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Dead Calm
Dead Calm (1989)
2 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Nicole Kidman and her husband experience serious trauma losing their 2 year old son in a terrible car crash. 3 Weeks later they escape to cruise the ocean together. Kidman has a night terror thinking about the accident, but otherwise, shows little emotion and few signs of post-mortem anything! Sam Niel is stoic and also emotionless. Its important to remember that that detail is not too important because the movie is about a psycho path who lies his way onto their boat, somehow manages to remove the husband, and eventually screws his wife. Again while all these terrible events transpire, both Niel and Kidman shed no tears, and remain dead calm.
Billy Zane was insane, wild, reckless, and very creepy-almost Jack Nicholson from The Shining creepy at times. I like when thrillers keep the suspense churning up until the credits finally roll. There is no shortage of suspense in this film.
It was also obvious that either the director or screenwriter hated dogs.
Overall, i'd say this was a fun movie to watch with someone and worth screening a few more times. 4/5

Peeples (2013)
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

A mind numbingly, partially entertaining comedy because of Craig Robinson's antics. Tyler Perry's name is on both the cover and the credits. You can tell he has influenced the story by placing black people in isolated, wealthy neighborhoods living lives that only 1% of the population are used to living and acting not only as if its ok, but as if that lifestyle is something people should strive for.

Craig Robinson's friend Chris is a fake Dave Chappelle. Kerry Washington is superficial and unconvincing with her love and affection for anyone in this film. She is annoying throughout. And her sister's threesome scene was tasteless and unnecessary.


Smoke (1995)
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

The cover they chose to advertise this film is very misleading. 4 white people. Ashley Judd and Stockard Channing were in the movie probably for a combined 15 minutes. Guess they needed two blondes posing with cigars to appease a white audience. Keitel and Hurt definitely headline the movie with Forest Whitaker and Harold Perrineau making the story meaningful.

Harvey Keitel seemed very comfortable in his smoke shop, swearing, screaming, and bossing people around in his hometown of Brooklyn, NY. Cameo's from Stockard Channing and Forest Whitaker were very well acted and powerful. Everyone played their part well and helped the story piece together. This was a well written story adapted well to the screen.

My take away from this story is that everyone needs someone to love. This is a character study that follows lives that have been broken, devastated, and heartbroken as they search for hope through companionship with friends, former loved ones, and complete strangers. Each of these characters in an attempt to repair or build a family has lots of work ahead of them. We are left with a heartfelt story told by Keitel as he traced a thief into his blind grandma's project housing. Posing as her grandson, old, white Keitel and the elder black woman had dinner and wine together and laughed and socialized as if they knew each other their whole lives. The human need for love and company was apparent to Keitel and his heart kept him there in high spirits. It made her night and may have eased her pain of loneliness and disappointment. The experience seemed to humble Keitel and usher some form of forgiveness for the thievin' grandson.

Changing Lanes
3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes

Affleck and Jackson perform fairly well despite a lousy script. Jackson's ridiculous acts of revenge are justified by his maniacal, alcoholic nature, Affleck's are performed out of pure stupidity. The relationships between Jackson and his wife, kids,and his sponsor are all so forced and unbelievable that it degrades what the movie was trying to accomplish. Affleck's relationship with his mistress was supposed to add to his depression and confusion with his situation with the file and his career. Amanda Peet failed in her attempt with a cameo to hone in on that point. She read her lines to Affleck like a drone making Affleck cry and all of us viewers as well. There is lots of good Samuel L Jackson screaming and ranting so if your a fan of that, then check this out. I would say this is one of Ben Affleck's lousiest movies, so don't bother with Changing Lanes if that is what you are seeking.