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I have seen the trailer and man this really seems a good movie and unique mono color animation. It should or rather will be widely appreciated by people who love creativity and animations.

Dr. Seuss' How the Grinch Stole Christmas

Probably Grinch is not my culture myth that's why couldn't really enjoy the whole concept. The rating is for wonderful Jim Carrey

Paranormal Activity

boring and no way in the hell it was scary.

The Sorcerer's Apprentice

One of the worse acting I have seen by lead actor.

I can't think of anything special about this movie to mention here... Even the magic wasn't all that wonderful.

Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2(2010)

I prefer the first one.

Ju-on 2 (Ju-on: The Grudge 2)

I love the camera work in this movie. Very simple and effective. One of those good Japanese horror movies.

The Blind Side

I was expecting little bit more form Sandra Bullock since she has won every major award for her role.

I still think Myrel Streep perform better in Julie and Julia

The Wolfman
The Wolfman(2010)

Even at the age of Avatar, they failed to make convincing bad ass werewolf.


why o why they like to drag the stories. Unbelievable graphics but the story was way too dragged and boring. all my rating is to appreciate the CG artists.


I didn't even like the concept of Surrogates.

Quantum of Solace

not as good as the first one

Sarkar Raj
Sarkar Raj(2008)

Adopted by Godfather but the good thing is it's adopted and not remake or copied. Director has done a great job with lighting and camera angles. Everyone acted up to the mark specially Amitabh Bachchan.

The Dark Knight

absolutely stunning..

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Considering 1996 movie the animation will surprise you. The team really had put a lot of efforts to describe an old novel in a very creative way. The music create some magical effects in movie. Even though it's not my genre, I still like the music.

American Gangster

The Good:
- I dont know why am i giving it 2 stars. May be i like the poster or may b there were few good scenes and few good ideas of being gangster. I can't decide so lets just give each star to both conditions.

The Bad:
- It just wont end. Keep bouncing back when you think "ok this is the last scene"
- Russel Crowe was just an average. I was expecting much better with team of Ridley Scott & Russel Crowe since they done a very good job in Gladiator. But sad to say it was nothing but a mediocre performance.
- Denzel was better than Russell but he seems like in an other training day role. he just didn't inspired me as a principled gangster.
- Mr. Scott dragged it bit too much.
- overrated

The Air I Breathe

I usually write down my reviews in The Good and The Bad categories. i m pretty much shocked to read the reviews of other peers. People here trying to compare the movie with Crash which is totally arguable. Crash has totally different subject. Only because these 2 movies share the making style dose not make this "Wanna be Crash" If people out there must know crash was not the original idea of combining different snippets into one story. I have seen great movies like 21 Grams and Amores Perros before crash.

This movie is unique in it own way. Everyone acted well and i must say Sarah Michelle Gellar impressed me the most since her past career picks are nothing more than unnoticed work. It's a good movie and i enjoyed watching it.

Before Sunset

The Good:
- A very interesting plot and intelligent making of it. This movie grew on me after few hours. At first i didn't think of it as such a magnificent movie. I actually like the simplicity of it.
- Both characters were strong and had such a bond between them that their long conversation never make u feel bored.
- Julie Delpy
- The last song

The Bad:
- Nothing actually..


The Good:
- Although a lot of movies are available for similar topic but clever twist near the end made it little different.

The Bad:
- The unrealistic act of Jake Gyllenhaal in a much realistic topic seemed odd. It was turn off for me even when the movie was going great.

We Own the Night

The Good:
- Joaquin Phoenix

The Bad:
- Director tried too hard to make it classic and he absolutely didn't get any luck for that. The character building wasn't up to the mark. I didn't find Phoenix character as strong as it was suppose to be.
- The could have done a lot better with plot.
- some of the scene were just unnecessary.
- The ending made it just an ordinary movie.


The Good:
- Definitely Ellen Page.
- The way director handle the movie was good. Reminded me of Little Miss Sunshine.
- Jenniger Garnner acted well. She has turned as a mature actress.

The Bad:
- nothing really much. Plot could have few twists to make it little more exciting

The Invasion
The Invasion(2007)

The Good:
- Nothing

The Bad:
- Old crappy story with new masks. Pls Hollywood pls.. leave this story alone now. no one is going to invade us.
- I actually am surprise what happed with the director, I have seen Downfall n guy has done a wonderful job there. The last 15 - 20 mins were.. a i dont have words to say.. but the ending sucks big time.
- Average acting by everyone.

Laaga Chunari Mein Daag - Journey of a Woman

The Good:
- I manage to save a lot of time since didn't have to watch the whole film. I predicted the story in less than 20 mins of the show.

The Bad:
- Same damn old story. I don't know what was the point of repeating the story with new faces?
- full of ridiculous and crappy emotional hero who knows and accept everything being gentleman ass.
- Every next step of the story was predictable.
- Abhishek was below average.

No Country for Old Men

The Good:
- - One of the strongest plots of 2007.
- The characters were so powerful that it reminded me of movies like Clockwork Orange and Gladiator.
- The story could not be handled better than these 2 directors.
- Every actor was incredible specially Tommy, Javier and Josh. Javier really surprised me by his astonishing performance.
- A must watch

The Bad:
- Couple of scene could have been explained little different

Jab We Met
Jab We Met(2007)

The Good:
- Quite entertaining plot. The last 15 mins made the whole difference.
- Kareena Kapoor was very good and original as character demanded
- Good songs

The Bad:
- Few unexplained event
- Its not easy to accept a stranger that girl brought home in subcontinent but in the movie no one even bother to ask a single question.


The Good:
- Sets
- Lighting
- both newcomers pulled it out good

The Bad:
- After watching the first 5 mins, I realized that it was a bad attempt by Sanjay. He is stuck with similar kind of settings, lighting and even character building.
- Bad plot, too poetic with very predictable ending and below average storyline.
- mediocre character building
- Rani didn't perform to her standard
- Too similar to Sanjay's previous movies.

28 Weeks Later...

The Good:
-gotta force myself to think something Good in this movie. Even with all the forcing I can't find anything worth mentioning. It's just another movie on dead people infected with some virus.
The Bad:
-It really killed the originality of the first part.
-the director didn?t seem to hold on the story at all. I found it quite scattered, running all over the place.
-Story really died after the first few scenes.
-Pointless and ridiculous source of infection shown in the movie
-Please don't make another part of it. You have already brutally murdered the first part's original storyline.

The Island
The Island(2005)

The Good:
- Blistering Scarlett
- The concept of the Plot was ingenious, new, scary and thought provoking.
- weird futurist stuff made it interesting and chilling.
- I like the idea of keeping some hope alive within the community. I m sure you will know what i mean when you get to watch the movie.

The Bad:
- The movie start to lose its impact in the middle when too much destruction and an absurd chase shown.
- The future police still seems dumb and duffer like today's police shown in movies
- A lot of events suddenly start to happened in the middle made a it a poor execution of a very good plot.

The Last King of Scotland

The Good:
- Forest Whitaker deserves an Oscar for his performance.
- Making of the movie was powerful. It grasps you with surroundings.
- well written plot.

The Bad:
- Dont entirely believe what they show you. Do some research for better facts
- it seemed pretty easy to get girls for a young doctor
- Gillian Anderson shouldnt have agreed for such a small pointless role.

Little Children

The Good:
- Kate Winslet
- The plot
- All the actors did a fair job.

The Bad:
- At times it was too slow

Like Stars on Earth

The Good:
- unusual plot for Indian cinema
- Acting by everyone.
- Amir khan once again came up with a meaningful topic with well execution
- This story should be an eye opener for a lot of unaware parents

The Bad:
- Too many songs in the middle.
- Amir khan?s appearance was little too filmy for this plot


The Good:
- small twist at the end made it worth watching
- Everyone acted good and director manage to hold the story pretty well

The Bad:
- Nothing really. But it seems there was some unnecessary killing near the end

The Invisible

The Good:
- Nothing. Really Nothing...

The Bad:
- Everything.
- what amazes me the most that a lot of flixster friends having rather a very good taste in movie found this movie quite alright.
- It was mostly dragged till you wanna die.
-Pathetic storyline which tried to compel the emotional end.
- Mediocre acting. I know these are young stars but a lot of young stars have pulled off much nicer than these 2.

I Am Legend
I Am Legend(2007)

The Good:
- Strong plot that made some sense in zombie movies.
- Will smith once again acted fabulously.
- spectacular background. The empty New York looked really creepy

The Bad:
- I felt something missing in the movie
- Few unexplained pieces of storyline
- Didn?t show enough of infected
- Not as brilliant end as the start. I didn?t find it an innovative end

The Lives of Others

The Good:
- Simplicity of the story
- Intelligent direction to turn a simple story into an oscar winner movie.
- strong character building.
- good ending.

The Bad:
- I can't really be specific but i find something missing in the movie. I couldn't make myself involved in the story like I had with Downfall or city of God etc.

Thank You for Smoking

The Good:
- An unorthodox way of telling the killer truth.
- Aaron and Robert Duvell has performed really good.
- The witty dark humor.
- I like the Nick Naylor's confidence

The Bad:
- Nothing much... probably they should have shown more of Katie holmes ;)


The Good:
-dazzling animation as ever. No one can do better than Pixar
-An interesting plot
-The amazing thing to turn a weird concept of a Rat being chief into a cute fantasy is simply ingenious
-I love the Rat movement and expressions when he enters the Kitchen for the first time.
The Bad:
-I think the ending became little too childish for such a story. The writer should have kept it between a Rat and human.

3:10 to Yuma
3:10 to Yuma(2007)

The Good:
-Christian Bale
-Not a bad story
The Bad:
-It was kind of hard to imagine that a cripple who barely can walk in the beginning of the movie can suddenly run around shooting people, dodging bullets and jumping around the rooftops without any trouble.
-couldn?t feel the cowboy factor in the entire movie like we used to feel for The good the bad the ugly or Fistful of dollars etc.
-quite an emotional and sympathetic story for cowboy subject.

Big Fish
Big Fish(2003)

The Good:
-Like the idea of how story moves between past and present.
-A thought provoking end
-It?s kind of a movie that you don?t know what to write in a review but it is no doubt a good movie and in my words a must watch.
-I specifically love the scene where time stops. It was creative and amazing.
The Bad:
-EWan McGregor over acted at times. Sometimes I wish I could take his constant smile away from his face.
-Few unexplained mysteries of the story. You really don?t know how it happened.


The Good:
- really gotta think what is really good in this movie to talk about. ok i guess Luke has really acted well. I particularly like one amazing scene where his real talent showed off. He should try to get more serious rolls.

The Bad:
- Nothing so special about the plot.
- find it quite common that in fact you could actually guess sometimes about whats going to happened next.
- Even the suspense factor was quite low.

The Talented Mr. Ripley

The Good:
- Good twisted story and how it becomes complex after every event.
- Matt Damon
- Italy

The Bad:
- I probably had heard too much praise of this movie and had real high expectations so that's y didn't enjoy it as much as i would have without all high the high hopes.
- few scenes were really really dragged. you really wanted them to over before u do anything stupid with ur TV.


The Good:
- There is nothing extraordinary about this movie. So i m not sure what to say in "The Good". Well production quality is commercial and up to the standards.
- Good acting by John Cusack. Finally he seems to be back from his kind of downfall
- Wicked direction made few scenes really worth giving and extra star

The Good:
- somehow the idea of the plot is quite common.
- expected ending
- I felt that some of the scenes at starting were rather dragged and pointless.
- only one time fun to watch.

Salaam Bombay!

The Good:
- Powerful, depressing and thought-provoking story about much forgotten children of India. In fact children of most part of the world.
- Brilliance of Mira Nair direction made the story even more persuasive than it actually is.
- I love the short selection throughout the movie.
- Nana Patikar really looked a mature actor even in his debut
- Mira Nair really suffered the consequences of making this movie but I am really sure she did not regret a bit of it.

The Bad:
- None

Knocked Up
Knocked Up(2007)

The Good:
- where it got funny

The Bad:
- I find the plot so common that lost my interest in story before the first half of the movie.
- Weak script
- Average acting by Jason Segel
- predictable ending in fact predicable most parts of the story.

The Birds
The Birds(1963)

The Good:
-Genius direction of Alford Hitchcock. He was the man way ahead of his time.
-Achieving all these effects in the modern ages seems so easy when we have seen movies like Matrix, LOTR, Pirates of the Caribbean etc. But imagine making movie like The Birds in 1963. It really takes a mastermind to make it
-As usual some traditional spookiness of Hitchcock.

The Bad:
-Few shots were too long that you may find little dragged.

V for Vendetta

The Good:
-It was a total shocker for me. I didn?t watch this movie for a long time because few friends of mine hated it pretty much to the extends that I really start hating it without even watching. But when I finally manage to watch it, I realized that my friends were hoping more for a comic action movie as we assume it to be when we first watch the trailers.
-Strong and involving storyline.
-Mystery and elegance blend made a very strong main character.
-Portman really pulled off well. I like her expression transitions.

The Bad:
-Few unexplained storyline pieces
-Somewhat dramatic ending which seemed unfit for a while

Rear Window
Rear Window(1954)

The Good:
- Grace Kelly
- I became more found of this movie when I got to know that it's only no.3 after Godfather in all time thriller movies list at IMDB.com.
- Alfred Hitchchcock turned a simple story magnificently into one of the great thriller. The most amazing part is the direction. How brilliant the idea is that camera never leaves the room . We only see what the main character sees from his room.
- I love the simplicity of the direction. It?s really pleasing to see such a movie in chaos of today?s direction, CG and weird camera angles.

The Bad:
- None

The Age of Innocence

The Good:
- Lewis and Pfeiffer
- Sets and lighting

The Bad:
- Doesn't seems like Scorsese's movie.
- Get boring at times and too much pointless discussions
- Dragged

The Number 23

The Good:
- Jim Carrey
- I like the beginning. Story started off really good.
- The poster

The Bad:
- Somehow I didn't find it shocking as i was expecting. The surprise element of the movie was not well handled.

The Bourne Ultimatum

The Good:
- I don't know what actually is good abt this movie. Everything was just mediocre. Ok I guess Matt Damon looked as good as previous parts. So Matt damon is the Good in my review.
- Storyline was ok.

The Bad:
- Fighting scenes were way too fast to understand a single thing. You can't even see who is hitting who even in one to one fight.
- Over hyped story. I didnt find it "a suspense movie of the year" at all.
- Unrealistic story loopholes. Everything seems to b very easy for him to achieve. Like he broke into CIA office middle of the city and at day time when he is the most wanted person. And the Top secret documents were placed in a safe which he broke in less than a min. That was just wow.

Khuda Ke Liye

The Good:
- This could be a milestone for Pakistani cinema.
- The message behind the story and not to mention the kind of reality director tried to show. This region needs to make more movies on similar topics to answer all the speculations western media has created.
- Good acting by everyone.
- Strong character building and very good direction as far as Pakistani movies are concern

The Bad:
- At least 30 odd mins dragged. At times you really want the movie to move ahead.
- Quit fair bit of story loopholes.
- More time should have given to the positive aspect of the subject. More than half of the movie focused on the negative part.

A Fistful of Dollars (Per un Pugno di Dollari)

The Good:
-Absolutely an interesting and captivated story
-Clint Eastwood once again proved to be one of the best cowboy available in the market.
-Must watch for fans for ?The Good , The Bad, The Ugly?

The Bad:
-In shootout scenes, no one reloaded their gun even of once.
-Main character was too cool at times that it irritates you for a bit.

Cheeni Kum
Cheeni Kum(2007)

The Good:
- No stupid songs and dance to spoil the movie
- Unique story for indian cinema
- Acting was up to the mark

The Bad:
- Friendship with small girl is over fantasized
- I wonder if there is such an extraordinary cool relationship exists anywhere. Director has exaggerated little more than needed.

The Simpsons Movie

The Good:
- Hysterically funny
- I like the way they kept it similar to TV series
- The criticism of the president typical American culture was just ingenious
- Love the part when they are in Alaska

The Bad:
- Story could have been better than this


The Good:
- Aggression of turtles and fighting sequences.
- The villains seems much better than super hero movies like Spider man 3 etc.
- Quite acceptable storyline for such movie.
-Overall good animation.

The Bad:
- Nothing much but at times lip sync was not as good.
- Could have been little more funny but it's just good to have thing.


The Good:
- One of Amitabh's best work of his life at least to me.

The Bad:
- the story could have been much better. After all it became somewhat typical movie at the end.

Live Free or Die Hard

The Good
- Some of the action sequences were awesome.

The Bad:
- Over exaggerated at times.

The Terminal
The Terminal(2004)

I just didn't like the movie. One star is for Spielberg and one is for Tom Hanks for their previous good work.

Spider-Man 3
Spider-Man 3(2007)

The Good:
- wonders of CG could make your Jaw drop. One can clearly find the improvement between this and previous 2 parts.

The Bad:
- Total disappointment with the extraordinary emotional story. For god sakes spider man should a man enough to face life's hardships. He cried like a baby in the movie and then ppl tend to look for him whenever they find themselves in trouble.
- Too friendly villains

Lie with Me
Lie with Me(2005)

The Good:
- hmmmmmm i like the camera work. Some of the shots were just very suitable with the scene.
- Narration

The Bad:
- Ending was bit let down which spoiled the movie and force me to give only 2 n half stars.


The Good:
- Superb detailed transformation.
- I managed to watch it a week before it's official release.

The Bad:
- Weak storyline
- Little too noisy

Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds End

The Good:
- of course Johnny Depp
- It's rare to see trilogy with such well composed and well handled story. I like the way it end.
- CG and makeup is just spectacular. I am just amazed by the concepts and hard work put to achieve those concepts.
- I don't mind seeing the 4th of Pirates.

The Bad:
- At times it seems too slow and dragged.
- I just find the Oracle useless in this part. She should 've been more ruthless.
- Elizabeth and Will's wedding was too dramatic and the whole scene seems misfit in the movie.

Borat: Cultural Learnings of America for Make Benefit Glorious Nation of Kazakhstan

The Good
- Uniquely criticizing the way of life that has become norms to us.
- Hysterically funny at times.
- I think apart from the actor and director, writer has done incredible job.

The Bad
- nothing much.

Dead Silence
Dead Silence(2007)

The Good:
- Besides the surprise at the end, there is nothing good to talk about this movie.

The Bad:
- Crappy story with mediocre direction.
- We decided to count 10 extreme scary shocks of this movie and it couldn't even make it to half of it.

Fantastic Four: Rise of the Silver Surfer

The Good
- I really really really have to dig something good about this movie. The only thing I like about the movie was some of the amazing effects.

The Bad
- Storyline sucks. How corny is silver surfer saying that "You remind me of her" or something. Oh please can you go pathetic than that?
- I was really hoping to a devastating villain with amazing powers like silver surfer but aaawww so cute he turn out to be helping us. awwwwww... i feel like hugging silver surfer... so sweeeeeet.

Ocean's Thirteen

The Good
- Better than Ocean's 12
- Some of the scenes where quite funny.
- I like the motive of the Ocean's team

The Bad
- Please God there shouldn't be any Ocean's 14 or something
- I am just amaze that a Plan bigger like this had a prefect execution. At some point the didn't even seems to communicate and things were going right the way they wanted. The writer had left some explainable details.
- Al Pacino didn't give his best performance. I love the actor but at times he seemed over acting.

Natural Born Killers

The Good
- Woody Harrelson & Juliette Lewis
- They way Oliver Stone directed, it really made the movie a classic psychopathic and human slaughter drama.
- A very strong character building that you actually feel like killing spoiled, unhuman and wiked copule.
- A must watch movie for those who can watch a lot of blood being spilled

The Bad
- It's acutally been a long time since i watched the movie so I can't comment what was The Bad in it.

Shrek the Third

The Good
- Much better than the 2nd part and of course funnier than that too.
- Like the introduction of new characters
- Better storyline

The Bad
- Dont like the idea of it coming out of part 4, 5 and 6. I may watch those but there will be no charm left and the story is already getting weak.
- Shrek was suppose to be strong but suddenly in this part he seems harmless creature.

Letters from Iwo Jima

The Good
- Unique screenplay which actually shows the Japanese perspective about Iwo Jima in 2nd world war
- As always Clint knows how to give grapes audience even in such a slow pace movie.
- I like the idea of using native languages these days. It change the way you watch the movie.

The Bad
- It would have easily got 5 star if I wouldn't have found it little biased. From the start the Japanese soldiersdidn't seems motived at all. The movie just showed dis hearted and non aggrassive soldiers even though history knows that American had tough time passing this island. It's bit hard to achieve without any motivation.
- Almost at the end I found some weird editing problems.


The Good
- The Language made it quite realistic. I guess Mel Gibson's made a wise decision to make the movie in different language. The impact was all different.
- Good surprising ending sequence.
- I like the way movie take you to different times of human race.
- Very impressive makeup. Mel actually showed all the actors entirely non glamorous which is my biggest objection for such movies.

The Bad
- Nothing in specific. Just few scenes seems over done.

Om Jai Jagadish

The Good
- Nothing

The Bad
- Too unrealistic. This kind of story can not even happened in movies :)
- Story about 3 brothers trying to get back their lost property.. how cheesy is that.

Khosla Ka Ghosla

The Good
- Good decent storyline for an Indian movie.
- No songs to destroy movie
- Anupam Kher was magnificent. I wonder if he did not get any award for his role.

The Bad
- Small little direction errors in cut scenes. Otherwise nothing much that I could think of.

Ghost Rider
Ghost Rider(2007)

The Good
- Transition effects from human to fire skull.

The Bad
- One of the most pathetic comic story with a lot of unexplained things.
- The Rider was not even cool enough to be a super hero.
- Bad acting by all actors. Nicolas Cage was better than everyone else but it was not even close to his standard of acting.
- Director couldn't build the characters and story seems scatted.
- Waste of time

No Man's Land

The Good
- Inspiring story and sensible directions has made this a wonderful war drama. The actors justify their roles very well.
- Good lesson for high budget stupid nonsense movies.
- Love the sound effect of fly. very original and environmental.
- Should not be missed by anyone who is looking for strong storyline over huge cast and ridiculous story.
- Well deserve the Oscar

The Bad
- Bullets injuries didn't seems to be that life threatening.

Perfume: The Story of a Murderer

The Good
- The obsession of Jean-Baptiste the main character
- The effect of perfect sent
- All the sets and make up really take u back in 18th century

The Bad
- I find it quite dragged until u really want the scene to be over
- Fair bit of unexplained story points

Déjà Vu
Déjà Vu(2006)

The Good
- Interesting concept of Deja vu
- I like the way director handle a complex storyline.
- Denzel is good as always

The Bad
- Few unexplained things between past an present.
- Too much science to understand the technology.
- The Hammer scene was way to exaggerated which makes it too filmy.
- The police seemed really inefficient even though this movie was dedicated to policemen.


Give them nothing, take from them everything.
The Good
- Visual marvel. This could give a whole new perspective of movie making.
- Good acting by Butler. I wonder who thought of him for this role.
- Must watch for CG fans

The Bad
- Twisted History
- Short ending
- Sometimes too stylish war scenes.

Stranger Than Fiction

The Good:
- Unique storyline
- Will Ferrell
- I like the ending verdict of the writer
- death imaginations had their impact in the story.
- The writer in movie with beautiful British accent.

The Bad:
- Queen Latifah is far better actor than accepting such small rolls.

Little Miss Sunshine

The Good:
Original and astonishing storyline with brilliant performances by all actors.

The Bad:
The last dance made it little filmy


The Good:
Peter O'Toole 's performance
Good plot which makes u want to die before u get tooo old
The Bad:
Peter O'Toole character seems little perverted at times. Could have shown little dignity.
Ending is little dragged.

The Omen
The Omen(2006)

The Good:
Nothing much to talk about but they try to kept the same mystery of the original.

The Bad:
A common man should feel more scared to go to graveyard at night but it didn't seem to effect in any of the character in the movie. They were very calm.

United 93
United 93(2006)

The Good:
Good editing and the way the presented the story was bit unique.
The Bad:
Too emotional which sometimes irritate you.

The Pursuit of Happyness

The Good:
A very depressing success story and what a great performance by Will Smith. He was just amazing and I guess the movie is all about his acting.
It was good story but if not for Will Smith's brilliant performance, I don't think it would have captured the audience.

The Bad:
He didn't get the Oscar.

John Tucker Must Die

- Much better than usual teen movies.
Better ending
- Good humor in bits and pieces

- Same school environment we have seen in every teen movie.
- More fantasy than reality


Life can change in an instant, thats what this movie is about.

Despite the first 10 mins irritating camera work, it turned to very strong and depressing movie. You need a lot concentration to read the sub-titles and understand the scene, still its totally worth watching.


I just find that it's bit haul and anyway Ganzalas has made previous 2 movies with same sort of style and those 2 were better than this. At times i found that he might be out of good ideas.

The Japanese girl story seems out of sync and i felt bit pointless too. The movie duration add few xtra negative points. Overall it's a good to watch movie.

Blood Diamond

wow what a great performance by DiCaprio and Djimon. I just find the movie little dragged.

House of Sand and Fog

Little slow but it's a very strong and depressing story with out of this world Ben Kingsley acting. Jennifer has really become a mature actor.

I See You
I See You(2006)

Arjun Rampal as usual did a bad job. he really should take some acting classes. The gal seems like a follower of Arjun in bad acting. The movie is out any good sequence. It could have been good but the director didn't really put hard work in it.


Despite the mediocre acting I like the movie. I think its adopted by some Hollywood movie but i cant remember which one. Over all its worth watching movie with some good music.

Saw III(2006)

As good as the previous 2 installments with some surprise elements and good plot. A good ending of Jigsaw.

Take the Lead

Good movie but probably not for me.

Lage Raho Munna Bhai

Love the first part much better than this. They could have come up with little better story than that. But it's a good effort.

Munna Bhai M.B.B.S. (Munnabhai M.B.B.S.)

Rare Indian movies that has original idea. A must watch for fun and good story. Sanjay Dutt was good as usual but Arshad Warsi really came as a big surprise. I never expected in fact no one expected such wonderful performance by him.


a disappointing story with over directed movie. Sanjay Dutt was the only good thing in it but even he should avoid to get such stupid movies.

The writer couldn't handle the story after climax. Story really got pathetic after that.

Tere Naam
Tere Naam(2003)

a sad true story.


I think it's best movie of Shahruk Khan after Dar and Bazigar. He really acted well. The movie is based on an old Bangali novel. This one is a remake of 1948 ( i think) Davdas. There are few more that were made during this time but only Shahrukh's version is the only successful one.

Sanjay Leela really made it a very colorful movie with rich movie sets and very rich color dresses. Love the way he has preceived a very sad story.


I like the old one much better than this one. Everyone in this movie over acted like hell. I think Mr. Farhan ( director) should really consider making more sensible movies. He should think of new ideas and spend less on movies. I wonder y ppl like this movie sooo much...


I really wonder why most of the Indians directors and movie makers are afraid to experimenting new stuff.

Aks is one of those rare epic u will watch from Indian cinema. Somewhat like Hollywood's Fallen but it's still different. Amitabh was great once again but Manoj Bajpai really surprised everyone in this movie. A must watch for Amitabh's fan.


Old Indian classic, well-built, well directed and well acted by everyone in this movie. It's a real classic. I just love Late Amjad Khan. I don't think anyone could have acted better than him.


Oh come on... the story was soooo cheesy. I mean a 12 year can think of such story. I was sooooo disappointed by it. I heard it was quite the gore but I didn't see that even the movie finished. I woud have give it just the half start but then the pretty gals really work hard to show themselves off so one star is for them.

DOA: Dead or Alive

Well I must say it was good effort. Some of the action was really creative and the best part is that they try to copy the Game. The only thing is that kasumi is not as sexy as game.

I have some objection with the movie like they didn't show the fights that well and the story was bit stupid. At the end good effort though.

Miami Vice
Miami Vice(2006)

I can't believe it could be this pathetic. I mean what the hell was director thinking? I don't think he was thinking of anything when making this movie. Out of sequence over-done story with extraordinary cool cops who actually had Ferrari.

You may watch to regret wasting your 2 hours.

Layer Cake
Layer Cake(2005)

You gotta eat the cake to know taste of it. Daniel Craig looked absolutely cool while baking those cakes. I think Snatch and Lock Stock fans will enjoy this movie a lot.

Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby

Not the great comedy as it seems one but some of the scenes were good laugh. The same old story with none sense dialogs and the same old American inferiority complex of being greatest nation than all even with spoil youth and show off chicks. i guess over all it's ok to watch for once but if you can't then u r not missing anything.


Not the best movie I have seen of Sharon Stone but I think she did a very good job here. Besides it was one of the most realistic ending one get to see.

Casino Royale

No gadgets and Bond is in trouble. Isn't all this seems very non bondic movie? Well that's what Casino Royale is about.

This is so far the best Bond movie I have seen. At least out of those 10 I watched.

At first I was not sure if Daniel Carig even can be a Bond but I was wrong. He is so far the best suited person for Bond movie. I haven't seen Sean Connery as Bond though.

Love & Sex
Love & Sex(2000)

really? Story about relationships. They showed how a relationship starts and how it ends but what they didn't show a thing cal "compromise". i mean the movie is tooo simple there is no climax.
ok i got to see for free on TV. You may watch to kill time but if u watching for free. Anything else will be very risky.

The Ant Bully

Good animation and aaaaa thats all I can say about this movie...


Not the best ending but it was funny in some ways...

Turtles Can Fly

A very depressing movie about Iraq war. It's a story about bunch of children who are trying to survive in brutality of war. I always think it's difficult to handle simple things. The director well handle the simple plot and made an enthralling movie out of it. War movies always have their effect on audience but I guess affect of this one will stay for a long time.

The Devil Wears Prada

Not as fun as I imagined when I first saw the trailers. Mediocre storyline with nothing to watch sense.

Boogie Nights

My first move to notice Marky Mark and he gave a good performance. A very interesting movie about much hated and much liked industry.

Superman Returns

So what if the CG was good. So what if it was the movie of our childhood fantasy superhero.

It was not up to the expectations. We have seen better CG in movies and much better storyline of superhero flicks. They could have done a lot better in story than this.

Sadly I have to give 3 star to the all time classic superhero.

Romeo Must Die

Some good action sequences.

Cinderella Man

For a true story it was ok... otherwise just an other movie with a highly motivated man to gain his pride for him and his family.
I think last boxing scene was way tooooo dragged till it became bit boring.


I expected too much from this movie and went through a lot of trouble to get the tickets of the first day opening shows. But it was all wasted. The movie was crap and as always Matthew Broderick proved himself as one of the worse well know actors.

Lock, Stock and Two Smoking Barrels

One of my favorite British movies. It was really fun to watch. Guy Ritchie made his debut and put a good example of movie making with low budget and without CG. In fact I think it could be a big slap on face of big budget pointless movies.

The Departed
The Departed(2006)

Despite being too long, it's a very interesting and well built movie. The story of informers on both good and Evil side keeps it very original and exciting. Every actor was good in their given roles but to me Jack Nicholson and Dicaprio were finest.
Scorsese, as most of us know is not a very Oscar voting jury favorite director so I can expect him to win one on this.

By far this is one of best movies of the 2006.

Just My Luck
Just My Luck(2006)

Luckiest woman in the planet losing her precious luck with just one kiss. How cheeky is that?
Pathetic acting by Lohan. Mediocre plot which is not even funny. I think it is totally waste of time.

The Producers

It wasn't a bad movie. Beginning was quite boring and I found pretty dragged but slowly it built up. I like Nathan and Thurman performace. Broderick as usual was disappointing.


A lifetime performance by Jamie Fox. He deserved the Oscar.


It's kind of rare to see Bollywood(Indian film industry) making different movies like Omkara.
It's Shakespeare's "Othello adoption but direction, dialogues and character building is really outstanding. I never expected such great performance by Saif Ali Khan.

Andaz Apna Apna

Man it was hilarious...

The 40 Year Old Virgin

I didn't find it as funny as I thought I would be.

50 First Dates

interesting story with some fun in it...

Mulholland Drive

Beautifully directed movie with a well-built concept. Naomi Watts was at her best. It really took me by surprise the first time i watched and again when I watched it 5 years later.


Well the topic was not well defined but it was a good effort. The writer probably forgot to mention the reason behind all the chaos. Watch it on your own risk.

The Red Violin (Le violon rouge)

Story of Violin which involves a lot of people over 500 years time span. An unusual way of story telling. I love it's complexity and depth. Great movie to watch.


In the beginning I felt little board but it turned out to be a good movie after all. The story became quite sensible at the end and Pixar animation as always brilliant.

Hide and Seek

Not as bad as i thought when I first saw the trailers. Not bad to watch for one time although there are a lot of movies on similar topic.

Some Like It Hot

My first Marilyn"s movie and I agree with all the men that she got the power to turn the heads on. I like the movie for Marilyn, story and few hysterically funny scenes


I slept. I was hoping to see Alexander the Great.

Garden State
Garden State(2004)

For a debut it was wonderful effort. I m quite a big fan of scrubs and have watched all 5 seasons so it was kinda weird to see Zach Braff in such a serious roll.
I like the movie quite simple and interesting.

The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift

Love the cars and they way they are driven. Story and acting sucks big time.

Stay Alive
Stay Alive(2006)

No character building and not well handled by director. It could have been very interesting but this one is a crap. It was not even scary. You wanna get scare play Doom, Fear or Resident Evil.

Inside Man
Inside Man(2006)

Little exaggerated but I like the robbery style. very cleaver.

Finding Nemo
Finding Nemo(2003)

Keep swimming keep swimming just keep swimming....

Kabhi Alvida Naa Kehna

As i assumed, it was a crappy movie. I in fact didn't want to watch it but then got to watch 2nd half of it for free and I was thanking God that I didn't have to watch the full crap. Ridiculous story, mediocre acting and I don't even want to talk about direction. Pathetically emotional and unbelievable good, understanding and sweet characters. In my rating half star is for the whole movie and one star is to Amitabh even though it was not even close to his good performances.

The Da Vinci Code

The movie seems directed in pieces. It's like director has a lot of ideas but couldn't implement them well and lost the grip on story.

Tom Hanks is a great actor but Ron Horward didn't use him well. Despite few surprises, it's an other movie. watch it when you really have nothing else to watch.

About Schmidt

great performance by Jack Nicholson. He is living legend. The movie is simple and beautifully chartered. Anyone who like movies like sideways or lost in translation would appreciate this movie too.

Jakob the Liar

I think it really is a good movie. The story is about fake hope of life in WWII. It's bit slow but still you never lose the interest. Good movie to watch.

Short Circuit

I almost forgot about this movie until today when I happened to see it's name in The Quiz. It's classic from 80 and I like the simplicity of story and little bit of the suspense.


The concept was quite interesting. A girl start hearing thoughts of other people. But that's scary, imagine you have GF who can read your thoughts.. man! that's gonna be hell.


Roman Polanski has done some incredible movies in all these years but this surely comes in his Top 3 great movies he every made.
Jack Nicholson performance is too good to capture in words. So you really got to see it to believe it.

Lara Croft Tomb Raider - The Cradle of Life

I like the game much better. 1 star for the shining tight suit of Angelina and the other for CG.

Me and You and Everyone We Know

I don't really know what should I say about this movie An interesting story about life in general and about )) < > ((


I can't believe how pathetic was the story. In fact i am surprise they call it a screenplay.


Apart from few direction flaws, the story was quite sensible. I was really surprised to see Adam Sandler choosing this plot. Finally he came out of all those dumb movies.


A shocking true story and wonderfully picturized

Silent Hill
Silent Hill(2006)

At first I thought it's just an other horror movie but it started to build up slowly. The only objection I have the acting. The main character didn't seems to be surprised at most shocking moments of any normal person. She acted as if she knew everything going to happened. Over all it's a good movie to watch.

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man's Chest

Captain Jack Sparrow is at his best once again. Johnny Deep over shadow every other character of the movie. Keira Knightley was much better in first part. This is as funny as the first one but i think first one has better storyline.


Simple and yet very interesting movie. This is one of the few Indian movies that has classic story.

Both the actors did a wonderful job. Aishwarya was once a Miss World and she picked such a non glamorous role to prove herself and i guess she has succeeded here.

My Super Ex-Girlfriend

Well it's quite hard to breakup with normal girl just imagine the super girl then. The story could have been much better. Over all it's an ok movie to watch for little fun.


Surprising acting by Monica Bellucci and we all know how pretty she is. The story and direction makes the whole package worth watching.

Ice Age 2: The Meltdown

I like the 1st one better.


Confussing but every interesting. I like the way movie take you around different people


Bad action, bad story, bad direction, dumb soldiers. Only good thing about the movie is Milla Jovovich in her color changing rubber suit


I hardly like sci-fi. Sci-fi really gotta be good for me to like but this movie really impressed me a lot. The story, acting of all there major characters and the direction makes it one of those must watch movies. It's about being passionate and dedicated to goal of your life.

Love Actually

Typical romantic movie... just as I expected... but I like the soundtrack

Downfall (Der Untergang)

I had hard times to find it but it was worth the wait and effort. The story revolves around Hitler and his crew. I read a lot of conflicted stories of Hitler's downfall but I got to believe this one since the story is told by Hitler's personal sectary. Bruno Ganz (played as Hitler) did a fascinating job. Despite few glitches in direction, it was handled well by the director. To shorten up, a good story based on facts and a well directed movie.


Music was good for an Indian movie. Story didn't attract me much. Typical emotional Indian ending.




It was good to know few facts about a legend. Big Willi really proved that he is as good actor as Rap singer.

Fight Club
Fight Club(1999)

The first rule of Fight Club is you do not talk about Fight Club

The Silence of the Lambs

One of my favorite character of all time. I think Hannible Lecter wouldn't have been loved this much if it wasn't for Sir Anthony Hopkins. Love the story and dialouge between Lecter and Clarice

First Blood
First Blood(1982)

Human discovered Rambo this year :) 4 stars for the character.

Green Street Hooligans

Movies like this always portray the true picture of civilized world. I am quite a football (soccer) fan and have heard all about fights after football matches in Europe especially in England. Well this movie truthfully shows what and how serious the fan ship becomes. The story is interesting and yet thoughtful. I specially like all the fighting sequences as those are quite close to reality. This is how street fighting actually happened and should be shown in movies.


What the hell is wrong with superhero when it's a woman? At frist the Catwoman was big disappointment and now Elektra. I recently seen this and it was as pathetic as I imagined when I first saw the trailer. Jennifer Garner could have been the choice for this role but her expressions and her make up really killed the character. I thought the villains got some good super natural powers but they were killed unbelievably easy. I think Jennifer looked much better in Daredevil. Catwoman and Elektra seem like some class projects or some experimental projects by students. Not recommended to watch at all.

Drunken Master (Jui kuen)

One of those Chinese classic. This movie actually made Jakie Chan a star. Very entertaining.

Snake in the Eagle's Shadow (Se ying diu sau) (Eagle's Shadow)

In those years it was real fun to watch. These movies gave a new perspective to Hong Kong production as well as a chance to great Jackie Chan.

Kung Fu Hustle

brilliant stuff with CG. In fact the story was not that bad either. All the fantasy fighters were fun to watch. Good entertainment in a package

Walking Tall
Walking Tall(2004)

Like the sprite of one man changing it all.. ;) No i think i just like The Rock in it... that's the only reason I would give it 2 stars. He looked cool

Attack of the 50 Foot Woman

I think it was good achievement by Director to show a Huge women. But the story was too weak.


It was bit hard to understand the Gypsy accent but entertainment factor is at it's best in this movie. I really enjoyed watching it even the 2nd time.


worse comic movie ever


I was bit excited to see what this movie has to offer. I wanted more inside of Formula 1 rather than some conventional story with a loser who give a moral lesson to all in the end. Sick of such stories...

The Piano
The Piano(1993)

Despite the ending I like the movie. Never has seen Holly Hunter performing better than this. I was totally captivated by its depressing story but was thinking of stronger finish than it has.


It was rather weird and confusing but very interesting.. i like the editing a lot..

Amores Perros

I was amaze to see how well handle the movie is by Gonzalez. It's violent, brutal, frustrated and yet humanist. One of those foreign language movies that shouldn't be missed.


This is a master piece by Sanjay.
I love Amitabh (actor) and one can expect such great performance by him. But Rani was unbelievable in this movie.
I wonder why it was not sent for Oscars in Foreign Language category

Mission: Impossible III

it simply is the best of the series. I didn't really expect it to be better than the first one.


quite funny at times...

Forces of Nature

Just another love story


A good movie on a very serious issue. Well handled by director and no one else would have performed as good as Sir Ben Kingsley as Gandhi.

Sky High
Sky High(2005)

Even the CG was no good.

Ijaazat (Guest)

One of my all time favorite Indian classic. The story revolves around 3 characters. The script is strong enough to capture you for 3 hours. A must watch Indian classic.


Al Pacino at his best. Me and a lot of my other friends always wonder why the hell he didn't get Oscar on his life time performance. Sometimes Oscars seems very biased.

Dark Water
Dark Water(2005)

I love the original Japanese version of it.
Director tried to create a lot of unwanted effects to keep it horror but failed. The original is simple and much scarier.

Ringu (Ring)
Ringu (Ring)(1998)

I love the concept. It has the scary factor. Hollywood version sucks if we compare with this one.


Simply hilarious

Lucky Number Slevin

I enjoyed this movie. Quirky dialogues and fast pace story with some very interesting twists. I specially like the way it's been handle in Post Production.

Fun With Dick and Jane

I love quite few films of Jim Carry. This is not the best one he has done but he was really funny and expressionist. Worth watching for one time.

Cidade de Deus (City of God)

Must watch foreign language movie... I just wish it could b in English.. or I know the native language.... great movie

Children of Heaven (Bacheha-Ye aseman)

The storyline seemingly simple yet really emotional and intense at times. The story revolves between two very young siblings and a pair of sneakers.
This movie was a strong contender to win an Oscar in foreign Language but surprisingly didn't win.


Interesting movie for people who trust internet to find LOVE.

The Jackal
The Jackal(1997)

I think the plan of killing the first lady was dud. He (Bruce Willis) suppose to be the best in the business but...

Scary Movie 4

I think the scary movie team is out of ideas.

The Day After Tomorrow

The concept was interesting but the story lack of interest. Got bored at times.

Pulp Fiction
Pulp Fiction(1994)

I just wanted to watch this movie again to rate it and I did. Without any doubts this is Quentin's best work. An involving story with a lot of character and the great camera work make this movie one of Hollywood's all time classic.

The Mummy Returns

One of the most useless villain of all time. The scorpion king was showed very powerful and yet useless.

The Evil Dead

My first horror movie.

Sin City
Sin City(2005)

Modern classic comic. It's a must watch movie even if u don't like comics. The movie will hold you to your seats till the end.

Tears of the Sun

An ordinary military movie. Like in every other army movie the Colonel is rather a soft hearted and people loving person who got to help bunch of helpless people by disobeying the General's orders.

Bubble Boy
Bubble Boy(2001)

pointless story

The Passion of the Christ

Controversial and brutal. At first I refused to watch this movie since it was about crucifying Jesus. But somehow I convinced myself to watch.
This movie is visually spectacular and physically gripping. Besides liking everything about this movie, I love the idea of not having it in English. It would have lost its impact in English.

Lost In Translation

This is an emotional and rather funny movie without any twist in the story. But still it keeps you interested. I think Bill Murray has done a great job here. I really admire Sofia Copula (director), considering the fact that the movie was shot in just 30 days.

The Blair Witch Project

A genius idea and creatively shot. If you like to watch something different once in a blue moon then this should be the movie.


One of the best bollywood gangster movie

The French Connection

All Hail to William Friedkin the director.

Eternal Sunshine Of The Spotless Mind

Brilliant story. It was really interesting to watch how Michel Gondry (director) visualize the story. Wonderful acting by Jim carry and Kate Winslet.

Sister Act 2: Back in the Habit

Another success story of some spoil school goings. I think the 1st one was much better.


I was not expecting to watch such a wonderful movie on random pick. Good true story and powerful acting by Geoffrey Rush. It tells you the meaning of being Passionate. don't miss it.

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

I like the CG in it. No big deal about the story though.

Final Destination 3

Lost my interest in frist 20 mins.


By far the best cowboy movie ever.

The English Patient

A classic of modern era. A unique Love story which you will remember for a long time.


A unique way to tell the story of a legend. I feel kind of sorry for Mozart after watching the movie. Such a great talent and what a way to end it.

Small Soldiers

Childish but concept was not that bad.

Memoirs of a Geisha

It was an interesting movie. Get to know a whole different world and a new culture. I like most things about this movie.

Lat sau san taam (Hard-Boiled)

Good Hong Kong action moive. The first movie when I noticed Chow Yun Fat and John Woo.


The concept of the gun was cool

Jimmy Neutron - Boy Genius

3 stars just for the animation.


Just for the action


Superman a childhood fantasy.

Black Knight
Black Knight(2001)

could have been better

Daniel Defoe's Robinson Crusoe

Few twists were good in this movie but badly acted or rather i would say overly acted by Pierce Brosnan

G.I. Jane
G.I. Jane(1997)

I really respect Ridley Scott for his wonderful work but what has he done here... So disappointed. It's "formula" movie of Hollywood.

Street Fighter

Pathetic.. simply pathetic... I wanted to give one star but I just love the game so much that has to give 2.

The Rock
The Rock(1996)

Good to spend some time

Cannibal Holocaust

After watching it was rather hard to decide who was different. The civilized group of people seemed as cannibal as those tribes they found.


Another movie on international politics and I am getting sick of it somehow.

My Left Foot
My Left Foot(1989)

Stunning performance by Daniel Day-Lewis. I would rather say that it was one of the best performances you will ever watch.


Geoffrey Rush was very powerful in this role. Kate Winslet looked good too. Strong plot

Fahrenheit 9/11

I have not see many documentaries but this would be one of the best one. Good editing and story telling with some interesting facts.

Shakespeare in Love

I couldn't really enjoyed as much as some of my friends did. I wonder why. May be I should watch it again to see why the heck it won 7 oscars.

Kung Pow! Enter the Fist

Entertaining to watch. The cow was funny

Office Space
Office Space(1999)

Somehow at some point everyone of us feel the same way about our job. Good movie to watch specially for those who are pissed with their jobs :)


Unique concept with brilliant CG effects. The movie will tell you the importance of colors in life.


The real oscar performance by De Niro. He just made the character looked so real. Must watch movie.

Rain Man
Rain Man(1988)

Simply Dustin Hoffman's movie. I think he won an oscar for that.

Dances With Wolves

The first and the last good movie of Kevin Costner.


Must watch movie.

I Still Know What You Did Last Summer

I prefer the First one little better than this.