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Get Out
Get Out (2017)
7 months ago via Flixster

I still cannot believe this got made -- a scathing takedown of white tokenism masquerading as a comedy-thriller. It persuasively argues that comfy white Brooklyn liberals are eating fruit loops and rockin' to 80s pop while black people are fighting for their fucking lives. It's even more disturbing than "I Am Not Your Negro," a film that at least offered a path
"Out." You'll watch this and wonder if there is one.

Quest for Fire
7 months ago via Flixster

The snob in me wants to dismiss this mind-numbingly stupid film and everyone who ever liked it, but the schmuck in me, somehow, enjoyed it. It's just as dumb as you expect, yet way more fun.

Elle (2016)
8 months ago via Flixster

Elle is an unsolvable Rubik's Cube-no matter which way you turn it, something will always be off. That can probably be expected from a film that, it could be labeled, would register as comedy-drama-tragedy-mystery-suspense-torture-porn. Isabelle Huppert is, as usual, magnetic and makes the film enjoyable-at least while you're watching it. If you desire past experiences to have some bearing on the present, it ultimately feels like a waste of time.

Toni Erdmann
Toni Erdmann (2016)
8 months ago via Flixster

If not one of my favorites from 2016, this is a very special film, with one of the most unexpectedly poignant Hungarian spiritual costumes I've seen in anything.

High-Rise (2016)
8 months ago via Flixster

A clever, at times very bold film that finally is not nearly as profound as it sometimes seems. Its most remarkable choice, as Mike D'Angelo, is that of skipping the second half. But an aborted second half can't make up for the lackluster groove of the first and third -- "High-Rise" is ultimately very familiar territory (Snowpiercer, Children of Men), never bringing us any fresh themes or reflections on class, elitism or the impending apocalypse.