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Logan (2017)
9 days ago via Flixster

I'll just go ahead and get into the wonderfulness of Logan. First off, if you know anything about the Wolverine character, you know how ferocious, destructive, vicious and savage the Wolverine really is. In past X-Men films that Wolverine played or was featured in, the rawness of his character was watered down to appeal to a younger crowd, which now that I think about it, all of that was a representation of who James Howlett is/was; perhaps all of that was a build up. In a few instances, you may have witnessed a meager glimpse at the animal that he really is, but in THIS movie, the fans finally get what we've been wanting to see all this time. The R rating definitely helped that.

I can say that I was not an X-23 fan, but my Lord, before her first scene was about to start, I already knew she was going to be beyond a force to be reckoned with, she didn't hold back one bit and she did not disappoint. If my mouth wasn't gaping, I was surely smirking the entire time she moved into action. With her being just as much of a savage as Wolverine is and that displayed in this (Rated R) movie, i'm not sure how the her longevity will play out. It would suck for her to come out the gate swinging hard here, then to be downplayed later on down the line (the reverse of what we saw for Wolverine). There is absolutely potential for her to be in future films, Fox CAN'T mess this up.

Being that Wolverine is my favorite superhero, favorite mutant from my favorite comic, this movie was bittersweet. I was beyond excited for a new movie, but sad that this is (possibly) the last time we'll see HJ play the role.

Logan > *

xXx: Return of Xander Cage
2 months ago via Flixster

a reunion of sorts for all of the past existing xxx. although i feel like this movie was unnecessary, non-stop action is what you got, if that's what you like. the HBIC, went overboard with her tough facade, it was too much (particularly because i'm aware of the role that i first experienced her in). donnie yen formerly known as ip man, got in the gym, put on some weight and developed some muscles! not bad. for him to be in his 50's, he still looks good, and can clearly keep up. this may be his era, with the likes of jackie chan and jet li having simmered down their movie appearances. the bouncing hamster guy, a bit too much for me, i like him better in furious 7 though. the mountain (from game of thrones) ... i kept saying I KNOW HIM! then i heard his accent and knew who he was. ruby rose was slightly shocking, though her role seemed appropriate. she has a mysterious aura about her, that's a tad bit seductive and bad ass at the same time.

Sleepless (2017)
2 months ago via Flixster

i saw comments that this was a remake of Waist Deep, in that it had to do with a black kidnapping ... nah. this was much better than waist deep, for many reasons, but anyway. the storyline is a good one a couple of things were predictable, but, knowing the actors, i suppose that was expected. i would have liked to see jamie foxx have better moves as a fighter, he was more of a strategist than anything. seems like there could be a sequel due to the ending.

Hidden Figures
2 months ago via Flixster

no written review needed.

Almost Christmas
2 months ago via Flixster

someone said this was movie was similar to This Christmas ... I beg to differ. I couldn't tell you what actually went on in This Christmas, that's just how un-memorable it was to me. Almost Christmas has a far better cast, classic actors/actresses, tons of humor; significant, accurate family dynamics. it is way more relateable, and just fun all around.