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World War Z

World War Z(2013)

World War Z is a refreshing take on the zombie film, as if the horror staple was injected with summer blockbuster DNA and a global focus. Finally, we get to see not only how the apocalypse looks from other parts of the world (Jerusalem especially), but how governments, militaries and international organizations would deal with it. Which is cool, given most movies and shows focus on random bands of survivors.

Brad Pitt is a solid lead, but there are no remarkable performances here. It's nice that he's a person of importance, helping the search for a cure, again, not typical. The rest of the cast is just okay.

The lack of blood and gore is noticeable if you're a fan of zombies, and there is a sense that it moves frombset piece to set piece in a predictable order, but overall it's solid. A very unique take on zombies, that was welcome in our current age of pop culture zombie obsession.