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The Jungle Book
15 hours ago via Flixster

As much mediocrity as there is, some sequences are unforgettable, particularly anything with Kaa, Baloo or King Louie.

Sing Street
Sing Street (2016)
15 hours ago via Flixster

The riffs are undeniably tight -- still I wonder if with a different director's name, its reception might have been more lukewarm. The relationships leave much to be desired, and the protagonists' final decision is downright random.

Sr-fuku to kikanj (Sailor Suit and Machine Gun)
9 days ago via Flixster

The flushes of humors are the best; too bad there's so much filler between them. Also, who knew Hiroko Yakushimaru was one of the best actresses of her generation?

Hell or High Water
3 months ago via Flixster

A film that seems both deeper and more provocative for being released in 2016. Any other year, and it might have been just another well-written cowboy movie (or "the cowboy movie with Jeff Bridges"). Its observations about white America in the modern age ring true now more than ever. The billboards and Indian speech are overwrought -- bank debt and concealed carry alone make the point obvious enough.