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Ant-Man (2015)
45 days ago via Flixster

I'm a nerd, so the science talk really had me stoked. The storyline was a tad bit boring but i've come to expect that from origin films. Can't wait to see Ant-Man become Giant Man :)

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman (2017)
45 days ago via Flixster

First of all, to everybody that had a problem with a slim chick being cast for this role can suck it, ALL OF IT. I have loved Gal Gadot since seeing her in a couple Fast and Furious movies. There's an intensity, no nonsense attitude about her (not sure if she's like that in real life or just what she has portrayed in her movie roles) that absolutely WORKS for this role. She took the character to a place that any woman can relate to and appreciate.

From the moment we saw Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman movie, there was a mystique about her and knew her, and this role, would be beyond significant and Gal would kill it. She did not disappoint, I mean, to me she practically saved BvS.

There seemed to be a nod to The Little Mermaid, the beautiful girl saving a male human, something that she had never encountered before, defending him, falling in love with him. Perfect tie in.

The movie starts with a young Diana, pure, innocent, slightly unknowing, driven, strong, dedicated, loyal, passionate, daring, fearless, humane, devoted, un-selfish, selfless - I could go on and on with the characteristics; I appreciate that they kept that theme of her throughout the story. Definitely a movie worthy of younger female crowd, she's pretty much everything that you would want to be as a female. Wonder Woman is the woman that every female grows into at some point. I doubt there is one female that hasn't said "fuck it, i'll do it".

I'm not a parent, however, when you tell a child they can't do something without a viable reason expressing the consequences, the child is going to do it anyway. In this case, everybody around Diana, including her own mother, were doing the things that she wanted to do. There was a lot of information withheld from her that shouldn't have been. This is Hippolyta's own fault.

The death in the movie, I was really hoping to see that person later on down the road, how unfortunate. No wonder she made a big deal about the picture in BvS.

All in all, I can't wait to see more of her action in the future. By far the best DC film since The Dark Knight trilogy.

King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword
46 days ago via Flixster

I love Charlie Hunnam, ok?! His accent gets me every time. And I miss seeing him in Sons of Anarchy.

Now, I liked the storyline they introduced, it doesn't necessarily follow the original story, but who cares. The movie failed in developing Arthur's role into this powerful King. They chose to go the slow route of a person that didn't care to be or un-accepting of who he really was; which is cliche but I suppose it worked. The story definitely left the gates open for a sequel.

The Fate of the Furious
2 months ago via Flixster

watching the previews/trailers, my first thought was what in the WORLD would have Tureto turn against his entire team, a team that he called family. he was always big on support, loyalty and protection of the family around him. all of those things is what turns him. whomever the writers were for developing that reasoning, briliant! a completely surprising turn of events. had me thinking when did this happen, how did something go this long without being noticed.

Beauty and the Beast
2 months ago via Flixster

as someone that watched disney movie after disney movie as a child ... it was a tremendous let down to see this live version of the beast *sigh* if they got nothing else right, it should been the look of the beast. my God was he horrible. when you watch the animated version, the beast is this frightening, menacing, rude character where you had some fear of him. none of that was accurately portrayed in this live version of the beast, at all. his look is completely preposterous! there is one scene where the beast tells belle if she can't bring her lil ass out to eat with him at the table, them she can starve (paraphrasing of course). that scene is one of the most memorable scenes of the movie, PERIOD. in the live version, buddy threw a tantrum and stormed off like a 2 year old brat! where was the ferociousness ... UGH. ok, moving on. emma watson as belle, PERFECTION. the other characters that were enchanted by the spell, PERFECT. Gaston, PERFECT. Lefou ... PERFECT! The casting of Audra McDonald as the Garderobe ... PERFECT. Totally forgot that she is an opera singer in real life.