The Ghosts of Girlfriends Past

The most redeeming feature of this movie is that it's just not as bad as some other romantic comedies.


I never really felt for any of the characters, but I got upset whenever someone damaged one of their beautiful costumes!

Lady in the Water

This movie started well, with a great myth, but didn't really grab me after that. There was style and talent, but it was missing something.

Date Night
Date Night(2010)

I had heard this was worth watching, but I think they were mistaken. He wouldn't have wanted me to suffer that much. The only reason I watched all the way through is because I was stuck under a baby at 3am and it was just too hard to move.

This movie was generally pretty dire, although it did have some random moments which made me giggle. Sadly, there were not enough of those moments to make up for how awful the movie was overall.


A pretty, silly movie with some unexpected moments which will knock you flat with giggles. Thor is an excellent character and done very well.

Source Code
Source Code(2011)

Nice piece of sci-fi, this. Don't read anything about it - Just jump in and watch it.

Fantastic Mr. Fox

Another kids film that's great for the whole family. Stylisticly awesome, great cast, catchy music, killer plot and plenty of jokes for all ages. Adults will probably get a giggle out of their "cussing".

Jimmy Carr: Telling Jokes

Strange man - so charismatic and quick-witted, yet so keen to waste it on the nastiest of subjects. It's like he's built his reputation on the taboo subjects and shocking audiences, and now he feels he can't move on from that and just be funny. You can't help laughing at some of it, yet he definitely goes too far in all directions. So very wrong at times!


Interesting, and quite a decent sci-fi movie. It was easy to like this film.

Nausicaä of the Valley of the Wind (Kaze no tani no Naushika)

Beautifully done. Definitely one to get people thinking about the environment.

The Book of Eli

That was a pretty dumb movie. It had so many plot-holes and an overall premise that was more than a little ridiculous. I tried to like it just for the post-apocalyptic sci-fi value, but there were too many inconsistencies to think much of it.

Los Cronocrímenes (Timecrimes)

This was a great movie, but I think it was just a little predictable. Still worth watching.

Lethal Weapon 2

Silly, brainless action.

My Life in Ruins

This was poke-my-eyes-out awful.

Oh, and to Australians, the Australian accents in this movie are the most funny part of the whole thing. When will Hollywood learn to hire Aussie actors instead of trying, huh?


This was an interesting concept, but it was just starting to develop and it went and finished. It was like a pilot episode for a TV series.. Perhaps they have plans for a sequel or seven.

Brotherhood of the Wolf

Very French. Sort of strange and surreal, while involving some beautiful scenery, gorgeous outfits and great one-liners.


This was a movie of awesome silliness and cool characters.

Jacob's Ladder

Brilliant movie - Very messed up.

Death at a Funeral

Cringeworthy at times, but still funny. I can't help but think that if people weren't so quick to take pills they just happened to find lying around then the whole movie would have turned out very differently.

Transporter 3

Fast cars, fight scenes, girls in party dresses and many excuses to get their gear off. It's a no-brainer, but if that's the mood you're in it kind of works.

Sherlock Holmes

This was quite a good movie. The dynamic between Holmes and Watson was fun to watch, everything was extremely pretty and the story was fairly interesting. I thought the fighting was a little over the top and that it was strange to see the superior intellect mainly put to use for the purpose of fighting. Definitely worth watching - there are moments of pure gold.

The Bourne Ultimatum

I'm really getting into these now. The action starts and then just snowballs for the rest of the movie. It's a fun ride!

City of Ember

Great idea, but the movie was really lacking. It felt like an ABC kids production, not a big-budget movie. The lead actors were alright though, and should make appearances in more movies.

I think reading the book would be a better idea.

Three Amigos!

Is it wrong that I cringed more than I laughed?

Sixteen Candles

So, the moral of the story: If you're a cute piece of jailbait and a teenage boy finds out you want to sleep with him, he'll do anything to make sure you start dating.

And another moral: If you own really nice cars and have teenagers, lock them up. It doesn't matter if you think I'm referring to the cars or the teenagers here. :P

Lethal Weapon

This is what happens when suicidal maniacs get to play with guns.

The Butterfly Effect

Just watched this again recently and I still love it. I am a big fan of parallel universes, so that probably helps. But this movie just keeps throwing more and more at you. And I love how every actor gets a chance to show off their diversity. This movie is fantastic.

Opera Imaginaire

This was quite interesting. The animations were pretty amazing and truly weird. Sadly, some of the CG work was a bit dated.

I feel like this is the sort of thing you should project onto a wall as background sound and visuals during a cocktail party.

The Bourne Supremacy

There were no real surprises, but it was a good movie.

So I Married an Axe Murderer

This was pretty bad, but I sat through it anyway.

Also worth mentioning: The girl playing Harriet looked a hell of a lot like Andie MacDowell in some shots.

Evan Almighty

I tried twice to watch this at various points, because it was the only thing around and I didn't have the energy for anything more cerebral. But, it was mind-numbingly dull. Painfully so.

Every scene was over-acted in a "this is comedy acting" style. Sadly, there weren't actually any funny moments to laugh at.

Don't watch this.

The Iron Giant

It was a great book, and became a good movie. It was quite different to the book though and very American - Really over the top.


I needed a light movie that didn't require too much attention and this one fit the bill nicely. It's an action movie, but all things considered, it's not a bad one. I was quite surprised, actually.

The Man From Earth

To start with, the acting was a little jarring, but they all warmed into their characters after a while. There were a few moments I thought were a little over the top, but all in all it was a brilliant movie.


Brilliant even just for the first 10 minutes alone.

The Breakfast Club

Every high school student should see this. There's something for everyone.

How to Train Your Dragon

This was some good light-hearted fun. I'd love to share this with any kid. I also really love how the dragons act like cats. So cute!

Gran Torino
Gran Torino(2009)

This was a fantastic movie. Entirely predictable, but still engrossing.

Star Trek
Star Trek(2009)

There was very little that could have been done better. Absolutely flawless!

Brassed Off
Brassed Off(1997)

This was a lovely feel-good movie. Although, it would have been better if they'd at least tried to make certain actors learn how to play their instruments (very funny if you're watching the fingering)!

The Room
The Room(2003)

Every single one of those stars was for the cult hilarity, because this movie is terrible! We tried watching it at double speed and it got a little better..

I can't help feeling bad about laughing at it either. I think the director really was taking it very seriously. Eep!

Only watch this movie with people who laugh at it. That's the only way it's redeemable. Have a few drinks and get out the footballs and spoons. Enjoy!

The Shawshank Redemption

Tragic and human: Smiles in adversity.

Where the Wild Things Are

This was beautifully done, but very very slow-moving and quite sad. It couldn't keep the attention of a 4-year-old and an 8-year-old - they kept wandering off to play with toys.

I also couldn't help noticing how violent it was (in a surreal way) and how much outright meanness there was at times (yes, obviously resolved in the end). Seriously, the kids just wanted to see monsters doing fun stuff.

I'd say it's more of a family movie with a few fun things for kids rather than a kids movie.

Search For Life: Are we Alone?

We saw this in a planetarium with a full sky view - it was amazing to watch. Beautiful and full of interesting information.

It also had show-ride value as sometimes it felt as if the audience was turning while the stars panned across. Weird. :)

Hubble 3D
Hubble 3D(2010)

This was awesome. Just breathtaking.


Very silly. Ridiculous, even.

Down With Love

This movie is pure light-hearted silliness. The outfits are magic and the comedy is slightly screwball. There are moments which are reminiscent of Moulin Rouge while others are more like Austin Powers. It's just great for a laugh.

Transporter 2

Very silly action. This movie has many huge plot holes, fast driving scenes and moments where bad girls happen to find it more convenient to strip down to their underwear before they start shooting people.

Not the worst way to spend a couple of brainless hours.

The Social Network

This was beautifully done. I was quite surprised at how a simple business story and a couple of court cases could be made to be interesting, but it really was.

Astro Boy (AstroBoy)

After watching Astroboy religiously as a child, I had a very real fear that this movie would be awful. But, it was fabulous! The animation was superb, the cast amazing and the overall movie was great. A modern-day kid could watch this movie and then sit down to all the old-school cartoons quite happily.


I can barely believe this was even remotely based on real life. Wow!

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

This had some brilliant moments, but other than that was really just easygoing pop fantasy action.


It's alias - the movie! Well, okay, kind of. It's actually quite an enjoyable action movie.

Robin Hood
Robin Hood(2010)

This was unexpected - basically, this movie told the story of how Robin Hood became an outlaw. Beautifully done.

The Color Purple

A tragic and lovely story, however the film got a little spielberged along the way and wound up dwelling on the typical American family moments.

Breakfast at Tiffany's

That was unexpected. Here's a movie reported by many to be great and (shock horror) it was! I love that it epitomises an era while being a lovely movie. I want this movie to play in the background of all my future parties. :)


Too much love story, not enough history. And what's crazy is that what actually happened was really interesting and this film, er, wasn't.

The Kids Are All Right

This movie was just barely better than staring at the seat in front of me. The write-up was all so excited that the plot wasn't all about gay people getting together. But, you know, the plot wasn't actually that much more exciting. Big film plots have moved on. This plot? I think it could be summarised as "Gay people cheat on each other too".


Chasseurs de Dragons (Dragon Hunters)

This movie was unexpectedly beautiful, different and lovely. I want every kid I know to watch it and I'll be happy to watch it with them again and again.

The beauty of the world is very much based on le petit prince, and is just adorable.

Henry V
Henry V(1989)

So, with Shakespeare's script it always had the potential to be awesome. But, Branagh and the incredible cast who wanted to work with him made this film AMAZING.

Just fabulous, really. All Shakespeare fans, history buffs, Francophiles and Anglophiles should watch this.

Definitely, Maybe

Of all the romantic comedies I've seen lately, this one would have to be the best. It's more realistic than most and a lot less dramatic. Even the slightly annoying copy of the princess bride kid-in-bed story format was engaging in the end.

August Rush
August Rush(2007)

There are some great muso moments, but sometimes I wish more musicians had been involved in the editing. There were moments where the sound had notes going up, when the piano had notes going down. Conducting went all over the place as no-one bothered to match the sound to the video correctly (in places - and yes, I mean in places that weren't a montage. Montages are forgiven bad conducting automatically).

Other than that, it was just one of those feel-good movies, you know?

Chaos Theory
Chaos Theory(2008)

This was a sort of romantic comedy.. and with that in mind it was actually a pretty good movie and general light entertainment.

Cassandra's Dream

Lesson learned: There are no quick fixes. Be happy with what you have.

At times this was a little slow and I really wished some characters had had a little more sense. They didn't, which I guess made it all the more realistic.

It has the appeal of a slow-motion train crash: hard to look away, but you know what's going to happen and that it is only going to get worse.

The music was amazing (got to love Philip Glass) and at times used quite subtly to great effect. After long minutes of stark silence musically, this ominous creepy version of a now-familiar theme would start up again to highlight the previous silence and to note the downward spiral of their lives.

My Neighbor Totoro

Just beautiful.. and so much fun to watch with little kids!


It wasn't quite what I expected (I expected it to be awful), but it was still ultimately a teen move. So, if you hate teen movies, you'll probably hate this, no matter what.

The characters were definitely more interesting than they are in most teen movies, however I wasn't really gripped. I'd recommend this as an entertaining couple of hours to anyone who likes teen movies, but I'm not going to rave about it.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Okay, so I'm guessing this was a movie where they said "We want to see Jason Segel naked" and then wrote a script around that. Or maybe it was just an excuse for the cast and crew to hang out in Hawaii for a while.

There were moments that I found really funny (like Peter playing piano, singing about himself while in two minds about seeing a psychiatrist), but judging from the rest of the movie, that's not what most people liked about this film.

Mostly, this was a typical hollywood comedy, that wasn't really all that funny and was actually kind of annoying in its awkwardness most of the time.

Nim's Island
Nim's Island(2008)

This was a cute movie for kids. In places it almost reminded me of 'Home Alone'.

Would definitely recommend for young girls who like animals, exploring, outdoor activities, books, fixing stuff, etc.

Mad Money
Mad Money(2008)

Well, it was an easy way to kill a couple of hours. Entirely predictable and not very exciting.


This was an indie film I found free on YouTube. It was pretty different, good on characters and intriguing. I'm looking forward to seeing more by this director. I think they'll go far.

The Boy in the Striped Pajamas (The Boy in the Striped Pyjamas)

This was beautifully done, well cast and pretty much perfect. Sadly, it was entirely predictable and I just couldn't feel sad for them at the end. This is pretty much the point.


I saw this a while ago on YouTube (I think in the Screening Room: http://www.youtube.com/ytscreeningroom). Thought it was a great short film.

The Devil's Advocate

Predictable and really, really long!

Dylan Moran: Monster

Some of this was brilliant, while at other moments he looked a little bored and over it.

A golden moment: Pretending to be a French couple in the morning.

The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

That was incredibly beautiful. The story was pretty amazing in the first place, but the cinematography was also fantastic.

Elizabeth: The Golden Age

I think Cate Blanchett did a great job of this movie. And, as always, I was enamoured by the pretty dresses and buildings.

The plot wasn't entirely thrilling though.

Harvie Krumpet

That was a fantastic little film. The animation is wonderful, the storyline makes you think about all sorts of moral and social issues. Plus, there's many a hilarious moment throughout.


Finally saw this movie after years of loving the soundtrack. It's a cute story of twenty to thirty somethings dating or avoiding dating. Some of it's cliche, some of it is just funny. Looking at the clothes and props is EXCELLENT, since it's the perfect example of that period where the eighties was morphing in to the grunge scene.


Decent family-movie-love-story-type-thing. No need to go out of your way to see it, but no need to go our of your way to avoid it either.

Pirate Radio (The Boat That Rocked)

This was a fun movie with a great soundtrack - so many awesome 60s songs! I'm definitely going to have to make a playlist with all of these tracks on it.

According to my husband (who has listened to the podcasts about the history of Pirate Radio) this movie also does a great job of capturing the mood of the boat and pays homage to the facts without boring the movie audience with details.

The Chronicles of Riddick

Not the worst action flick ever. I actually liked it - possibly something to do with Vin Diesel. If you'd believe all the girls in the movie, when females see him in real life they have uncontrollable urges to follow him and sniff him. Maybe that comes across in film too.

It was typical action movie in one important, disappointing way - they entirely forgot to write a decent script. But, this is easily overlooked by considering it a comedy.

Once you consider all the terrible lines and man-sniffing to be comedy, this movie is hilarious. :)

To its credit, it was also a fun action flick. Certainly not the worst way to kill a few hours.


Good for a giggle if you're in the right mood. :)

Miss Potter
Miss Potter(2007)

This was interesting simply because Beatrix Potter is interesting. It's just a movie version of a biography.

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

This film is so well cast. John Cusack, Jude Law and Kevin Spacey are just perfect.

The film jumbles a lot of the book up and mixes characters a little. Some scenes (like the ladies card games) too up barely a minute in the film when they dominated most of a chapter in the book. I'm sure it would have made no sense to people who hadn't read the book.

However good the film is, this is a situation where the book is king. The movie only serves to remind you of the book.

Smart People
Smart People(2008)

Apart from throwing a few big words around and a couple of rants on literature, this movie is a simple family drama. And it's DULL.

Ellen Page does a convincing smart kid with nothing in her life except academic goals. She's a great character and the role is done well.

Other than that, the movie is really not worth the time.


It was an interesting premise, but not exactly one that hadn't been thought of before. Not explored before in movie format, maybe. The idea behind the movie is that if the world continues as it is, then we will devolve into a bunch of idiots. A very real fear and one we should strive to avoid.

Anyway, once the premise is established (in the opening credits) there's very little reason to watch the rest of the movie. It's annoying simply because it is true to the idea that people in the future are stupid. It has to be, yet it's still excruciating to watch.

Two of the stars are for the idea. Half a star for the movie.

500 Days of Summer

This was incredibly true, beautiful and just lovely.

The Borrowers

Fun kids movie with plenty to like. And guess what? That little tiny borrower boy is Malfoy!?! Hah!

The Ant Bully

Quite a good kids movie, really. Full of good morals and sensible ideas, while still being a fun movie.

The Young Victoria

This was beautiful. Quite interesting historically, beautiful love story and fantastic dresses! I think they deliberately moved the story to new days just so they could show off more dresses. They were divine!

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

Strange premise, but absolutely beautifully done. Loved it.

The Lake House

Entirely predictable from start to finish. Also had difficulty identifying with the time difference, the weird time warps that should (but don't) result from their behaviour and the stupid things they both do (like why does he put his first letter to her in the letterbox anyway? Why didn't he post it to her address?). Many moments that were so glaringly unrealistic in film that it would have been far better to read this as a book.

However, for all its faults, it was still not a bad movie. There were some great moments where the acting and the directing was really quite good. Plus, it's a love story. They all rank somewhere in the "Oh, well I guess I liked it a bit" zone.


Unexpectedly totally awesome. The characters were really cute, the cast was surprising (check out who the pigeons are!), and there were lots of hilarious moments throughout. The hamster is gold!

Then She Found Me

Wow. It was like they put all of their efforts into getting a decent cast and then forgot to put any effort into the movie itself. Wasn't impressed, really.

Monty Python's The Meaning of Life

The best way to laugh at life, death and all the messy bits in between.


I made sure I didn't re-read the book so I didn't find myself directly comparing the two. This was beautiful - The use of colour was amazing. Although, there were many moments which were too obviously "3D" moments. They are going to date very quickly. :/ We had a quick look at the 3D DVD as well (with the trendy glasses) and decided it might actually have been okay to watch it in 3D. Next time!

Anyway, overall verdict was that I liked it. :D

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

Well, it wasn't too bad. But, it was hard not to think of Hornblower all the way through. :)

Marie Antoinette

This movie highlights Marie Antoinette's age, by likening it to a teen movie. By doing this it also gives a very believable perspective into what it was like to be her.

Plus, the sets and clothes in this movie are amazing!

X-Men Origins - Wolverine

If you like X-Men you will probably like this. Not much more to be said, here.


Finally decided to see what all the fuss was about - and by watching the movie I ensured I never had any need to read the book.

I can see why teens love it, but that doesn't mean it's very good. It just means that it has enough of the "No, really we're all gawky teens, honest" feel about it that teens find it easy to connect with.

The Devil Wears Prada

This movie is great for watching pretty dresses - or pretty girls - whatever you're into. As for plot.. well, it's a makeover movie with a warning not to become a career-girl. So, uh, be pretty for a while but don't forget you need to be a mother later. Or something. :S


Was cute and very well animated.

The Birdcage
The Birdcage(1996)

It had its moments, but it could have been much funnier.

OSS 117: Le Caire Nid d'Espions (OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies)

That was some extreme silliness. Utmost political incorrectness, but done in a satirical, almost bearable way.

Little Nicholas (Le petit Nicolas)

This was an adorable movie! So, some things were a teensy bit over the top, but the premise was very cute and led to some funny moments. In fact, the laugh out loud factor was nearly embarrassing on the plane flight. :S

Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs

If I needed to entertain a kid with a movie right now this would definitely be the one to re-watch. This was a barrel of laughs and kept me giggling most of the way through. PS. Neil Patrick Harris has the BEST role.

The Other Boleyn Girl

Worth seeing just for the dresses.


There were plot-holes a-plenty and more than several clichés, but all in all the alien terrain made up for it. Worth watching just for the 2.5 hour trip to an alien world.

Touching the Void

The poor bastards. It just goes to show what can happen when you are young, carefree and taking huge risks.


As a Stanislaw Lem fan, I had to give this version of the movie a go. Sadly, it only made me realise that I can recall very little of the remake. Apparently Lem hated this movie as he never intended the book to be "all about people's emotional issues". This movie is very similar to '2001: A Space Odyssey' in that it's extremely slow moving. There are beautiful moments throughout, both in poetry and scenes, but many will never see them for what they are just because the movie has bored them. It's very difficult to sit through, not matter how much you want to see it.

Four Christmases

I only watched this movie as it was 4am on an international flight and I'd been awake for more than 24 hours. It fit my mindset fairly well and didn't leave me thinking much at all. I even laughed out loud once. A silly film which makes you feel a little better about your own life in comparison.

Gone Baby Gone

This was a very gritty, realistic crime/detective movie. You always know there's more to know, but aren't always quite prepared for the turns as they come up. The filming style is engaging and believable. In the end, the story is really quite harsh and leaves you thinking about what you'd do in that situation.

Beyond a Reasonable Doubt

For an in-flight movie, this wasn't the worst thing to spend a few hours watching.

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

I'm not sure if it was the fact that I saw it in French (with no subtitles) or not, but this one was lacking somewhat.

Update: Have now seen it in English and have to concur that it is rather lacking. No energy.

The Squid and the Whale

Hmm. So, I watched this without sound while crapping on to an old friend, but I still don't think I would have enjoyed it much more if I'd paid more attention.

The Queen
The Queen(2006)

It was okay, I guess. Not mindblowing. Certainly would be more interesting if you care what the royals are up to.


That was one very silly action flick. You'd be hard pressed not to at least enjoy it a little bit. The opening sequence is great!

Be Cool
Be Cool(2005)

It's good for a giggle.

End of Suburbia: Oil Depletion and the Collapse of the American Dream

This movie made me re-think everything. A lot is going to change real soon. Most people aren't ready for it.

All the Invisible Children

I just don't know what to say.

This movie was (aside from a few obvious moments) so real that it made your heart bleed. It made you grip tightly to anything nearby and hope that things would get better for these kids. But you knew it never would.

Oh yes, it's beautiful to watch the kids pulling together and making the best of it. But nothing detracts from the sheer horror of their lives.

How can we fix this? How?

War of the Worlds

Oh god. The best advice I had before watching this was "Think of it as a comedy".

I especially loved how the family looked all shiny and clean at the end - as if they'd all been having tea politely since the aliens arrived and hadn't noticed a thing.

A Cinderella Story

This movie would be perfect for girls aged 8-15 who like high school drama chick flicks.

Resident Evil: Extinction

Even more mindless zombie fun - hurrah!

Shoot 'Em Up
Shoot 'Em Up(2007)

The title does not mislead in any way. That was a LOT of bullets. It was also very silly and fun.

Brother Bear
Brother Bear(2003)

It was okay. It was a bit bland, I guess. The music was also on the bland side.

On the plus side - the moose were great! There were some very unexpected giggles from the things they said. :D

A Scanner Darkly

That was one very trippy movie. I'm left with no illusions that Philip K Dick had never tried drugs - he knows too well what he speaks of. The story is also well crafted and the movie well executed.

I swear Keanu Reeves was hired for his ability to say "Whoah", and if I'm right then it was actually an ideal piece of casting. Rory Cochrane and Robert Downey Jr are amazing in this movie.

Cirque du Soleil: Quidam

One of the best Cirque du Soleil.

Cirque du Soleil: Journey of Man

This was unlike any Cirque du Soleil I've ever seen before in that it had an English narration (by Ian McKellen) and large amounts of the film dedicated to creating a coherent plot. There was far less focus on the actual circus tricks than a normal Cirque du Soleil movie (it seemed), but when they did come across the acts they were beautifully set and mesmerising as always. In fact, these moments are possibly even more memorable for their setting and their place in the plot.

The Philadelphia Experiment

As sci-fi goes, it's a very good "what if" story which doesn't try to do anything too flashy.

Hating Alison Ashley

The book is far better, but it's been put together fairly well and some moments are actually very funny. It's a good story for pre-teens to learn to get out of their own heads and think about other people's problems on occasion.

Gedo senki (Tales from Earthsea)

They could have stretched this out over a few movies and actually stuck to the plot, but instead they made up a few things that were completely out of character and blurted out secrets that took whole books to expose. If you haven't read the books it'll make very little sense and if you have read the books you'll be annoyed by it (and not just for the obvious "They're not dark-skinned" point either).

If you try to forget any relation to the book and just enjoy the movie for what it is, you'll find it's quite bland (it does have a rather cute song, though). Goro Miyazaki is using Studio Ghibli resources, talent and reputation, yet not quite living up to it himself.


I still find it hilarious how seriously all these families take this. And the attitudes are scary - one girl is doing the spelling bees because she wants to be the best at something and she already knows friends who are better than her at other things she's good at.

For the most part, these kids would have a better idea how to spell if they just read a lot of interesting books instead of studying spelling. Crazy..


I can't believe 20 years went by before I finally watched this film!

Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider(2007)

It was a fun ride. Very silly.

THX 1138
THX 1138(1971)

Very surprising movie. I was expecting it to look far more dated, but it was really very well done in that respect. The dystopia itself was sort of a mix-up of 1984, Brave New World, Brazil & The Time Machine. The beauty of it was that it didn't hold your hand like most American movies do these days, so a lot was left unspoken or at a loose end. That, and that the human nature shown was pretty realistic, such as panicking when you're about to achieve freedom. The actor didn't go overboard with emotion after bad news is found out - the reaction was exactly as you'd expect from someone drugged up to the eyeballs on stuff specifically designed to inhibit emotions.

Weird Science

Oh boy was there some giggling when they were using the computer. :)

The Fast and the Furious

I'm absolutely certain the entire budget of this film went on fast cars and skanks. I don't have much else to add. Okay, so Vin Diesel was cool.


This was visually amazing, but I think they could have made the scenario a little less paranormal and weird. It would have been easy for them to keep the plot to pure sci-fi, but for some reason they just didn't.

Two Lovers
Two Lovers(2008)

A movie which tried to be gritty, but managed to still be a cliché. Despite its predictability, though, it did leave you rather torn at the end.

The Return
The Return(2006)

This was a great movie. I was expecting it to be more of a horror movie, but it was actually really well made suspense/thriller/mystery. It's just scary enough to keep you jumping and realistic enough to keep you interested. I can't say much more without giving away spoilers.

Public Enemies

This was beautifully made, well acted and quite interesting. It's also over-hyped.

I think it's possibly a movie which American audiences connect to more easily because of some historical relevance.

We left the cinema a little underwhelmed.

Saving Grace
Saving Grace(2000)

Cute and cheesy British comedy. The best part was the pub entertainment - the whole movie is worth it for the giggles in that moment. :)

As Good as It Gets

This was a fantastic movie which wouldn't have even happened if the US health system worked.

The New World

Visually, this was a beautiful movie. The scenery and the filming was stunning, plus the outfits were amazing. The natural sounds and music were well chosen and used well, with the latter not appearing until they were in settled areas, which I thought was a nice touch. All in all, I felt that the film moved way too slowly and may have been better as a mini-series.


A big improvement on most Michael Moore movies. This is actually more of a documentary, comparing health systems and collecting anecdotal tricks and tragedies. In France he gets a little drawn off-topic by other government benefits that generally improve lifestyles for the French - I learned about several I didn't know of before.

During the film, there are only a few cliché Michael Mooreisms and they're quite toned down compared to previous movies.

Personally, I think America needs to look at insurance reform as well as health care reform. In Australia, insurers try to give you the run-around a little, but they'd lose their right to sell insurance if they tried the schemes shown in Sicko.

Anyway, it's a great insight into why America is such a scary place to get sick.

Zatôichi (The Blind Swordsman: Zatoichi)

That was great! Beautiful, funny and finished off with a fantastic clog dance/tap dance - Very bollywood. Anyway, keep your eyes peeled for the awesome persussion outfit - they are fantastic. Sort of like Stomp mixed with Scrap Arts Music and every Taikoz band to ever exist. Fantastic.


This is actually a very interesting movie as the stories of the intertwining lives are very believable. Plus, almost everyone in the movie is played by an A-list actor. It's quite a lot of talent.

Little Miss Sunshine

I spent the entire movie staring in disbelief. A manufactured dysfunctional family with obvious, hollywood-style, unrealistic character development. Everything they did was just a little too over-the-top and could have been avoided with some thought. In fact, the whole movie would never have happened if only people knew how to drive (or had thought of letting the person who could drive do so from the start).

I could have taken it as silly fun (it's obviously meant to be), but it was just too horrifying. Plus, pagaent girls scare me.

A fantastic lesson in what not to do when you have kids.

Pitch Black
Pitch Black(2000)

It was difficult to swallow some of the dumb things they did in the name of plot devices (which I'm sure the writer could have contrived in a much more believable way), however it was still a bit of fun with some great characters.

Be Kind Rewind

Once this movie gets past the annoying premise of the magnetised head which wipes the tapes it becomes quite fun and silly. If they made a remake which had some other reason why the tapes got wiped I'd give it another star.

I guess there is something to be said for the characters and plot which change rapidly. It's a big parody of itself and the movie-by-community-committee. Maybe a kid said "I know - we'll make his head magnetised!" and it somehow wrote itself into the film and the film within a film and was supposed to be explained that way (I wouldn't know - I was too busy trying not to bash my head against a wall). It's clever, yet strangely irritating and not funny enough to pull you through to enjoyment most of the time.

The gold moments were when they copied other movies - some of the remakes and silly jokes were classic.

Million Dollar Baby

Unexpectedly beautiful.

The Pursuit of Happyness

Typical rags-to-riches movie. Wasn't all that insightful or interesting - just a few nice quotes here and there.


I'm actually quite surprised by the likenesses to the real people. But that's entirely irrelevant. This was a great movie.

Dead Like Me: Life After Death

I wanted it to be so much better. :(

They Live
They Live(1988)

I can't believe it took me so long to see this. Fantastic movie.

Good Night, And Good Luck

An reflection on a time involving diminished human rights, judgment without trial overcome by intelligence and truth in journalism. Very pertinent.

Into the Wild

This movie was amazing. The soundtrack is also brilliant.

The Pirate Movie

I've never before seen Pirates of Penzance in such an 80s light. Scary, yet compelling.

Happy Feet
Happy Feet(2006)

Every kid should see this. It's cute and fun, has lots of adventure, important life lessons, environmentalism, etc. It's great!

Fly Away Home

Cheesy feel-good kid greeny movie.


Probably more fun with kids and friends around, because then all of the jokes would get a laugh from someone.

The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou

It was almost like 'I heart huckabees' in water. Similar cast. Similar weird. Not quite as cool.

Let the Right One In

Beautiful and tragic.

Sex and the City

It was just like a season squished into a movie, only not as funny. I'm used to laughing a little more at Sex and the City - the movie didn't give me much to laugh at. Meh. And it was definitely aimed to please women aged 30-50. Which means, since I'm just at the bottom edge of that segment, newly married, happy and without kids, that most of their problems were a little irrelevant to me. Okay, so I cried a little at all the love stories and whatnot. What I really learned is that dealing with getting older requires more makeup and money spent on clothes.


Oh dear. I just introduced some French kids to the horrifying truth about meat.


I really want to read Capote's book now (won't say the name as it's a slight spoiler).

Inside Man
Inside Man(2006)

I found it a little predictable, but it was clever and enjoyable.

Muppet Treasure Island

I'm very proud of myself for introducing French kids to the muppets. :D


The only reason I'm even giving it this many stars is because I liked it so much as a teenager. It's just tedious now. :(


Loved it. The music was amazing and everything about the movie was just so real. I still have those songs going through my head!

The Holiday
The Holiday(2006)

Chick flick plus. Was actually really sweet, but totally predictable. :)

Last Days
Last Days(2005)

This was definitely a mood piece. There's hardly any dialogue with loads of great music and imagery. Just grab a brew and let the movie wash over you, getting you right into the depressive, eccentric mood that it brings.

The Road To Guantanamo

Harsh. I hate what I have seen of the American Military. I would be terrified to meet them in a war zone.

The Contract
The Contract(2006)

Watched about 20 minutes of it and I was bored bored bored.

The Water Horse: Legend of the Deep

The kids I watched it with loved it.

The Fall
The Fall(2006)

This movie was unexpectedly brilliant. The scenery and colours are particularly amazing, while the story is both beautiful and tragic.


I want a schnitzel on a stick.. :D

Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull

Why did they bother? That wasn't indiana Jones. That was making a movie for the ladies old enough to think Harrison Ford is a hottie and that getting back with your ex is a great idea.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Silly stuff, but I really do love moaning Myrtle. :D

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

This is where the Harry Potter series suddenly gets some great direction and awesome cinematography. They also never do explain what's going on as well as they do in the book. Hello? Why do these adult people know about the Marauder's map? Oh, you don't need to know that unless you're reading the book. Of course.

Edward Scissorhands

It's all too beautiful: The story, the colours, the Tim Burton swirly stuff, the costumes, Johnny Depp, Winona Ryder, the tragedy. All of it.


This was surprisingly fun. If you've ever worked in a cubicle farm you'll empathise entirely.

Occasional Coarse Language

I haven't seen this movie in ages. For years all I remembered was that it was funny and started with a girl in Sydney who lost her boyfriend and job and then it all went downhill from there. Took me ages to work out what it was called - need to watch it again now!

Battlestar Galactica: Razor

Other than one very important plot point, this is like a long episode where nothing critical happens to anyone we know and love.

In fact, it spends the first 20 minutes just getting new watchers up to speed.

Battlestar fans are treated to some good info about the Pegasus and why we saw certain things happening the way they did.

It is essential viewing for all Battlestar watchers just for that one key piece of crucial info.


This movie is really funny to watch if you've lived in Adelaide. Especially note how they walk into Scuzzi on Rundle St, yet film inside Scoozi on O'Connell St (or is the spelling the other way around??).

Deep Blue
Deep Blue(2005)

This is one of those films you could have in the background all day every day. Gorgeous stuff.

The X-Files: I Want to Believe (The X Files 2)

Just like a long episode, only with more snogging and less aliens.

Ice Princess
Ice Princess(2005)

Watched it on the plane. Totally predictable. Kinda geeky, very girly. Didn't require a brain at all.

Mamma Mia!
Mamma Mia!(2008)

A hell of a lot like the stage show.

Quantum of Solace

I walked in expecting a silly action movie and got exactly that. I think the people who watched Casino Royale recently were therefore far more disappointed than I was.

It was action. It was silly. It was completely implausible. The bond girls were cute.

There were lines that made you giggle, like (Bond, to the bartender) "I don't know. What *am* I drinking?".

There were also moments to bring out my inner pyromaniac, like saying the entire building is built on fuel cells. So I'm left thinking "Woohoo! This one will go splodey!" (and it did!)

I thought after playing a hardass, Camille probably shouldn't have been such a scaredy-cat near the end. I know that's her history and all, but she wasn't afraid of the guy, so why fire?

Okay, so there was a lot that just didn't grok. But, shit. It was an action movie. You don't see them for PLOT. :)

Big Fish
Big Fish(2003)

Just the most gorgeous story ever written.

Captain Corelli's Mandolin

I loved the book and was expecting great things from the movie, but actually I'm too annoyed at all the glaring differences. The movie has tried to drag out more emotion and managed to destroy all the drama that was originally in the book.

Maybe I should have waited a few years between the book and the movie. I'm sure it's a great movie if there's nothing to compare it against.

La Double Vie de Véronique (The Double Life of Veronique)

Beautiful, and also has an awesome soundtrack.

American Beauty

Loved it so much I can't stop watching it.

Stage Beauty
Stage Beauty(2004)

This was surprisingly good.


Breezy cheesy fun paying out scary fundamentalists :)


Just gorgeous in so many ways.


Ah, if only they'd stuck to the original story and not gone for so many pretty effects!

Psycho Beach Party

At least the soundtrack was good.

The Secret Policeman's Other Ball

I think this is the best ever performance of "I don't like Mondays". The musical side of this alone is worth watching it for.

Hercules Returns

This is the silliest movie ever. :)

American Pie
American Pie(1999)

Shit.. but sort of amusing.

Dude, Where's My Car?

Watch this in a silly mood..

Team America: World Police

It was really funny for the first half an hour..


I get to be on top!

Coming to America

"Ever since I was born I've been trained to serve you. Am I not all you dreamed I would be?"


I don't think I've ever made it through the whole movie.. but I love it anyway.


Okay, so I'm a daggy girly-girl.

D2: The Mighty Ducks

This is possibly the worst movie ever.. but long train trips make you watch strange things. Over and over again.

Hot Fuzz
Hot Fuzz(2007)

I nearly died laughing. :)


Watch the German version.


The book wins, though.