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Curse of Chucky
23 months ago via Movies on iPhone

The day has come! I finally get to see CURSE OF CHUCKY!!! How this movie didn't even get a theatrical release is beyond me, especially with all the PG-13 shit in the theatres now a days. I wasn't sure what to expect from this movie but hoped it would turn out good, writer Don Mancini promised he would not disappoint fans! He was right! All I can say without spoiling anything is if your a fan of Child's Play you will NOT be disappointed! If you don't like the movie you deserve a punch in the head, The movie goes back to basics, it's dark, it's eerie, a lot of first- person point of view filming with classic Chucky hiding and stalking, the score is creepy and it's a fun 80's feel movie with some gory death scenes. The CGI was minimal, thank god, they only CGI'd Chucky early on when he was more of a human looking doll, once exposed, showing his stitched up face (from having fallen into the fan at the end of Child's Play 3) it's basically just a mechanical doll.
There are some exciting surprises along the way! Props go to Don Mancini for writing such a great script that follows the Chucky storyline and for giving fans what they want! Brad Dourif once again voices Chucky, and his real life daughter Fiona Dourif also stars. We get a lot of classic lines that feel like deja-vu; "Hide The Soul" and "Close your eyes and count to 7 when you awake you'll be in heaven" Chucky speeches. I have to give the movie 4.5/5. Near perfect for any Child's play fan!!!!!!

~~~~~SPOILERS; DON'T READ ON~~~~~~It was great to see the purpose to why Chucky was sent to this house in the first place, and the story lines that tie it all together. You of course see Brad Dourif as himself "Charles Lee Ray" and there are flashbacks that show you before the original Child's Play film and why Charles Lee Ray was killed in the toy store before putting his soul in the doll from the original film. The cameo of Jennifer Tilly was fun! She actually sends the doll to a now adult Andy Barclay; played by the original Andy from Child's Play 1 & 2 Alex Vincent!!!!!!!!!!! I almost fell off the couch! You have to stay until after the credits though......

Resident Evil: Afterlife
2 years ago via Movies on iPhone

Classic Resident Evil movie! I really do love all the movies for different reasons so I can't say which one is better, although I love the emptiness and eerie feeling of the original Resident Evil with the creepy Manson loop chorus, the rest of the films focus more on action and effects. Each move continues right after the previous one, you start out with all the Alice's that were cloned underground in Tokyo.

Overall this is my favourite franchise of many series from this generation (Example Saw), they have kept them strong and made it past the curse of the third movie which either makes it or breaks it, and the third Resident Evil was great!

So Afterlife of course Ali Larter is back as Claire Redfield! Your introduced to her brother Chris Redfield (Wentworth Miller) who has a huge role in Resident Evil 4 the video game. I would have liked to see a bit more of him though, maybe in Resident Evil 5 they will give him a bigger role. K-Mart is around too again in this one.

The 3D was great, made it even better, perfect suit for a Resident Evil movie! YES the dogs are back but more fucked up than ever!!!!! LOL The big monster that carried a huge spiked axe reminded me of Silent Hill though, I don't remember it being in any video games or am I wrong? Of course your left wanting more as they no surprise leave it wide open for a Resident Evil 5. You see a cameo by Jill Valentine!!!! I always wondered where the hell she went after Resident Evil 2!!! I wont say what the cameo is about cause i don't wanna ruin things but just watch a bit longer after the credits role at the end.

Resident Evil: Apocalypse
2 years ago via Movies on iPhone

Resident Evil 2 is really cool! Lots of killing, zombies and fighting! The dogs are scary! LOL

Halloween (2007)
2 years ago via Movies on iPhone

Zombie did an amazing job on this remake, actually showing you his childhood and the events leading up to the part where Michaels mother and the cops are outside taking his clown mask off after killing his sister ect. Alot of new death scenes and some changes with some classic redone parts that I quoted before they happened. I couldn't have been more happier with the turnout of this movie. TO THE CRITICS:

"? has very little to offer beyond what John Carpenter did in the original movie."

It's getting rediculous with Critics reviews on horror movies......Please disregard their comments as they do not know anything when it comes ot a horror movie. As shown above it DID bring something new to to table let me quote it again "showing you his childhood and the events leading up to the part where Michaels mother and the cops are outside taking his clown mask off after killing his sister ect" not jsut showing him killing babysitters and people but going BEHIND his madness and showing the family environment he grew up in......TAKE A HIKE CRITICS!!!!