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Paranormal Activity 4

Paranormal Activity 4(2012)

Paranormal Activity 4
Not bad but want more info!!!!
2/4 stars

After seeing part 3 in this series, as it left us fans with a little cliffhanger, I couldnt wait to see this. If you havent seen this one yet and are anticipating a good story that answers lots of questions surrounding part 3, you will be somewhat let down as we get maybe a couple of glimpses of the witches coven storyline however that's it. This one takes place after the events of PA#2 (not 3) with the neighbors this time being the victims of the ghostly door banging and chandelier dropping apparitions.

Not much in the scare dept however i myself was more interested in finding out more of what we found out story wise in part 3. Well i have recently found out that Paranormal Activity 5 will be released by Halloween of 2013 so maybe we can get more of what's going on with Katie's families witchcraft coven?