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I'm Not Scared (Io non ho paura)
8 years ago via Flixster

A subtle yet potent coming-of-age tale cum thriller by Gabriele Salvatores . It is about a ten year old boy (Michele) living in rural Italy. Michele fortuitously discovers a hidden hole and is excited that he has found some treasure. Instead he is surprised to find a desperate boy of his own age chained to the wall. He struggles to come to terms with the boys' presence in the pit and the reasons behind it. This touching movie examines the awakening of conscience through the mind of a ten year old boy. A playful, innocent boy is suddenly plunged into the dark, treacherous world of adults.

The plot has a linear flow and the images of Italian countryside are stunning. Giuseppe Cristiano's portrayal of ten year old Michele is engaging and natural .

The aspect I really admire is that the whole perspective is through the eyes of a young boy. Director Gabriele Salvatores skillfully reflects the innocence and tension of a child's mind in an intricate & 'unpretentious' manner.

Onibaba (1965)
8 years ago via Flixster

Plot - The story is based in 14th century feudal Japan where an old woman & her daughter-in-law kill wandering samurai & sell their clothes & weapon to buy food for their survival . Soon , a friend of old woman's son returns from war & tries to seduce her daughter-in-law. This sparks a series of events based on jealousy, rage & desires. Old woman goes to extreme length to thwart the budding relationship .

The script is original & compelling. Viewer's are captivated by the images of long grass & the women killing samurai's for survival. Then we are exposed to the mental nuances of the characters when lust sparks relentless bouts of rage, passion & revenge. Theme of sin, punishment, fables & folklore are omnipresent.

Film is beautifully shot in black & white. Director Kaneto Shindo uses a ruthless & blatantly stark script & imagery which includes plenty of violence & nudity. Highlight of the film remains it's script & the night sequences in the last 15-20 minutes are sheer pleasure which will leave it's mark on the viewer's mindset.
It's a dark & gruesome tale - which examines the limits that a person can go to in order to survive.