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Pitch Perfect 2

Same exact movie but still fun

Identity Thief

Not as funny as one would think...most was in the trailer,


I'm sorry, but I thought this was a snoozefest.

Ghost Machine

I actually liked this movie and found it entertaining.


The movie is very strange, but intriguing and visually appealing. It took me a few days to decide whether or not I favored it. In the end, I was glad I saw it.


Entertaing, yet strange. The women in the movie do a great job, and DDL is hot, but I really could have done without so much focus on him.

Did You Hear About the Morgans?

We all know what's going to happen at the end here....I mean, really. It did give me a couple of laughs, but not much more.


This movie was one of the best movies I have seen in a long time. The visual effects were amazing, and you should definitely see it in 3D, because why wouldn't you? I only give it a 4.5 because of running time.


After looking forward to this movie for so long, I am happy to say that I was not let down. Which is weird, because normally I try to not get excited about anything because the cruelty of life will always laugh in my face at my look of disappointment.

He's Just Not That Into You

In a large cast movie like this, they have to work harder to get you to like the people. I really didn't care about anyone except maybe 3 characters, Scarlett Johansson's being my least favorite. This movie did help me hate the human race just a little bit more. PROPS

Friday the 13th

I was pretty upset with this movie. I mean, it still gets a good rating because, c'mon, I love horror movies. I feel like Jason was just another slasher killer in this movie, and not the legend of horror that he really is. The director missed a chance to frighten a new generation, (and the older ones again) with a new, revamped lunatic. The recreation of the final scare at the end (Jason jumping out of the water at the end of the original) was lame, and I wish they wouldn't even have touched that. In general, funny dialogue, uncreative killings, and lack of genuine characters. Honestly, I didn't give a rats ass about any of them when they died.


This movie was ok. I must say I was a little disappointed when Theron walked on screen. Oh well. She did look pretty good in her hero outfit.

Harold & Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay

I don't care what you say, this movie is funny....and it definitely makes you feel a little better about life after you leave.

Step Up 2 the Streets

Yeah...I saw it...

Sadly, it wasn't the worst movie of the night.

Sydney White
Sydney White(2007)

Predictable. Amanda Bynes. Large Sigh.

Over Her Dead Body

I suprisingly really liked this movie. It's pretty funny, and I liked that fact that Eva Longoria isn't the real main character, b/c, let's face it, she sucks. I was going to see it anyway due to Paul Rudd, but I really enjoyed it. Lake Bell is gorgeous, also.

Meet Bill
Meet Bill(2008)

The mid-life crisis of the century for sure. I went into this knowing nothing about the movie, and at some point I wasn't quite sure if the "rebellious teen" and Bill were actually falling in love. Anyway, it was a lot of fun, even though Jessica Alba is in it. She played the dumb whore part pretty well though.

Iron Man
Iron Man(2008)

Pretty flawless for a comic book movie. Though, I have to say, the end, where Samuel L. Jackson decided he had to be in a ANOTHER fucking movie as Nick Fury, pissed me off beyond belief. In the comics, Fury was a pale, black and grey-haired older man with an eye patch....how he morphed into Jackson is beyond me...

The Mist
The Mist(2007)

In my opinion...this movie is brilliant...especially for the horror genre. Applause to Frank Darabont to adapting Stephen King's story to screen, and yet, making it better. Sure, the ending is a bit cruel, but then again, it's a Stephen King story. This is the only movie I've ever sat and listened to the entire commentary...and to me, it just made it more brilliant. To top it all off, it's a low budget movie. Well done...well done.

Curse of the Golden Flower

Amazing. Spectacularly visual, great acting, and flawless story line.

Year of the Dog

Nobody could misplace a "Comedy" sticker more than putting it on this movie. Last time I checked, you're not supposed to feel like crying when seeing funny movies. Hey, maybe that's just me. Even past that, I still didn't like the movie.

Baby Mama
Baby Mama(2008)

I was kind of disappointed with this movie. Yes, it is still funny, but I wanted more.

Forgetting Sarah Marshall

I liked this movie in whole, but as for all Judd Apatow movies, there were some things that I was just like...wha? Mila Kunis was stunning in it though, and of course, Kristen Bell is such a good little actress.

In the Land of Women

Surprisingly enough, I liked it. Olympia Dukakis was hilarious.

Some Like It Hot

This movie is so cute. They just don't make 'em the same anymore.

Margaret Cho: Assassin

Not her best, but she's still hilarious!

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

This movie isn't so good. I guess it does show a different side to a superhero though. It's funny to think about, but not while watching.


Eh...The acting pretty much sucks. Who knew, Diane Lane is in this movie for like 5 minutes.

The Adventures of Priscilla, Queen of the Desert

Funny stuff...if you like super queer drag queens

27 Dresses
27 Dresses(2008)

Romantic Comedy. What can I say. It made me happy. It made me sad. It made me want to puke...Yet I'll watch it again and feel equally as alone. Oh James Marsden...

The Nanny Diaries

watchable. I will always love Laura Linney.


This movie is adorable, and funny.

Dead Silence
Dead Silence(2007)

hahahahahaha, this is funny. Oh wait, it's supposed to be a horror film?


This was actually pretty good. The idea was cool, and of course, I love Diane Lane.

Good Luck Chuck

I actually liked this movie, and I didn't completely loathe Alba in it.

Saw IV
Saw IV(2007)

This series still impresses me, but this one is a little confusing. I'm still wondering if they are going to play out all 11 scripts they wrote.


I liked this movie. It's very funny in a subtle way, and I was kind of surprised at Scarlett Johansson's acting.


This movie is another terrible one...that I have to like. It's so sappy and cute, I just want to punch myself in the face for watching it, but I still laugh my fucking ass off....mostly just at Cheryl Hines

Bring It On Again

So bad....it's awesome. One of those hilarious movies b/c they aren't supposed to be hliarious.

I Know Who Killed Me

...um, wtf? This was weird...granted, I did only rent it to see her limbs get cut off, and her 14 minute strip sequence (btw, if you were expecting nudity, there is some, but it's not her), but still, this was f'd up.


This movie was amazing in IMAX 3D. I've never been so turned on by a cartoon character before...lol

Playing by Heart

I like this movie, but it's a little strange. Basically, LoveActually with Americans. I want to hurt Angelina Jolie's character though. Favorite line:

After Sean Connery tells his wife, Gena Rowlands that he wanted to sleep with her friend.

SC: What are you thinking?
GR: Boiling water and facial burns.

Mr. Fix It
Mr. Fix It(2006)

lol, I actually really liked this movie, though, it kind of freaked me out to see David Boreanaz smiling and laughing...

Love Actually

Great holiday movie...if you're in a relationship.


Entertaining enough...for what it is. I really liked the cinematography though.


Really entertaining.

The Descent
The Descent(2006)

I can't explain how much I love this movie. It's genious, and probably the scariest movie I've ever seen. When I heard the reviews of "A new classic," I was a bit skeptic, but honestly, I think it's the truth. I love the director's cut, how it makes it more of a debate whether or not their really are creatures from the black...cave, or if they are all just experiencing delusions from the darkness and fear of the unknown. A+.


As far as horror movies go...wasn't so scary, and it was really confusing.


Really entertaining, even for a summer blockbuster.

When a Stranger Calls

I like it more and more each time I watch it.


One of the best movies I've ever seen.


So terribly awesome. I love it.

The Hills Have Eyes

If you like campy horror movies, this is definitely for you.

An Unfinished Life

Pretty decent. Applause to Becca Gardner.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

I'm not gonna lie, this movie sucked pretty bad. Alba looks messed up too. Could they not have picked a better plot line from the comic series? Seriously, Galactus? It's pretty bad when you're a group of FOUR superheros, and you have to name your sequel for another hero you brought in to bring interest. Sadly, it's still better than the first. The only thing that kept me interesting is that Mr. Fantastic is hot.

The Number 23

I liked this movie. The actors all offered good performances, and the script was directed very well. Applause Shumacher, an entertaining view.

High School Musical 2

I liked this one better than the original. The music was better, and maybe the plot. I can also thank it for expanding my hatred for Ashley Tisdale and Zac Efron. Thank you Disney for hiring complete douchebags. (Apparently, the cast turned down HSM 3 even after Disney offered $1 Million each. If that's not douche-y, then what is?)

Wild Hogs
Wild Hogs(2007)

I must admit, I was forced to watch this movie, and it lived up to all my expectations of sucking hard and long. Many jokes were repeated and tired out longer than should be.

The Jacket
The Jacket(2005)

I liked this movie. I kind of wish Daniel Craig's character was in it more, because he was awesome. Brody was flawless like normal, and I actually didn't hate Keira Knightley in this movie at all; she was pretty solid. I liked the ending, because I actually wasn't really expecting it to happen like that, but it all works out, and ends up to be a little more uplifting than one would think.

The Dreamers
The Dreamers(2004)

This movie disturbed me with that incestual relationship. I have never watched a movie before and literally been scared as to what I might have to view. If you want to see Eva Green naked all the time, rent this. Hell, all three of them are naked most of the movie. Honestly, this was borderline softcore porn, and the version I rented only said rated "R." I can't even imagine what the NC-17 version would be like! Not saying I didn't enjoy the nudity, b/c they were all attractive, especially the brother, but really, the other aspects of the movie were lost on me. It was like a 3-way love triangle, except the brother missed out the most. Apparently, they also were so into each other that they missed almost the entirety of the French Revolution. I think I should probably read the book to get it more.


I'm actually surprised that I really liked this movie. I guess I never really knew exactly what it was about, other than racism. All the performances are pretty solid, as is the script.


This movie is really funny and entertaining. Though, there were parts of the movie that I was sitting there watching it just like, "um, what?"


So, I kind of like this movie...and Tyra Banks didn't do that bad, considering she basically just had to act like herself.


I liked the background story with Michael and his family, that was pretty cool, and it all made a little bit more sense, but still, I wasn't scared at all, just like when I watched the original movie. I figured Rob Zombie of all people would know how to deliver some good terror. Oh, and it's closed at the end.

Like It Is
Like It Is(1999)

Honestly, I didn't understand 1/3 of what they were saying. I didn't really understand this relationship. It's so volatile and strange. Anyway, this movie depressed me for some reason. Interesting enough though.

The King
The King(2006)

First of all, Ew. Second, Gael Garcia Bernal is so hot. Third, this movie is depressing, but for some reason, I liked it.

The Return
The Return(2006)

Applause to the marketing firm for this film. I'm sorry, but this is not a horror movie. I could see how the marketers would think that some people who actually like Sarah Michelle Gellar horror movies would be like yeah...I wanna see that. Personally, I don't know any of these people, I just saw it for a good laugh. Isn't this an old plot anyway? Someone gets murdered and posseses someone so they'll solve their murder. I at least know "Gothika" alone was about that. Oh but wait, this girl is a cutter. AWESOME.

I Love You, I Love You Not

I might seriously consider some self-inflicted torture before watching this movie again.


Pretty damn interesting, I must say. Death is cool...especially people getting hit by cars.


Good enough. Kept my intrigue throughout the movie.


Great writing and plot. Glenn Close, as always, was flawless. Applause to Banks and Marsden for the first good performances I've seen of theirs. At first, I was confused as to why Jesse Bradford was even credited in the movie, but in the end, it all made sense. Great ending.


This movie is terrible. Loken is a terrible actress, and she played the character like a fool. Even the scoring was terrible. I could've written a better movie if I was blind and deaf. They say she has superhuman strength, but that was never shown, and all of the cool fighting, superspeed, and rage from the video game was not shown at all. Pity, the game was bad enough, you think they could've spiced up things for at least an entertaining movie. 60 minutes in, I was seriously considering if I wanted to actually sit there for the next 33. It's a shame I did.

The Time Machine

Classic. I really enjoyed this movie, and the interpretation of the book is interesting and very well done.


I really liked this movie. The songs weren't really out of place, and they didn't sing their conversations like they do in some musicals, which I don't like. I was actually surprised at how it covers a pretty big political issue with such light-heartedness.


Boring and slow. It was over and we were like, "ugh...waste."


The only good part of the movie is Amy Adams.

Blood Diamond

Good stuff. I think the ending could've been shorter, but it works.

License to Wed

This was so terribly predictable...and I have to say I was a little disappointed when I was sitting in the theater and found out that Mandy Moore was in the movie.


You have to treat this movie with respect, and pay attention to everything to really enjoy it.

The Stepford Wives

This was a pretty good view for a movie from 1975. It was much more depressing than the remake, and the theory of it all made a little bit more sense.

Finding Neverland

Pretty enjoyable...even though it had Johnny Depp in it.

Live Free or Die Hard

I only jump on and off planes on Tuesdays.

House on Haunted Hill

I totally didn't know that Famke Janssen is in this. I may have to watch it again.

Simone (S1m0ne)

I just watched this movie and I was surprised as to how much I truly enjoyed it. I wasn't really expecting anything amazing, but it was rather entertaining. Rachel Roberts is a gorgeous actress, and I find it kind of strange that she didn't blow up to become an a-lister, but apparently she chose not to. Good view.

Cruel Intentions 2

So terrible it's hilarious. Great to watch while drinking.


I'm a sucker for the horror genre...I'll pretty much watch anything if I haven't seen it and it's horror...but this was terrible. The only thing that made it worth watching was looking at the pretty people. (Kristen Bell and Ian Somerhalder)

Death Becomes Her

I used to love this movie when I was a kid.

Alex & Emma
Alex & Emma(2003)

Ok...I'm not a big fan of the "romantic comedies"...but this is pretty much one of the worst ones. It also doesn't help that I loathe Kate Hudson.


"Let's kick it Jesus-style! Who's down with the G-O-D?"

The Invisible

Entertaining enough.


"Hey, I'm not the one who asked Kevin Spacey for your money back for K-Pax. I believe it went something like this...'Hey Spacey...Pay it forward!"


Haha! I totally forgot about this movie....

Shaolin Soccer

LoL...this movie is so ridiculous.

The Stepford Wives

Entertaining enough. I did like that they made a "Stepford Fag." They even quote it on "Queer as Folk."

Mean Girls
Mean Girls(2004)

This movie is pretty flawless. Though, sometimes when it wakes up in the morning it has really bad breath.

Far From Heaven

Julianne Moore is simply adorable in the film, and does a great job acting. Elmer Bernstein does a great job with the score, accepting every heart-wrenching emotion in the film.

The Brothers Grimm

This movie is pretty bad...

Romy and Michele's High School Reunion

I love this movie. Apparently they made a prequel.

Cold Mountain

I was a bit disappointed.


I was kind of disappointed with this film.


Shitty acting, void of plot...the only thing that keeps you going is the promise of nudity.

Head over Heels

Cute enough...for what it is.


I'm a really big fan of Joss Whedon's work, and I liked Firefly.

Garden State
Garden State(2004)

This is a great movie. I wasn't sure how I felt about it in theaters, but I went ahead and bought it, and I love it.


Not a big fan of tear jerkers.

Stranger Than Fiction

I saw this on a date, and it was boring enough that we ended up making out during some parts.


Another Harrison Ford thriller...

Taking Lives
Taking Lives(2004)

Eh...it wasn't all that thrilling. I pretty much just saw it b/c of Jolie. There was only one time that I was truly shocked.


Turns out...this is a boxing movie.

Reign of Fire

Entertaining enough...for what it's worth.

The Mothman Prophecies

This is one of my favorite horror movies. I still get scared watching it, and I'm pretty sure I cried the first time I saw it...and I was on a date.

The Good Girl

I really like this movie for some reason.

House of 1000 Corpses

This movie really disturbed me...so I guess it got it's point across.

Coffee and Cigarettes

This film is completely random. I didn't enjoy a majority of it, probably due to the fact that I couldn't hear the damn tv.

Notes on a Scandal

I really liked this movie, but not necessarily something I would recommend to people who don't appreciate art.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force Colon Movie Film for Theaters

If you like the show, you will like the movie even better.


Christopher Reeve used to be so hot...before...ya know...death.


So campy and hilarious.

The Perfect Man

Hilary Duff does terrible movies.


I just watched this, and was disturbingly impressed.


I thought it was pretty entertaining.

The Pagemaster

I think I actually saw this movie. 1 of 7 who did.

Meet Joe Black

My sister and I laughed so hard when he got hit by the car(s). I'm pretty sure we rewound it twice.


Ok...it rains frogs. Literally. Seriously...What the ???

Just My Luck
Just My Luck(2006)

Cute guy...err...I mean movie.

The Sweetest Thing

Always makes me smile.

The Time Machine

This movie does the book NO justice.

The Fog
The Fog(2005)

Tom Welling took his shirt off. Worth the $1 I spent to rent it.

American Pie Presents: Band Camp

Actually entertaining. Plus...that guy is hot.

Aeon Flux
Aeon Flux(2005)

Visually interesting. That's about it.


So weird. I believe the people who wrote this did drugs.

Monty Python and the Holy Grail

I'm sorry...but I just don't like this movie.


The only good parts involve Jennifer Garner.

The Bourne Supremacy

The cinematography was so bad it pissed me off to the point I couldn't focus on whether it was a good movie or not.

Dawn of the Dead

Love it when they're sniping celebrities.


So fucking funny, with such a homosexual undertone.

V for Vendetta

"Remember, Remember, the 5th of November."

Shaun of the Dead

A romantic comedy. With Zombies.

X2: X-Men United

The best of the series...by far.


Worst comic movie ever.

Jerry Maguire

"Jerry...never...stop...fucking me!

"Sooner...or later...I will have...to stop."


Classically ruined Alicia Silverstone's career.

Garfield - The Movie

Jennifer Love Hewitt has such a knack for picking terrible movies.

Lady in the Water

I wish I could get those 2 hours of my life back. I would rate this negative if I could.

28 Days
28 Days(2000)

Feel good and stuff like that.


The part where Dumbo gets wasted used to scare me when I was young.

Freaky Friday

I admit, I've seen this many more times than any sane person should.

Batman & Robin

It's so terrible that it's hilarious!

Moulin Rouge!

I love this movie all-around. I mean 360 degrees.

Batman Returns

The only Catwoman performance ever worth mentioning.

The Village
The Village(2004)

how...shocking...really...shocking that I wasted that much time.

Hocus Pocus
Hocus Pocus(1993)

Used to be one of my favorites when I was a kid.

Failure to Launch

Matthew McConaughey + Sarah Jessica Parker...I don't think I could think of a pair of actors I hate worse.


I admit, in theatres, I was pretty scared.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

I must be the only person on the planet who doesn't like these movies.

The Notebook
The Notebook(2004)

Ok, I admit it, this is probably my favorite romance.

Sin City
Sin City(2005)

Color is so overrated.

The Day After Tomorrow

The only thing that entertained me was looking at Jake Gyllenhaal.


too freaking long...just die already.