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Three Kings

Three Kings(1999)

An energetic mixutre of a thrilling action-adventure, a heist flick, darkly-satirical and bitingly-funny comedy, social commentary and surprisingly poignant drama makes this one of the most original war movies to come out in the past decade. It takes a director of great skill to combine all of these elements and make them work, but against all odds, David O. Russell pulls it off beautifully! The script is intelligent, asking some serious challenging questions about foreign policy and American politics without offering quick-and-easy solutions; the dialogue often sparkles a la Tarantino or Kevin Smith. The edgy mixture of graphic-violence and dark humor also recalls Tarantino. The action sequnences are executed with virtuoso skill and guaranteed to keep the viewers on the edge of their seats! The various visual techniques used throughout the film actually work to enhance the storyline rather than take away from it. The charatcers are very well-developed and worth caring about. The performances from the top-billed trio are fantastic! Clooney and Wahlberg (both vastly underrated although they have finally gotten their long- overdue brush with Oscar) stand out in particular! Ice Cube continues to show that he is one of the better musicians-turned-actors (along with Wahlberg) and Spike Jones makes an effective transition from directing moives to acting in them. The rest of the cast including Nora Dunn and (surprisingly) Jamie Kennedy is solid. Easily one of my favorite films and well-worth seeking out!!!