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4 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Iron Man 3

Iron Man 3(2013)

More of an Avengers sequel than an Iron Man 2 one, Iron Man 3 is an awesome addition to the Marvel canon. My favourite part of it? It takes chances. It has its 90s credentials, courtesy of Shane Black, all over it. From a detective story, to a femme fatale (or several) to a kid sidekick and "save the president" plot there was an old school feel to it that we don't get with most glimmering superhero flicks nowadays (reinforced by the tongue in cheek end credits). And, there's the infamous twist, that I found quite ballsy and really creative. It took the film completely off the expected track, and having worried that this would essentially be the TDKR formula applied to Iron Man, it was welcomed a lot. And, I LOVED how the events of Avengers were discussed a lot, but did not dominate, this film. It is embedded in the Marvel Universe, but like the comics that inspired it, feels like a self contained tale. Oh and one more thing, it's the first Marvel film I feel truly adhered to the comics and a specific "run", namely, Extremis.

RDJ is fantastic as always. Watching him "be" Tony Stark is something that is wholly unique to Iron Man. He's the only superhero I can think of where it's just as fun to watch him be a normal (well, relatively) person as it is in the incredible action sequences. Ben Kingsley is awesome. That's all I say. And Mandarin is hands down the most effective villain in the franchise, and in the MCU, maybe only behind Loki. As usual, performances are solid and the writing is fantastic, maybe better than the predecessors.

Iron Man 3 is a pretty dense film. It has 90s style and sensibility, but has surprisingly powerful and thoughtful ideas as well. It can be a goofy and flat out hilarious action comedy, but also a social commentary. A stand alone adventure and a great addition to the Marvel lineup.