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Independence Day: Resurgence
4 days ago via Movies on iPhone

There is no wonder why Will Smith passed on this sequel. Yes- the special effects are big and explosive- but you begin to not care about the world blowing up. It's a snoozer. Nice to see many of the previous cast return, but after 20 years you would think they would have a better storyline and product. My wife and I both weren't able sit through it without falling asleep- in two attempts. I had to keep rewinding and going back. Rating: 6 / 10

Max (2015)
5 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Filmed in Charlotte, North Carolina by a bunch of my friends- it's a positive story- although a bit forced. I definitely think it's more violent than it's PG rated tends to lead you. I wouldn't want my kid to watch it until they were teens. It feels like a TV movie but it from the director of Remember The Titans and from the producer of Marley & Me. Rating 6.5 / 10

The Fast and the Furious
5 days ago via Movies on iPhone

The success of this franchise has been going strong now for 15 years. Little do people know about the original done in 1954. Cars, girls, and action. What else could I guy want? Rating: 7.5 / 10

The Peanuts Movie
6 days ago via Movies on iPhone

As a lifelong fan of the Peanuts, this movie is everything you'd ever hope for. Secrets reveal on Pig Pin, Snoopy has a girlfriend?, Charlie Brown finds success (for once) in life and flying a kite- well, maybe. Perfectly executed and modernized while keeping the original integrity. Rating: 8 / 10

Presumed Innocent
6 days ago via Movies on iPhone

Sexy courthouse thriller. Is there really such a genre? A twisting crime caper with Harrison Ford and a solid cast. Slow story telling, but entertaining. Rating: 7 / 10