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Zero Kelvin
Zero Kelvin (1995)
14 months ago via Flixster

Why are there two separate pages for this movie? Jeez. This is a tough one to watch, Stellan Skarsgaard is almost unrecognizable and downright cranky. Animal lovers will complain about the hunting aspect. Get over yourselves.

Manila In The Claws Of Light (Maynila: Sa mga kuko ng liwanag)
14 months ago via Movies on Facebook

Way to make this movie almost impossible to find for review, Flixster. The movie itself is hyper-depressing in some ways, or you could just stay upbeat and view it as the madcap adventures of a destitute construction worker/male prostitute (hey that almost rhymes.)

Dave Made a Maze
14 months ago via Flixster

This does absolutely deserve cult classic status. It doesn't make mainstream sense, or any sense at times, it is a metaphysical marvel without being too darn meta.

The Last Word
The Last Word (2017)
14 months ago via Flixster

Aims for the moon, but does not land among the stars. Lands somewhere in Earth's upper atmosphere, next to some frozen guy in a lawn chair attached to a weather balloon or two.

The Magnificent Seven
14 months ago via Flixster

Not bad, but is it necessary? Does it add to the original(s)? Not really.