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The Birth of a Nation
19 days ago via Flixster

I saw an advanced screening of this and while I don't particularly like the slavery type movies, this was an important and effective story/movie. It's definitely not your typical slavery movie; from the perspective of slaves being beaten and such, since i'm not familiar with Nat's story, I'm not sure how much of the portrayal of him growing up and the relationship he had with his master was actually true. However, in the story telling sense, it was definitely significant to his rebellion. The movie focused so much on giving us the background story, that the actual rebellion part was a tad bit insufficient. there was a judas in the bunch, and i was quite surprised of who that person was and what that person grew to be.

Suicide Squad
Suicide Squad (2016)
2 months ago via Flixster

so critics said the film was horrible. as tough of a critic as i am, i can't agree this go round. Suicide Squad turned out to be FAR better than Batman v Superman. first off, viola davis as amanda waller. her character wasn't believable to me. her (acting) and that role didn't quite match up. now there were a couple of ruthless, HBIC scenes that were worthy but not enough. her explanation of Squad members in the beginning was lacking heavily, i just could not get into her. killer croc's head looked to big for his body, he didn't appear to be as much of a killer as he perhaps should have been, that was a let down. diablo got the short end of the stick, his presence in the movie was a bit unnoticed and often forgotten about until the end, which clearly it had to be him to step up. boomerang seemed to be the annoying one. katana was ready to roll, there has to be someone like her around. i knew enchantress would be a problem from jump, she was uncontrollable, unpredictable ... her love interest had to be the one to put her down. common as monster t ... EN OH (NO). the justice league cameos may not have been necessary but they did add a nice, surprising touch. i'd like to point out that when the entire team met each other, they worked well together right off the bat.

i've saved the best 3 for last. Joker ... trailer previews, i figured i would NOT like him. the tattoos and platinum teeth was overboard, beyond overboard. however, watching him in this movie reminded me of the Joker in the batman cartoons, i liked that aspect of him played out. far from being better than Jack's and Heath's versions of the Joker; him not having much screen time probably played a big part, perhaps giving him too much would have ruined his likeness. his love and interactions with Harley ... perfection. he might leave her behind in a getaway (as he usually does) ... but he ALWAYS comes back for her, i thoroughly enjoyed seeing that played out. which leads us to Margot Robbie as harley quinn ... she did a damn good job, from her crazy/whackiness right down to her diction and delivery. Will Smith as Deadshot, again perfect. he had the most to lose in the group which is what, to me, made him the stand out star of the film. i'm not completely familiar with Deadshot's character, but Will Smith brought some Will Smith to the character and it worked.

can we also bring to light how the women are saving the day in these comic films?! scarlett witch, jean grey, wonder woman and now harley.

i just want to give special recognition to whomever provided the music for this movie ... the soundtrack, the artists that they have on it. Amazing. I haven't seen this level of tying songs to a movie in a LONG time.

Star Trek Beyond
2 months ago via Flixster

with leonard nimoy passing away last year, i anticipated what/how this movie would play out, if perhaps he had filmed some scenes already, would they give him a decent fairwell ... they went the typical route, which i suppose worked, yet it was a slight let down. but i don't think they wanted his death to overshadow the film, which i suppose made it ok. then, the recent death of anton yelchin (plays chekov) was a heartbreak. anyway, the story, the villain, the action, the slight dramatics were decent. the film wasn't blockbuster or anything to rave about, but any star trek fan would be pleased and satisfied.

Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne (2016)
2 months ago via Flixster

the first thing i said was, geez ... the years (aging) have not done Matt Damon and Julia Stiles any good. they look old. yikes. we're back at it with Jason Bourne, i feel bad for any female that winds up being on Jason's side ... they typically wind up dead. obviously this is an action packed movie, from the jump, you're lowkey sitting on the edge of your chair wondering what will happen next. i left thinking, if there is one thing you can count on, one thing that is guaranteed in this franchise, is that jason ALWAYS makes his mark. the dedication that he has in doing so, unprecedented.

X-Men: Apocalypse
3 months ago via Flixster

I was just talking to one of my old, good friends about how disappointed i was in this film. being that x-men is my favorite comic, my favorite comic character is a member of the x-men ... i just was not impressed at all. the disappointment started when we, the viewers caught a first glimpse of Apocalypse stills. Now, anybody that knows about Apocalypse knows that he is THAT mutant. He's menacing, dangerous, POWERFUL, you should be afraid to even speak his name, that's just how big of a deal he is to the mutant world. That was the major fail of this movie.

Obviously Jean Grey/Pheonix is a powerful mutant as well, so it didn't surprise me that she would be the one to take down Apocalypse. I'm appreciating the fact that women superheroes are being put in the fore front and saving the day, "making the movie".

Moving on, out of the 4 horseman, I think Archangel may have been the most realistic (in relation to the actual story). The introduction of Psylocke was cute and relevant to Apocalypse but not necessarily to this movie since they didn't give me much of her. Come to think about it, there were too many characters that Fox just could NOT get a grip on. It was a bit all over the place.

Has anyone else noticed that the past 3 X-Men movies were pretty much centered around Eric/Magneto? I love the character development they provided for him, although I have no idea why Magneto thought he could live a "normal" life. NAH.

The Wolverine short ... we just gonna re-write his storyline and start from scratch? Oh OKO. Are we going to continue to overlook the fact that Nightcrawler is Mystique's son? OK. We'll never get to see Quicksilver, Scarlett Witch and Magneto unite as a family neither? OK.

I've always thought that the X-Men movies could do no wrong, even the first 3 with the original cast, regardless of how horrible/cheesy they may have actually been. But as the years have gone on, Fox brought in a new, younger, more vibrant cast, this last movie was not a good ending to that. Bummer.