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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes


A top-notch debut for the Wachowski Brothers who went on to even better things with their sophomore effort, The Matrix (before the sequels ruined that movie's legacy). What could have been a cheesy, trashy exploitation film has been turned instead into a top-notch modern-noir thriller that is intelligent, sexy, stylish, unpredictable and darkly-humorous. Gina Gershon and Jennifer Tilly light up the screen as the two lovers and co-conspirators and Joe Pantoliano oozes equally parts menace and charisma as the intended dupe of the lovers who isn't quite as naive and foolish as expected. The cinematography is gorgeous and the use of certain primary colors (mainly black, white and red), shadows and light add to the already intoxicating atmosphere. If this movie were not about anything but its looks and sense of style, it would still be a success. Luckily however, the movie has a plot, in addition to the visuals, that keeps the viewers involved from start-to-finish with plenty of unexpected twists and turns; moreover, by keeping the action mostly within the confines of an apartment building, the Wachowski Brothers keep the levels of tension and suspense at a maximum. As with any movie of this sort, there are logical flaws, but the movie is so involving that very few (if any) will be noticeable until after the movie is over. In the grand scheme of things however, the mixture of ultra-stylish film-noir, thrills, chills, romance, eroticism and intelligence make this one an entertaining and engrossing thriller that is worth watching again and again!