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Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
9 years ago via Flixster

Snape is hot. The kids are so cute in this one ^^

The Aviator
The Aviator (2004)
10 years ago via Movies on Facebook

Let me start off by saying, amazing movie. Leonardo DiCaprio's performance is absolutely stunning. One of the most convincing character portrayals I have ever seen. Martin Scorsese is brillant as always, this film is packed with beautiful cinematography in the classic Scorsese style, but this time, the storyline lives up to his directing ability. Unlike previous Scorses film which (in my oppinion) dragged on until you really didn't care what happened next or how good the acting and directing was, The Aviator truely draws you in until you really do care about Howard Huges and his rise to international fame, even beyond just wanting to know what's going to happen next. Scorsese and DiCaprio manage to present a film in which you simply get to know someone, but it's never dull and always keeps you wondering about the excentric nature of it's starring character. An outstanding picture, and, I dare say, the best Scorsese film ever.

Alien (1979)
10 years ago via Flixster

To slow for my taste. Predictable as well. Excelent cinamatography and a nice bit of acting, but even that can't make up for the over-drama and the incredibly lame ending. (I mean, the thing comes back?? I didn't see that coming! and that was sarcasm btw....) it crossed the fine line between keeping you on the edge of your seat with suspence and boring everyone by dragging it out until you just want them to get to the point.

Constantine (2005)
10 years ago via Flixster

The plot was lame, the special effect weren't bad but it wasn't all that spectacular, Keanu Reeves, once again, couldn't act, and the characters overall were under-developed. (and for some reason Gabriel is played by a woman, but w/e...) But Mr. Reeves is exceptionally hot and it's fun to look at him. And the movie is actually amusing when he and his co-stars get the sarcasm going. Other than that, it just kinda pokes along. Thank God for Keanu Reeves. (he has the most beautiful eyes, and who cares if he's so pale he looks like he's been living in the basement his entire life? and i just love a man in a suit, and omg, he's actually really buff, and yes, he almost gets his shirt all the way off in this, and the fact that he can't actually act just makes him all the more endearing; usually i don't go for cute, vulnerable sorta guys, but he's not really helpless, i mean, he totally kicks a**, but he looks so /adorable/ because his eyes seem so incocent even tho he just shot someone...which is probably why he's better in the Matrix because you can't see his eyes behind the sunglasses, but he's just so delicious and he should always wear his hair longer and messed up, he's so sweet when it falls in his face as he leans over to see if whoever he just killed is actually dead....maybe I'll write a poem or something... Anyway, mostly I just want to kiss him!)