LeeKyle's Rating of Cyberbully

Lee's Review of Cyberbully

5 years ago via Flixster


Watched this with my daughter last night and was actually surprised at how well the message of being careful of who you allow into your cyberspace expecially here on FB is brought across (A discussion I personally am quite strict on...just ask my kids) Family channel cutie pie Emily Osment stars in this as teeny bopper Taylor Hilridge who after receiving her own laptop for her birthday, decides to open up an account on a social network aka FB (Although on film the site is not known as this) this amongst her close freinds causes a a supposed young 'hotty' boy named James to ask for her online friendship acceptance, seeing how cute he is it's not long at all before the two become quite chatty.

Unbeknowst to Taylor (Osment) the whole James account is a sham only to say nasty things about her online which in turns upsets her and ends up turning a majority of the school body at Hillredge High against her. Although this film may play out to some similar to an ABC After School Special of the week the message is brought across to teens nicely. Should be played in my mind as part of any regular school curriculum. Just maybe if this drilled into our young generation's heads enough it will maybe if not stop the school bullying issues or at least subside the amount of teen suicides that are occurring cause of this major problem?