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3 years ago via Rotten Tomatoes
Pacific Rim

Pacific Rim(2013)

Pacific Rim is visually stunning and a total throwback to the classic Japanese genre of "kaiju" and "mecha", popular in anime and manga. Big ass monsters and big ass robots, is the direct translation, I believe.
The sense of fun is infectious, the designs of the kaiju are really cool and the world created is pretty cool, if not very deep. The action is easy to follow and my friend who I watched this with made a good point in saying: "thankfully, it was Del Toro and not Michael Bay...or we'd probably have no idea what's going on." But at its most basic, seeing a giant robot kicking sea monster ass, for the fate of humanity was just visceral.

Yet, the human side of the equation is lacking. Charlie Day makes for some great comic relief and Idris Elba is solid as usual, I really don't think he's ever had a bad performance. But EVERYONE else is pretty awful. Charlie Hunnam puts in a shockingly cheesy performance that immediately took me out of the movie. Most of the characters are laughable cliches, from the renegade rival who turns around in the end to the tech guy with clever quips to the no nonsense sergeant...just tropes we've seen a million times. And the dialog doesn't help, it's usually pretty (and noticeably) bad and corny.

Which is why I'll say PR is a good, if not really remarkable movie. The visuals and action certainly save it.