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All Eyez on Me

as a tupac fan, knowing as much as i know about him, his life, his personality ... i thought it was a decent movie, something that a real fan could appreciate. for those that can't say all of the above, of course you may not have liked it, thought it should have been done this way or you expected to see this and that, whatever. it is what it is. the only thing i didn't like were the flashbacks in the first half of the movie, from the prison interview. i didn't feel like the audience really got into a movie until the second half, when suge knight bailed him out of jail; from then to the end, that was more of a movie than the entire movie collectively. the flow was much better. i enjoyed singing the tracks they played. i wish afeni was alive to see this through fruition.

Girls Trip
Girls Trip(2017)

i definitely thought girl's trip was a good movie, with decent humor (i didn't laugh at everything or as hard as everyone else did). i did wonder if the movie had a different ending, would it have provided for a longer storyline with follow up sequels.

Spider-Man: Homecoming

first, i had to watch all of the previous spider-man movies; and i will say hands down, tobey maguire set is the best to me. i think the 3 versions show a different aspect (with a different storyline) of peter parker that we could appreciate. and obviously with each version, you got a different set of co-starring roles (mary jane, gwen stacy, best friend ned). i absolutely loved marisa tomei as aunt may. i thought the vulture was a tad bit harsh of a character for peter to deal with, specifically in regards to his wing suit; the thing was damn near impenetrable. smart tie in to avengers with using the chitauri equipment to create new weapons and such. i thought childish gambino would have had a bigger role, but i was glad to see him and the significance to the spiderman character in any regards (could lead to bigger roles in future movies). bokeem woodbine, man, this man is working!!! good for him. all in all, homecoming was a decent reboot movie, i wasn't expecting much, since it didn't really tie in to any of the previous marvel movies, it could really be considered as a standalone movie; after watching you'll see why and draw your own conclusions.


I'm a nerd, so the science talk really had me stoked. The storyline was a tad bit boring but i've come to expect that from origin films. Can't wait to see Ant-Man become Giant Man :)

Wonder Woman
Wonder Woman(2017)

First of all, to everybody that had a problem with a slim chick being cast for this role can suck it, ALL OF IT. I have loved Gal Gadot since seeing her in a couple Fast and Furious movies. There's an intensity, no nonsense attitude about her (not sure if she's like that in real life or just what she has portrayed in her movie roles) that absolutely WORKS for this role. She took the character to a place that any woman can relate to and appreciate.

From the moment we saw Wonder Woman in Batman vs. Superman movie, there was a mystique about her and knew her, and this role, would be beyond significant and Gal would kill it. She did not disappoint, I mean, to me she practically saved BvS.

There seemed to be a nod to The Little Mermaid, the beautiful girl saving a male human, something that she had never encountered before, defending him, falling in love with him. Perfect tie in.

The movie starts with a young Diana, pure, innocent, slightly unknowing, driven, strong, dedicated, loyal, passionate, daring, fearless, humane, devoted, un-selfish, selfless - I could go on and on with the characteristics; I appreciate that they kept that theme of her throughout the story. Definitely a movie worthy of younger female crowd, she's pretty much everything that you would want to be as a female. Wonder Woman is the woman that every female grows into at some point. I doubt there is one female that hasn't said "fuck it, i'll do it".

I'm not a parent, however, when you tell a child they can't do something without a viable reason expressing the consequences, the child is going to do it anyway. In this case, everybody around Diana, including her own mother, were doing the things that she wanted to do. There was a lot of information withheld from her that shouldn't have been. This is Hippolyta's own fault.

The death in the movie, I was really hoping to see that person later on down the road, how unfortunate. No wonder she made a big deal about the picture in BvS.

All in all, I can't wait to see more of her action in the future. By far the best DC film since The Dark Knight trilogy.

King Arthur: Legend Of The Sword

I love Charlie Hunnam, ok?! His accent gets me every time. And I miss seeing him in Sons of Anarchy.

Now, I liked the storyline they introduced, it doesn't necessarily follow the original story, but who cares. The movie failed in developing Arthur's role into this powerful King. They chose to go the slow route of a person that didn't care to be or un-accepting of who he really was; which is cliche but I suppose it worked. The story definitely left the gates open for a sequel.

The Fate of the Furious

watching the previews/trailers, my first thought was what in the WORLD would have Tureto turn against his entire team, a team that he called family. he was always big on support, loyalty and protection of the family around him. all of those things is what turns him. whomever the writers were for developing that reasoning, briliant! a completely surprising turn of events. had me thinking when did this happen, how did something go this long without being noticed.

Beauty and the Beast

as someone that watched disney movie after disney movie as a child ... it was a tremendous let down to see this live version of the beast *sigh* if they got nothing else right, it should been the look of the beast. my God was he horrible. when you watch the animated version, the beast is this frightening, menacing, rude character where you had some fear of him. none of that was accurately portrayed in this live version of the beast, at all. his look is completely preposterous! there is one scene where the beast tells belle if she can't bring her lil ass out to eat with him at the table, them she can starve (paraphrasing of course). that scene is one of the most memorable scenes of the movie, PERIOD. in the live version, buddy threw a tantrum and stormed off like a 2 year old brat! where was the ferociousness ... UGH. ok, moving on. emma watson as belle, PERFECTION. the other characters that were enchanted by the spell, PERFECT. Gaston, PERFECT. Lefou ... PERFECT! The casting of Audra McDonald as the Garderobe ... PERFECT. Totally forgot that she is an opera singer in real life.

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2

*sigh* i wasn't a fan of vol. 1, definitely not a fan of vol 2. way too much character development of peter quill (star lord), some of that could have been chopped out. there were attempts to be dramatic in the dialogue when there really shouldn't have been. drax was overly dramatic and it came off corny. baby groot was cute, he came out kicking ass and dancing. i will definitely say the second half of the movie was better than the first. if you've seen the movie, then you know what the turning point is and where it gets real. that's when i finally perked up from a slight slumber. i hated to see the downfall of yondu. i didn't like him in vol 1., from the get go of vol 2 he was painted as the bad guy yet again, when in reality, he was actually doing the right thing, but it was too late.

Get Out
Get Out(2017)

the whole second half of the movie, i was more concerned about dre than anyone else. like, are they going to go back and save that man too? first of all, if you're in an unfamiliar place, solo, make sure you have a piece on you. issa must. there is no way a vehicle will pull up beside me and just sit there, and i continue walking like wtf is up with that car? NOPE. i truly thought the girlfriend was a victim of her family's shenanigans, that turned out not to be true. all of the family friends ... WTF?! how in the world were all of these people OK with this? HOW, SWAY? HOW? Thank God for the friend who never gave up!

Saban's Power Rangers

after watching Logan, I wasn't too excited to see Power Rangers. although there were a few questions I had, I was impressed with the development of the story and the teens overall. The actress for Rita (from the Hunger Games) did an awesome job, I wondered if this was the way Rita should have been portrayed, she wasn't as vicious in the televised version. i liked how they brought a different type of character for the rangers; the blue ranger had autism, and it was hinted that the yellow ranger was gay. clearly, goldar was goldar, but i had no idea that it was goldar! LOL, goldar was a gorilla. cute cameo at the end from the tv show power ranger actors.


first off, i will start off by saying that denzel washington is a phenomenal, black actor. phenomenal. he's been in the movie business for years, has had great roles. i don't think this was his best role in his career. fences is a good story, a bit predictable but that's fine because the predictability didn't lessen the greatness of the movie. i felt bad for viola's character, her role is something that i've seen a lot of; she really had no choice but to stay and deal with the issue at hand. her predicament was quite unfortunate.


I'll just go ahead and get into the wonderfulness of Logan. First off, if you know anything about the Wolverine character, you know how ferocious, destructive, vicious and savage the Wolverine really is. In past X-Men films that Wolverine played or was featured in, the rawness of his character was watered down to appeal to a younger crowd, which now that I think about it, all of that was a representation of who James Howlett is/was; perhaps all of that was a build up. In a few instances, you may have witnessed a meager glimpse at the animal that he really is, but in THIS movie, the fans finally get what we've been wanting to see all this time. The R rating definitely helped that.

I can say that I was not an X-23 fan, but my Lord, before her first scene was about to start, I already knew she was going to be beyond a force to be reckoned with, she didn't hold back one bit and she did not disappoint. If my mouth wasn't gaping, I was surely smirking the entire time she moved into action. With her being just as much of a savage as Wolverine is and that displayed in this (Rated R) movie, i'm not sure how the her longevity will play out. It would suck for her to come out the gate swinging hard here, then to be downplayed later on down the line (the reverse of what we saw for Wolverine). There is absolutely potential for her to be in future films, Fox CAN'T mess this up.

Being that Wolverine is my favorite superhero, favorite mutant from my favorite comic, this movie was bittersweet. I was beyond excited for a new movie, but sad that this is (possibly) the last time we'll see HJ play the role.

Logan > *

xXx: Return of Xander Cage

a reunion of sorts for all of the past existing xxx. although i feel like this movie was unnecessary, non-stop action is what you got, if that's what you like. the HBIC, went overboard with her tough facade, it was too much (particularly because i'm aware of the role that i first experienced her in). donnie yen formerly known as ip man, got in the gym, put on some weight and developed some muscles! not bad. for him to be in his 50's, he still looks good, and can clearly keep up. this may be his era, with the likes of jackie chan and jet li having simmered down their movie appearances. the bouncing hamster guy, a bit too much for me, i like him better in furious 7 though. the mountain (from game of thrones) ... i kept saying I KNOW HIM! then i heard his accent and knew who he was. ruby rose was slightly shocking, though her role seemed appropriate. she has a mysterious aura about her, that's a tad bit seductive and bad ass at the same time.


i saw comments that this was a remake of Waist Deep, in that it had to do with a black kidnapping ... nah. this was much better than waist deep, for many reasons, but anyway. the storyline is a good one a couple of things were predictable, but, knowing the actors, i suppose that was expected. i would have liked to see jamie foxx have better moves as a fighter, he was more of a strategist than anything. seems like there could be a sequel due to the ending.

Hidden Figures

no written review needed.

Almost Christmas

someone said this was movie was similar to This Christmas ... I beg to differ. I couldn't tell you what actually went on in This Christmas, that's just how un-memorable it was to me. Almost Christmas has a far better cast, classic actors/actresses, tons of humor; significant, accurate family dynamics. it is way more relateable, and just fun all around.

Doctor Strange

so dr strange ... interesting, very interesting. quite intriguing. anywho, this was definitely a different type of movie from what we've seen before, different along the lines of GotG, but so much better. of course it was your typical, brilliant/intelligent person being broken (ie. tony stark in iron man 1). it was amazing, yet not surprising at how up to speed stephen came in terms of learning the arts of the mystical world and alternate dimensions (which ties in other mcu/tv storylines). and just like that he was involved in his first battle, which he handled quite decently. loved seeing chiwetel ejiofor as baron mordo which at the end you get to see them go their separate ways which pits them against each other, different from the actual storyline yet all good at the same time. in the end i thought we would see stephen accompolish the goal he set out to achieve when he decided to set out on this journey, i suppose that would have been too easy. although, i was left thinking if he would continue to play some role in the medicinal world. have i said how much i love rachel mcadams, so glad she's in the mcu, she brings a different type of love interest. the movie was definitely something you had to pay intense attention to, as you could easily get lost with all of the visual foreplay. oh and there are two post credit scenes as always!

Now You See Me 2

now you see me 2 ... i'm a fool for a good magic show. they definitely stepped their game up this go round, replaced a horseman, even added sanaa lathan as a cop :) definitely worth a watch if you're bored.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows

not so sure that i like stephen amell outside of arrow ... yea, that's a no for me. the skimpy megan fox, still not sure if she's appropriate for the image of april o'neil, but i suppose it works. i appreciate that they brought out the cartoon favorite villains this go round: bebop, rock steady, krang and they were all tied in together perfectly. cartoon nostalgia.

The Birth of a Nation

I saw an advanced screening of this and while I don't particularly like the slavery type movies, this was an important and effective story/movie. It's definitely not your typical slavery movie; from the perspective of slaves being beaten and such, since i'm not familiar with Nat's story, I'm not sure how much of the portrayal of him growing up and the relationship he had with his master was actually true. However, in the story telling sense, it was definitely significant to his rebellion. The movie focused so much on giving us the background story, that the actual rebellion part was a tad bit insufficient. there was a judas in the bunch, and i was quite surprised of who that person was and what that person grew to be.

Suicide Squad

so critics said the film was horrible. as tough of a critic as i am, i can't agree this go round. Suicide Squad turned out to be FAR better than Batman v Superman. first off, viola davis as amanda waller. her character wasn't believable to me. her (acting) and that role didn't quite match up. now there were a couple of ruthless, HBIC scenes that were worthy but not enough. her explanation of Squad members in the beginning was lacking heavily, i just could not get into her. killer croc's head looked to big for his body, he didn't appear to be as much of a killer as he perhaps should have been, that was a let down. diablo got the short end of the stick, his presence in the movie was a bit unnoticed and often forgotten about until the end, which clearly it had to be him to step up. boomerang seemed to be the annoying one. katana was ready to roll, there has to be someone like her around. i knew enchantress would be a problem from jump, she was uncontrollable, unpredictable ... her love interest had to be the one to put her down. common as monster t ... EN OH (NO). the justice league cameos may not have been necessary but they did add a nice, surprising touch. i'd like to point out that when the entire team met each other, they worked well together right off the bat.

i've saved the best 3 for last. Joker ... trailer previews, i figured i would NOT like him. the tattoos and platinum teeth was overboard, beyond overboard. however, watching him in this movie reminded me of the Joker in the batman cartoons, i liked that aspect of him played out. far from being better than Jack's and Heath's versions of the Joker; him not having much screen time probably played a big part, perhaps giving him too much would have ruined his likeness. his love and interactions with Harley ... perfection. he might leave her behind in a getaway (as he usually does) ... but he ALWAYS comes back for her, i thoroughly enjoyed seeing that played out. which leads us to Margot Robbie as harley quinn ... she did a damn good job, from her crazy/whackiness right down to her diction and delivery. Will Smith as Deadshot, again perfect. he had the most to lose in the group which is what, to me, made him the stand out star of the film. i'm not completely familiar with Deadshot's character, but Will Smith brought some Will Smith to the character and it worked.

can we also bring to light how the women are saving the day in these comic films?! scarlett witch, jean grey, wonder woman and now harley.

i just want to give special recognition to whomever provided the music for this movie ... the soundtrack, the artists that they have on it. Amazing. I haven't seen this level of tying songs to a movie in a LONG time.

Star Trek Beyond

with leonard nimoy passing away last year, i anticipated what/how this movie would play out, if perhaps he had filmed some scenes already, would they give him a decent fairwell ... they went the typical route, which i suppose worked, yet it was a slight let down. but i don't think they wanted his death to overshadow the film, which i suppose made it ok. then, the recent death of anton yelchin (plays chekov) was a heartbreak. anyway, the story, the villain, the action, the slight dramatics were decent. the film wasn't blockbuster or anything to rave about, but any star trek fan would be pleased and satisfied.

Jason Bourne
Jason Bourne(2016)

the first thing i said was, geez ... the years (aging) have not done Matt Damon and Julia Stiles any good. they look old. yikes. we're back at it with Jason Bourne, i feel bad for any female that winds up being on Jason's side ... they typically wind up dead. obviously this is an action packed movie, from the jump, you're lowkey sitting on the edge of your chair wondering what will happen next. i left thinking, if there is one thing you can count on, one thing that is guaranteed in this franchise, is that jason ALWAYS makes his mark. the dedication that he has in doing so, unprecedented.

X-Men: Apocalypse

I was just talking to one of my old, good friends about how disappointed i was in this film. being that x-men is my favorite comic, my favorite comic character is a member of the x-men ... i just was not impressed at all. the disappointment started when we, the viewers caught a first glimpse of Apocalypse stills. Now, anybody that knows about Apocalypse knows that he is THAT mutant. He's menacing, dangerous, POWERFUL, you should be afraid to even speak his name, that's just how big of a deal he is to the mutant world. That was the major fail of this movie.

Obviously Jean Grey/Pheonix is a powerful mutant as well, so it didn't surprise me that she would be the one to take down Apocalypse. I'm appreciating the fact that women superheroes are being put in the fore front and saving the day, "making the movie".

Moving on, out of the 4 horseman, I think Archangel may have been the most realistic (in relation to the actual story). The introduction of Psylocke was cute and relevant to Apocalypse but not necessarily to this movie since they didn't give me much of her. Come to think about it, there were too many characters that Fox just could NOT get a grip on. It was a bit all over the place.

Has anyone else noticed that the past 3 X-Men movies were pretty much centered around Eric/Magneto? I love the character development they provided for him, although I have no idea why Magneto thought he could live a "normal" life. NAH.

The Wolverine short ... we just gonna re-write his storyline and start from scratch? Oh OKO. Are we going to continue to overlook the fact that Nightcrawler is Mystique's son? OK. We'll never get to see Quicksilver, Scarlett Witch and Magneto unite as a family neither? OK.

I've always thought that the X-Men movies could do no wrong, even the first 3 with the original cast, regardless of how horrible/cheesy they may have actually been. But as the years have gone on, Fox brought in a new, younger, more vibrant cast, this last movie was not a good ending to that. Bummer.


I don't know if Will Smith just flat out does an awesome job at playing biographical roles or what. This movie definitely was underrated and it flew under the radar a tad bit. i was a tad bit appalled, yet not surprised, at the reaction to science from a scientific professional for proving something as perplexing as this ordeal was. people want answers yet are so afraid of finding out the truth.

Captain America: Civil War

one of the first things you see at the start of this movie. i took time to try and remember what was i doing in 1991?

crossbones ... poor guy. he revved up his gear for nothing.

black widow
there's a signature move that black widow has where she does this jump sit around someone's neck, then twist around to bring them down. it's a pretty bad ass move, but i'm tired of seeing it (she first did it in iron man 2 and 2-3 times here). needless to say, natasha is THAT chick. who else can kick ass in jeans, a biker jacket, boots and not break any sort of a sweat?

scarlet witch
the growth of wanda's character from when we first saw her in avengers: age of ultron to now is compelling. she saved a couple of her team mates lives. when you're in these types of situations, where you are who/what you are, you have to expect casualties of some sort. the crossbones blow up, sure she could have directed him elsewhere, but if she wasn't there to save cap, there would have been just as many casualties, if not more.

the vision
the vision is just an amazing character. i could listen and watch him talk all day. the sight of him being in clothes and cooking is rather weird but cute. obviously he's highly intelligent; his moves and decisions are highly based on logic and facts. the conclusions he comes to from those two things makes sense, but the conflict is that he's not a human. in the comics, the vision and scarlet witch are married, so the tender moments shown of their budding relationship was probably shocking to some, but appropriate. the airport battle scene, he stood firm in the side he chose and his actions. aside from scarlet hurting his feelings when she decided to leave the compound with hawkeye, he seemed pretty upset that opposing heroes didn't "get it" (perhaps comply is a better word here); that was quite surprising.

the falcon/red wing
i'm proud of how far they have brought the falcon and his gear. to make red wing a drone ... BRILLIANT. in captain america: the winter soldier, you could tell that sam had been a little bit rusty with his gear. the upgrades and i'm sure intensive/extensive practice that he's had, i'm excited to see what's next for him. he also didn't seem to fit in, sort of an outsider, new to the team (literally), he's more comfortable amongst others. him and cap's friendship has grown, you also got to see a bond forming between him and bucky, which i'm sure is important to cap. three amigos, reincarnated.

the winter soldier
most times when you are introduced to a villain (or former villain in this case), you see how they come into their own; they accept who they are, the power they posses to become some evil, rude, untouchable person. i appreciated seeing the struggle of him not wanting to turn into this remote controlled assassin because not too much of who his character is, was exposed in captain america: the first avenger. a lot more was shown on the strength with his metal arm, which is by far his greatest asset.

captain america
this 3rd installation of this series was probably what brought the storyline back full circle to the beginning. the friendship and loyalty between steve rodgers and james barnes. steve rodgers is very much so a voice of reason, which is why me being #teamcap was a no brainer. he's not a one directional thinker, he assesses the entire situation, weighs pros and cons of all outcomes and makes a valid decision based on the right thing to do humanly possible. he's an exceptional leader that can take blame and owns mistakes he's made. he's the guy that you can always count on, he keeps his word.

tony stark
tony has these neck jerking mannerisms, i don't know if it's a robert downey jr thing or a tony stark thing. but during his BARF demo, the younger version of him did them, it was funny and annoying at the same time. in iron man 3, we saw that tony started having panic/anxiety attacks, due to everything he's been through as iron man and on the avengers team. at the conclusion of iron man 3 he got rid of the chest piece. there's a scene between him and steve where he tells steve that he and pepper are on a "break". so, his decision to sign the accords ... i get it. to me, he was looking for a way out, somewhat of a break. alfre woodard's character blaming him for the death of her son was more than likely the nail in the coffin. we found out who was responsible for the death of tony's parents in the winter soldier movie; his reaction could be deemed appropriate, because, who wouldn't react like that? the issue that i had with that is, if the tables were turned, tony would have had rhodey's back 1000% (yes, one thousand percent).

peter parker/spider-man/aunt may
first off, who casted marisa tomei as aunt may? they need a bonus! the older versions of aunt may were played out. so glad to see a fresh face. speaking of fresh faces, peter parker's casting was also perfect. i loved toby mcguire in the first set of spider-man films, i think the amazing spider-man cast was more in line with who peter parker was, but this casting is and will probably be the best casting thus far. he's young, impressionable, funny, awkward, a dork/geek (given the opportunity to travel abroad and he's concerned about homework).

ant-man to giant-man, not a big surprise that he would do that (being that they released the giant-man funko pop figure), but it was a nice touch. my hopes are for the next time we see giant-man, he's mastered his movement and coordination.

baron zemo
for some reason, i wanted there to be a better reason why baron was pitted as the bad guy. i understand the tie in from age of ultron that sparked his interest in being pitted against captain america, but it just didn't work out well. his motive, though valid, was lacking, like the writers just said "oh, let's make him a victim of what happened before". anywho ... was that his famous death ray that we saw (contraption he was hiding in the hotel closet)? an ode to his real character perhaps?

t'chaka/t'challa/black panther
it had already been circulated that t'challa being in this movie was due to the death of t'chaka at the hands of the winter soldier. so, i was not expecting to see t'chaka. though brief, t'chaka's role was highly significant, his character is/was well respected, exposing the audience to how he governs wakanda. obviously the black panther being a part of this cast was a major staple for this film. i've never seen so much respect given to anybody in a film, as respect was given to the king(s) of wakanda, very awe inspiring. there was a bit of intrigue surrounding t'challa's first scene in the movie, i think everybody was holding their breath waiting for him to appear and speak. the vengeance he had was subtle, yet fearsome he has a warrior spirit that seemed to be underestimated. he made his intentions very clear and was set on seeing them through. wakanda is a rich nation, far ahead of its time (if you stayed to see the post credit scenes, you saw a snippet of this). the chasing scene where he clamped onto the falcon was ironic, being that he is a cat and the falcon is a bird.

stan lee
i almost forgot that stan lee was supposed to make a cameo! he showed up at a great time when spirits/feelings were possibly down. his placement is always impeccable.

i never thought iron man could actually beat cap in hand to hand combat, iron man's intelligent system even told him that. tony is nothing without his armor, once an opponent realizes that, it's a wrap. so, the comic storyline of civil war is that captain america dies. going into the movie, you have no idea how it will end. i'm glad that none of the heroes were killed, a lot of us became attached to them and their stories, there's so much more that could be shared with fans that it would have been unwise to kill off key players. with that being said, i'm pleased that someone had to be sacrificed, there couldn't have been a complete happy ending. unfortunately, rhodey/war machine may be grounded for a while, but with tony (and tony's money, tech) by his side, i'm sure he'll be back at em soon. there's a connecting theme that started in the avengers, that persisted through age of ultron and made its way here to civil war: the team is easily torn apart ... by 1 person. they have no trust in each other as unit. though they always seem to come together in the end and prevail, they seriously have to work on that in preparations for the next avengers movie: infinity war ... cause THANOS. the movie wasn't as intense as the winter soldier was and i think for once, i'm ok with that.

Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice

God-awful is not the term that would suffice. First off, if you paid any kind of attention to the initial trailor that was released for this film ... there was no cohesion between the two storylines, it was like one trailer for two totally separate movies. that's exactly how this movie played out, at least for the first hour. there was way too much flip flopping back and forth from bruce wayne/batman to clark kent/superman, the movie was all over the place, figuratively and literally. I fell asleep a couple of times, I was embarrassed. Realizing that movie adaptions don't always stay true to the comic/book story, there tends to be embellishment and divergence, however, when the story crosses the line of this makes absolutely no sense whatsoever, the movie fails.

Bruce Wayne/Batman
Ben Affleck ... HORRIBLE. As Bruce Wayne and as Batman ... just HORRIBLE. I will say that for this role, he definitely beefed up, I could appreciate that. But that's as far as my appreciation goes. Was it really necessary for us to be whopped across the head with how the Waynes are murdered again. We all KNOW this! I don't need to see that with every reincarnation, it's not necessary, let it go. The pearls were a nice touch though. The dreams/nightmares ... WTF?! T(he expression of my face). Ok, so we know that Bruce has nightmares of his parents death, the fall he takes, the bats, etc. I get it, but some of these nightmares made absolutely no sense to the movie, what part did they play here? oh right, NONE. Painful distractions is what they were.

Clark Kent/Superman
I love Henry Cavill as Clark Kent/Superman. When Clark came to earth and the Kents found him and raised him to what he is now, that had to be one of the best, if not the best, upbringing of a child that I've seen in a movie, particularly superhero related. Clark has this humbleness about him, where he always tries to do the right thing while staying within the realm of justice and abiding by the law. There is a tug of war where he is in situations that causes him to cross over to the "dark side", but then the good angel appears and reals him back. This causes for another weakness and downfall, the fact that he tries to see the good in people. If you watched Smallville or the recent Man of Steel movie, you saw this, I was glad to see that it was carried over here. The courtroom scene, he totally let's his guard down, he's ready and willing to accept the consequences of his battle with Zod. When he realized what was about to happen, knowing that it was absolutely too late to (re)act, the disappointed look was a tad bit heartbreaking.

Lex Luthor
... ... ... *sigh* This probably had to be the most inaccurate portrayal I've ever seen in my life. This Lex Luthor was more of a hysterical/crazy, mad scientist than the serious, mischievious, business saavy, son of a billionaire, heir to a throne. There is a type of prestige of having that much power that Lex possess, that fails in this movie. Didn't know if I was looking at Lex or if I was seeing a reincarnation of the Joker. Biggest issue: in what world does Lex Luthor create Doomsday?

What was the setting of this movie? Metropolis (Superman world) or Gotham (Batman world)? Was the Wayne building that perished in Man of Steel in Metropolis or did the battle of that movie occur in Gotham? In BvS, Metropolis and Gotham seemed to be a skip and hop of a distance between each other [which after further research, this is proven to be true, I clearly thought Metropolis was some country town in Kansas].

Batman vs. Superman Battle
Can we even call this a battle? It was an amateur, elementary kid fight at best. Totally disappointed. You have Batman in this new, heavier armor, which was a bad decision on his part. Heavy armor, slower movement. The exploitation of kryptonite to take down Superman *sigh* was a poor attempt. The effects that kryptonite has on Superman does not last long. Batman went through a great deal to get this rock and he couldn't come up with something better than a gas bomb? Come on! The sphere was 1 step better, but that coupled with the slow movement of the heavy armor, NO.

Martha Wayne/Kent
I never made the connection that their mothers share the same first name! This simple fact is what brought them together, I liked that.

Gal Gadot/Wonder Woman
You want something done and you want it done right? What do you do? You call a female! Why? She gets the job done with her hands tied behind her back. There was a lot of backlash towards Gal Gadot being Wonder Woman because of her size. #2 NEVER underestimate a female. Most importantly #1 NEVER underestimate a slim chick. Bruce sees her and he has to do a double take. She's a face in the crowd that catches your eye, you don't know who she is but at the same time she has this aura of confidence, prestige, it's almost mystical, she is somebody. Not only did WW save Batman and Superman by taking over the battle against Doomsday that they were clearly losing together, she saved this movie. She was the best part of this movie for me, hands down. Her time on camera suited as WW was short, but it was powerful.

Other "Meta-Humans"
The file containing information about Wonder Woman and other metahumans (the flash, aquaman, etc) was a look into what's to come with the individual spin off movies and the upcoming Justice League movies. This should have been a post credit scene (which there was NONE). Opening WW's info, sure, she is an actual character in the movie, the rest were no where near necessary for the audience to see during this film.

Death of Superman
Doomsday is a superman villain, it is known that Doomsday kills Superman, but why, Superman, did you have to "die"? Why? It wasn't your time. The dirt that Lois threw on the coffin, then it rising slowly off of the coffin ... WTF was that? Was that signifying him trying to beat his way out of the coffin? Totally lost.


The Merc with the Mouth ... Deadpool is not your typical, serious, superhero OK. He's an asshole, jerk, smartass, all of those things. With that being said, I didn't expect much from this film as far as being a success. Ryan Reynolds was the PERFECT actor to play this role. Needless to say, though there was a slight bit of corny quips, I enjoyed the storyline. There was a huge divergence from us previously seeing him as Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. But that's fine. We get to see a real Colossus: the Russian accent, the mutant that would rather give you the opportunity to do good as opposed to immediately battle. I would have liked to see him in his non-mutant form, he stayed in mutant form the entire movie, which was a bit unrealistic, Colossus isn't Colossus 24/7, he does go back to being Piotr Rasputin.


*Note* This is NOT the black version of Rocky, I would hate for it to be deemed as such.

This had to be one of the best films, if not the the best, that I watched in 2015. Obviously, you would've needed to at least see Rocky I-IV, if just only to get a background of the relationship that Rocky had with Apollo Creed, because that is what steered this movie. Michael B Jordan did an amazing job, this had to be the best role he's had to date in his acting career. If there are going to be parts in the movie that are predictable, the least one could do is make those predictable scenes GOOD. I was not let down here. I can definitely see at least one sequel to this.


I just started this book version, and already i'm seeing differences from the movie. *deep sigh* I'll just end it with that.


So, I decided to watch this movie while I was reading the novel. I was mostly expecting that since The Hunger Games stayed true to their book storyline a good 98%, this one would as well ... Wishful thinking. The book is far better than the dry movie adoption. IDK if it was the lead female role that lacked, or the entire movie period. Possibly the latter. There were significant parts that weren't caught on film, parts that weren't finished, it seemed to be all over the place, without any sense of focus. I am glad to see Mekhi Phifer still working. He was probably one of the few that did a good job in their limited role.

Jurassic World

i can say that this was pretty good. having watched the first jurassic park, wasn't sure if this movie could pull it off, but the angle of the story was different. chris pratt and his velociraptor crew brought a dynamic that was slightly predictable but fun. blue, i knew he would remain loyal. the hybrid dinosaur had a couple of surprises, but mostly predictable (particularly if you've seen/read storylines of artificial intelligence and evolution, specifically in animals ie. planet of the apes). bringing back the original t-rex, delightful surprise.


dope was ... dope. i was a tad bit excited to see Stacey from The Wood. A$AP Rocky is not exactly a bad fella to look at. Thought I would see more of Tyga, Quincy did a fabulous job. Chanel Iman's role was great, although i don't know why i wasn't surprised she of her role. I could have done without the jacking off scenes. Not sure if it was cliche to throw in the typical black stuff that is always portrayed, however, the overall storyline was decent and reminiscent to classic black movies.

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 2

so ... i can appreciate movie adaptations of books that stay true to the novel storyline. the hunger games series did about 95% of that. either way, i can't say that i was happy about who katniss winded up being with in the end, it just seemed awkward to me, but i suppose it made sense.


have i ever said i love rachel mcadams? cause i love rachel mcadams. have i ever said that 50 cent should not act? cause he shouldn't. i could barely understand the words coming over the big teeth that he has. anyway, i expected this movie to be more of a tear jerker (from other views i'd read), or perhaps i was just not as moved as i should have been. the main scene/action came faster than i thought (i expected there to be more of a fallout from this), but i suppose the real story was more so his rise/fall/rise again, which was decent. there were a couple of gaps here and there. forest whitaker's role was probably the best.

Straight Outta Compton

I must say that F. Gary Gray has never disappointed me. Straight Outta Compton is probably the best documentary movie I've seen since Spike Lee's Malcolm X; primarily because of what was going on during the time of NWA. The brutality of police against blacks that you see/hear about today is nothing new, it's damn near history repeating itself. The main difference is the popularity of social media. If you've never said "Fuck the police" with a vehemence, you could never fully understand.

Although I wasn't really feeling the actor for Dr. Dre, I think all of the actors did an amazing job. Ice Cube's son and the guy playing Eazy-E were the best. It wasn't difficult to figure out who was who. Gangs were SOOOO REAL (not that they aren't real now, but ..). Suge Knight, wow. I don't think people realize how much fear Suge was instilling in folks back then! Shoot, even I was afraid of him. Snoop's appearance in the movie made me laugh because I totally forgot that before he had the long hair don't care, he was rocking the low cut and baseball cap. Pac's actor was an exact resemblance, however, the mannerisms didn't match. The booth scene when he was recording Hail Mary ... highly disappointing, I was uncomfortable with how wrong it was. Obviously Eazy was most memorable, mainly because he's not here today and his death was a complete shock.

Fantastic Four

I might be the only one that is about to say this but ... this reboot was not as horrible as the reviews made it out to be. i actually enjoyed it (probably more so because of my educational background: the science was quite intriguing and appreciative).

apart from the first official F4 movies, there was no lovey dovey, sap laced emotional scenes, thank God! you actually get to witness the brilliance of both Victor von Doom and Reed Richards (again, excuse my nerdiness).

How often is it that you get to see a black man play a genius (outside of biographical movies)? i mean seriously? NEVER. Visually, this version of the Thing is better than the previous version.

the highlight for me was the final battle between F4 and Doom, Reed is pleading with Doom but Reed keeps calling him Victor. Doom finally says there is no Victor ... (and I affectionately finished the sentence because i knew the remaining part) ... I was a satisfied viewer.

Mission: Impossible Rogue Nation

i was disappointed. the best parts of this movie is what was shown in the trailers ... this latest movie lacked the drama and intensity that previous MI movies contained. the action scenes were too lax, it was damn near boring. the more i see of Jeremy Renner's acting, the more i like him. i was glad to see Ving Rhames have more scenes this go round, he got left out extremely in the last film. Benji is always fun, he's definitely the highlight and probably one of, if not the main, focal point of the movie.

In Time
In Time(2011)

i love cillian murphy as a villain (not that he necessarily plays the villain here) but there is something about him, his acting, idk there's something.

anyway, interesting movie. definitely different. idk if i could live knowing there is a specific clock/time to the end of my life. that has to be the most stressful thing ever. on top of that, the simple things you want or need, you pay for them with your time, not money, time. one of my biggest pet peeves is having my time wasted. idk how i would survive without killing someone.


I'm a fan of Matthew McConaughey, always have been. he has an endearing spirit that lures you in. There's a lot going on in this story, a few different storylines that don't quite seem to fit together, yet they come together decently.

Beyond the Lights

i enjoyed the overall message. the struggles of growing up, wanting to do what you want but being under the power/influence of others, then finally coming into your own, having/using your own voice.

American Sniper

this movie provided a decent aspect of what soldiers are faced with when they're deployed and when they come home.

Terminator Genisys

due to the extra scene post credit roll i left thinking: how many story lines will there be before we see the end of this? also, do we just forget about Terminator Salvation? If you're a Danaerys Stormborn fan, she definitely does a decent job. I did get lost a couple of times with all of the time travel.

Get On Up
Get On Up(2014)

the one thing i probably didn't like was him narrating to the audience, i kept asking myself 'who TF is he talking to?'. I wanted to see more about his personal life, the events leading up to his death, but i suppose everything can't be fit into a movie. I've never seen any of the Little Richard movies, but them showing his role in Brown's career was pleasant to see.

World War Z
World War Z(2013)

Who doesn't love Brad Pitt? Seriously? The man put his life on the line. Idk where they got these zombies from, but they were clearly on steroids doing super human type of stuff, it was quite shocking.

The Judge
The Judge(2014)

idk why i enjoy RDJ as an actor (perhaps because of Iron Man) ... but he played an exceptional role here. A lot of twists and turns where the obvious isn't so obvious. Although the familial issues in this story have been done before, these issues were done quite well.

Avengers: Age of Ultron

Unlike the first Avengers (Thor: The Dark World, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, X-Men: Days of Future Past, etc.), Avengers: Age of Ultron lacked the drama; not one time was I on the edge of my seat, or gasping in surprise ... well I ALMOST did at the end. Ultron came off as a smart aleck, bratty child. The Vision is a spectacle! I thought the usage of the term "enhanced" instead of "mutants" was funny, I was expecting "gifted". The "twins" having German accents, which obviously made sense, but was unexpected since Quicksilver was completely American in DOFP. Their characters were done justice. This points out that Fox Studios needs to seriously get it together in some places in regards to character development. Despite my slight disappointment, the movie was highly comical, definitely enjoyable and filled with several surprises.


initially we all wanted to know, what is in this suitcase ... then it was, what happens to her now? this is one of those movies that you don't typically care for a background story, you probably wouldn't even be able to follow it if you did care. I surely got lost somewhere along the way, but the anticipation of what happens next kept building.


nevermind the fact that angelina jolie is a homewrecker, she always makes a good villain. if my mom hadn't said this was a scary movie (which we all gave her silly looks followed by laughing), i probably wouldn't have been interested in watching this. i liked the good girl gone bad, grinch grows a heart twist; made the plot a bit realistic, because who wouldn't take revenge against an old flame?

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay - Part 1

all i can say is, poor peeta! it's a shame what they did to him.

The Wedding Ringer

Not much of a fan of Kevin Hart's acting. He has the tendency to go a bit overboard into corny. But I must say, this is by far the best role, acting that i've seen him do. Definitely a FUN movie.

The Equalizer

hard to NOT like a denzel movie. this was a different realm for him, i wonder how much he had to prepare for this role. the "fighting" and such.

Dawn Of The Planet Of The Apes

Caesar is the man!! well ape. Even my sister enjoyed it and she's hard to please.

No Good Deed
No Good Deed(2014)

Idris Elba as a bad guy, interesting. Interesting story, i halfway paid attention to the beginning, i guess it would have been a bit beneficial if i had then i wouldn't have been surprised at the ending and why he did what he did.


really enjoyed this! Gugu Mbatha-Raw is such a fresh face. Her role as Dido was refreshing. Her character is very warm, humble, respectable in the midst of the situation that she's in. just an all around good story. not completely predictable.

The Expendables 3

expendables 2 > expendables 1 > expendables 3 ... that pretty much sums it up

Think Like a Man Too

first movie, definitely better. just like the first movie, i movie hopped to see this, so thankful i didn't pay for it. i felt like this follow up was too much, trying to hard on the jokes and catch phrases. i definitely appreciate terrance j's character stepping up in the end.

Brick Mansions

pretty decent movie! the action was there from the beginning, kept you wanting more. i hate RZA as an actor, gosh, he should just stick to other stuff.


found ourselves asking ... "where is godzilla" what type of creature is this other thing? by the time godzilla entered stage left, i no longer cared about the movie

Guardians of the Galaxy

Totally late on this but here goes: based on the trailers, i wasn't too hyped about seeing this movie. However, it's Marvel, seeing it on opening weekend is mandatory. The movie was everything you expected it to be everything it wasn't. No disappointments there. Not your typical Marvel movie, more comedy than serious, i'm going to risk my life to save the world before i expose someone who is perceived to be good.

A lot of corniness (Star Lord), but, again, expected. As a person that is vertically challenged, i thoroughly enjoyed Rocket Racoon and his fiestiness. Groot was extremely likable, particularly baby Groot, beyond adorable. Drax was as dumb as a box of rocks, expected LOL. Of course, I always support the slim chicks; there were times when Zoe tried to play serious as Gamora, but it just didn't work for me. But who cares, she does no wrong in my eyes.

Lone Survivor

idk if i should feel ashamed because i know the lingo of the military, perhaps that was why, while it was a heartbreaking based on a true story movie, it was definitely a good one. there were a couple of mistakes i saw made that ... just wasn't smart nor did they make sense logically. this movie definitely further proved that i'd never survive the army. *shakes head no strongly*

300: Rise of an Empire

definitely didn't recall the first 300 film, so i was a bit lost. i do remember that i didn't like all of the blood and gore of it, which is definitely the big thing of this film. enjoyed seeing cersei (lena headey) be a boss and kick butt, that was quite surprising, although, she wasn't a shy one in the first film. the other female lead was really impressive, she really thrived on loyalty and she stayed true to the end.

Transformers: Age of Extinction

*sigh* the issue of starting over w/ a fresh new cast is just ... horrible. which is what brought this movie down. there was way too much focus on the back story of the new cast, who i really didn't care for. the action that i was waiting for didn't come until the last 40 minutes of this film.

The Great Gatsby

ever since i watched the wolf of wallstreet, i've had a totally different perception of mr. decaprio. i read this novel back in high school (12+ years ago) so i couldn't quite remember the entire story line; but great to see what i did remember. i suppose the film was brought forward to match today's day age (film quality, glitz, glam), i really wanted to see more of the "old money", "old times". but i enjoyed it.


sad that i only recall the scenes that included the explosion and the when he totally ignored his family (due to his memories being wiped) ... yea.


the storyline was surprisingly good. i throughly enjoyed mike epps' character, although once you figure out what's really going on, it becomes predictable. sanaa did a great job here, forest maybe was a little overboard once he got to the captivity scenes. i didn't like the ending however.

Ride Along
Ride Along(2014)

how many times did i laugh? probably twice at most. tika sumpter, horrible. ice cube, dry. kevin hart, corny, as he is in most movie roles. glad i got it from redbox for free.

Black Nativity

predictable, sure; did i enjoy the storyline, yes. it wasn't as much of a musical as i expected it to be. pretty impressed w/ Jacob Latimore's intensity and acting skills, it worked for his character. what's NOT to love about angela bassett? she could play a hooker and it still would be great. tyrese and mary j played typical roles (mjb's makeup was HORRID).

Mandela: Long Walk to Freedom

i don't want to say that the movie was boring, but the movie was boring. however, seeing the events of history replayed and the roles of the people involved were the only appeal.

The Wolf of Wall Street

not much a fan of LD, but ... his role in this film was QUITE surprising!


why was this movie done? no seriously? WHY. i can't even remember how many times i said wtf?! a dog riddick? really? a dog?

chronicles of riddick > pitch black > riddick

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

The party starts almost immediately, AMAZING wielding of the vibranium shield. Leading right into the heaviest theme in this movie: loyalty and trust. Quite common with Steve Rodgers, that's the type of guy he is, he doesn't play well and/or adjust easily to dishonesty. But that is also his weakness, as he comes face to face with his best friend, whom he thought perished to the fall from the train years ago.

Which brings us to the Winter Soldier. Man oh man!! I was completely at a lost for words watching him play out his role. I've never seen such a brutal, powerful, emotionless, intense, untouchable villain in my life (not even Loki can compare). Which is what made him a worthy and formidable adversary. That mechanical arm of his ... my God!

The Falcon: we finally see the first black superhero! I've liked Anthony Mackie since Since Hate Me, he was perfect for this role. He only had a couple of good action shots (and by a couple I do mean two). I wnated to see more from him but I guess what we saw will have to do. I definitely expect to see more of him in upcoming films.

Listen to me when I tell you, Scarlett Johansson is the BEST casted female superhero EVER!!!!! When she whooped Happy within 5 seconds in Iron Man 2 and Tony Stark said I want one (Pepper told him no) ... I wanted one too! She hasn't let me down since.

As with any other Marvel comic film, there is always the extra endings. So if you've been hoping that we will get to see the merging of two separate film studios that put out films of Marvel characters, you may get your wish!!

Captain Phillips

NEVER been a Tom Hanks fan, NEVER, EVER, EVER, EVER! But this film is probably the best 'based on a true story' movie i've ever seen. The moment the Somali citizens make their appearance, you immediately get an intense feeling leaving you wondering 'what will happen next?'. Wonderful job casting Muse's character (Barkhad Abdi), who, btw is a real Somalian; the similarity between the actor and the real person is amazing. Abdi did an amazing job; has me wondering if we'll ever see him again.

Lee Daniels' The Butler

the scene when louis mentioned sydney poitier at the dinner table had me rolling. i'm not a history buff, i definitely don't particularly like history, but it's always interesting to see significant historical events from different aspects. but the movie was quite dry at times. david banner and mariah's roles ... WOMP, WOMP

Fruitvale Station

this movie is quite intimate. watching it, i felt like i knew the guy or i know some1 just like him. the events that happened are tragic, and it's quite unfortunate that these types of things continue to happen today.

The Internship

hmmm, not as funny as i expected it to be. i fell asleep midway through the movie so ... *shrugs* OF COURSE Will Ferrell had to be in it.

The Hangover Part III

such an unnecessary movie to make ... and watch for that matter. thank God i only paid 1.20 at redbox for it

About Last Night

*saw a free advanced screening*
if i had paid my money to see this i would have walked out and requested a refund. i was seriously on the verge of walking out regardless. the movie was entirely raunchy, boring and predictable. not to mention the sappy humor. this confirmed my dislike for micahel ealy as an actor. the setting of his jaw annoys me. also, most comedians are NOT great actors; small supporting roles, sure, but main roles, NO.

The Best Man Holiday

this wasn't quite as good as the first movie, a lot of story lines to catch up on. definitely funny, full of fun, emotion and surprises, harbouring old feelings, etc.

Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues

wasn't as corny and mediocre as i assumed. sort of impressed; was probably the only 1 in the theater that hadn't watched the 1st one in a while.

Thor: The Dark World

you have to LOVE Loki, his schemes, sarcastic humor and back handed compliments! there were one too many key deaths, BUT don't be fooled because everything isn't as they seem! the dark elves and malekith are definitely a force to be reckoned with. be sure to stay after both credits for extra scenes!

The Vow
The Vow(2012)

i've been a fan of rachel mcadams since wedding crashers and red eye. interesting to know that this was based on a true story.

The Wolverine

*sigh* i was a bit disappointed here ... but this seemed like a rogue film anyway, so my disappointment level is only so high. hiroyuki sanada is a good looking, mystical, asian man, so that's where most of enjoyment of this movie came from.

Tower Heist
Tower Heist(2011)

i totally shot this movie down. but to my dismay, i was laughing and quite interested more than i thought i would be.

New Year's Eve

this movie was a waste of my time, as boring as watching paint dry. the only storyline i liked was the young teenaged girl. common's head was clearly put on a random person's body. how did they think we WOULDN'T notice that foolery.


watched this twice, almost watched it a 3rd time to figure out the gotchas, still didn't figure out until after i discussed it w/ a fellow comrade ... *womp*

Now You See Me

<--- enjoyed being tricked and trying to figure out what's what, who's who, etc.

Dead Man Down

i didn't like the ending, when terrance got killed. more specifically how. i like the cleverness of colin's plot for revenge.

Pain & Gain
Pain & Gain(2013)

a lot of corny, supposed to be funny jokes and moments. this movie seemed a bit overboard and unnecessary, then it shows 'based on a true story' ... had no idea *inserts womp womp sound*


so many parts where i thought it's about to get real' ... but it didn't *inserts womp womp sound*

A Good Day To Die Hard

action sequences, drama were great. probably would have been better if Jack was angry with John longer


while we obviously know what's going to happen here ... i was quite intrigued by the surprises. i loved the counselling, psychiatry aspect. brandy ... horrible actress ... kim k ... horrible actress

Man of Steel
Man of Steel(2013)

Never thought i'd be saying this but henry cavill > tom welling ... with that being said ... i believe my mouth was open 70% of the movie. if you're a Smallville fan, this is Smallville x 1000. this has to be the BEST Superman storyline EVER. Being used to the lackluster excitement and boring fights of Superman's past, this movie will satisfy you. It more than likely has to do with the lengthy, dramatic, fight scenes which makes this movie spectacular (in my opinion). Marvel HAS to do better with their upcoming hero flicks.

Did anybody else catch the Smallville water tower? It was only shown for approximately 1.5 seconds.

I'd like to see Lex Luthor in the sequel.

The Call
The Call(2013)

I rented from Redbox and watched this movie with my brother. Movies are always better than they may be when I'm watching with my siblings. The ending is probably what made the movie suck if anything. I don't appreciate Morris Chestnut being slimmer and David Otunga (Punk) using Botox ... but who am I?

The Man With the Iron Fists

This was all I expected it to be (overly dramatic, bloody/gory fight scenes) and all I didn't (decent story/plot). The storyline was good, different pieces were scattered wildly throughout the movie, it didn't really deliver as it should/could have. RZA is a horrible actor, but we already knew this. Obligatory sex scenes w/ Crowe ... totally unnecessary, but I expected to see this, so I digress. Since I love the Asian culture, the scenery was enjoyable.

The Hunger Games

i'm not a fan of killing children ... but i did enjoy the glamorization and the production of 'the games'. i'm interested in learning the back story of such punishment, which would probably be detailed in the actual books. i loved (and adore the actress that plays) rue by the way ... even if she isn't supposed to be black

Taken 2
Taken 2(2012)

pretty good, i'm interested in seeing if there will be a part 3 or if things really ended in 2, considering the type of people liam was dealing with, there could be a part 3

End of Watch
End of Watch(2012)

started off a little boring, but picked up pretty smoothly. great movie, i almost want to say i have a new respect for cops ... but i'm black, EFF THE PO-PO!!

The Bourne Legacy

first half of the movie only one word (and one look for that matter) was going through my brain. and that is 'huh', who are these people? shouldn't he be dead? ... then it finally clicked ... this is the part of the movie that nobody cared about, while bourne was out causing havoc, THIS was going on elsewhere. this isn't a sequel, it's more of a parallel storyline, if you understand what i'm trying to say. the best part was probably the last 30 minutes of the movie.

Alex Cross
Alex Cross(2012)

maria cross is alive in this story, his best friend is a white guy named tommy, not a black guy named sampson (could have at least been a white guy named sampson), jannie is older than damon, the butcher doesn't rape the women after he kills them, he's an artist ... HUH? ... why can't movies from books stay true to the characters and storyline?

good movie, but acting/actors ... didn't like; glad i didn't pay to see this at the theater. madea came out of tyler perry a lil bit too

Total Recall
Total Recall(2012)

umm ... can't really remember whether this is a good or bad movie *shrugs* i don't think there was as much action going on as i expected. the best part were probably the what was shown in the trailer

The Watch
The Watch(2012)

over-rated movie, too much effort into the funny jokes that weren't funny

Resident Evil: Retribution

so much was going on that i didn't even know what was going on


i swear forrest has lives like a cat, but what do you expect from someone who plays the villain bane? ending scene was a stupid move; shia had plenty opportunity to man up before his chance, he should have taken it. i expected more camera time and action from commissioner gordon (dark knight) *shrugs*


pretty decent all the way up until the mike epps exit scene; storyline similar to other music stardom type movies. definitely a great role for whitney's last screen appearance


first 5 seconds ... ok, we'll skip that comment. first 10 minutes, classic Denzel. this man always has the same type of chicks as his love interest, i don't know if i should start feeling offended or what. the perception of Denzel's character, his role in general was great; the supporting actors/actresses were highly appropriate for their roles; John Goodman, i miss his acting!

The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2

if you've read the book, you know what happens. But then there's a twist and you think ... that's NOT supposed to happen ... that's DEFINITELY NOT supposed to happen ... ok what's going on here? When it all comes back you're like, duh, why DIDN'T i see that. i definitely almost flipped out at the end, the twist had me going, but knowing the character(s), i should have figured. i always thought this was the best book out of the series, this is definitely the best movie out of the series.

The Dictator
The Dictator(2012)

more corny and over acted than anything; definitely not as funny as the Borat/Bruno movies

Ultimate Avengers II

i expected to see more action from black panther, rage of the panther is his best move; clearly Thor is the butt of all jokes in this set, he gets referred to as a hippie.

Ultimate Avengers: The Movie

"who's the chick with the hammer?" Ant Man <--- funniest line of the movie; if you've seen all of the recent Marvel movies (Thor, Captain America, Avengers ...), the events of this movie should be no surprise

The Expendables 2

<---- enjoyed seeing jean-claude van damme as the bad guy!!! and folks ... he still has it! wish the ending fight scene was a bit longer, oh well. chuck norris had a great (funny) role and i love anything from bruce willis

Safe House
Safe House(2012)

fast paced, action, kick ass from the start. definitely wasn't expecting so much from this.

21 Jump Street

eh, couple of funny parts ... highly predictable ... ice cube has just become way too corny for acting ... but he's getting a check so *shrugs*

The Dark Knight Rises

eh, i'll have to go back and see it again. introducing the villain in the first 10 minutes (which wasn't that impressive) was a plus. some parts of the movie was predictable: the beginning, the end ... the ONE thing that wasn't was the background of Bane; very tricky, but i liked the twist.

i expected Bane to be more muscular. after seeing Batman & Robin, noting the size of the comic character; he should have been. He just looked like an older, flabby muscled version of Bane. LOL.

my conclusion is, if you understand code: (dark knight || avengers) > dark knight rises

A Thousand Words

i think i only watched this because kerry washington is in (little women unite), movie was blah. i liked the dorky boy assistant though

Tyler Perry's Good Deeds

i like the tyler perry movies where he's playing himself more than him playing a lady. although the storyline was predictable, i enjoyed it and sympathized w/ the characters, etc.


kanye said it best, no one man should have all that power. this movie shows that

The Grey
The Grey(2012)

despite the fact that this movie was completely predictable (plane crash, survival, being picked off one by one by a pack of wolves), i actually enjoyed most of it. you have to have a sense of humor of some sort to laugh at the asshole of the bunch which is what kept me watching. i would have loved to see an actual ending instead of the drop off you were left with

Men in Black III

first 10 minutes = not impressed. i was a bit offended w/ will's HORRIBLE makeup, it appeared as if he was a mexican trying to play a light skinned black guy ... FAIL. was this the best out of all 3, NO. the ante was upped on the emotion/moral factor but down on the action.

Underworld: Awakening

a super lycan, interesting twist. this should have been the 3rd movie anyway, who cares about the beginning in the middle of a series? interested in the next.

Marvel's The Avengers

how many times did i pay to see this movie? TWICE (1st time was in 3D IMAX). and i'd pay to see it a 3rd time. BEST COMIC MOVIE EVER!!!

Think Like a Man

a lot of laughs, some stuff was stupid, some stuff common sense; most of which happens iin real life

Real Steel
Real Steel(2011)

reminds me of rock-n-sock-em game ... is this movie predictable? definitely but the ending fight wasn't

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

the first hour of the movie: wtf is this about? took a nap in the middle, liked the end *shrugs*

X-Men: First Class

it's a marvel comic, do i really need to say anthing else?

i feel this should have been called xmen origins - magneto

great movie for those who have never followed any x-men story (comic, cartoon series, previous movie).

love the wolverine cameo

Red Tails
Red Tails(2012)

i chose to see this movie because of the cast lineup (this isn't a movie full of black nobodies) not because george lucas backed most of the financing for a movie full of black actors; w/ that being said ...... the opening scene: hated it, the movie started out extremely dry, dull and boring, i got a minute of shut eye here and there in the beginning. the plot eventually picked up, while it was a bit predictable, there were a couple of gotchas; all in all, it was a good effort at narrating this particular historic event.

p.s. i was pretty glad to see that lil miles from moesha was provided a role; i wish black actors/actresses were given more lead roles outside of the films produced by blacks

Mission: Impossible Ghost Protocol

i don't appreciate the 1 minute role they gave ving rhames, guess he really didn't 'fit into the budget' as reported. seeing tom cruise as ethan again made me think, isn't he too old? but clearly, him running in the streets w/ dress shoes on proved me completely wrong. pretty good action and gadget wise, and a couple of remarkable stunts keeps your eyes glued to the screen

Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 1

you know how when you read the books, then see the movie and you wait for all the parts you read to happen, then the movie is over. yea, that's how I felt when watching this.

i was glad to see the wolf pack communicating while form, something that should have BEEN introduced, i think the biggest part I anticipated was jacob's imprint on renesmee.

with that being said, bring on part two!! the real fun and end to the series.

Something Borrowed

for some reason i enjoy kate hudson's acting ::shrugs:: cute movie, typical situation. i enjoyed the marcus character, and the girl that was so in love w/ the guy that didn't like her at all

Rise of the Planet of the Apes

pretty incredible movie, amazingly different storyline (appreciated). the growth and abilities of caesar, the evolution of a possible cure to a discouraging disease (which reminds me that every film tries to find a cure for the SAME thing!) ... outstanding. hopefully the next movie (if there is one), starts where this one leaves off, instead of re-creating the wheel.


if your child tells you they want to be a killer when they grow up, the good parent replies "sure honey, ok", while the terrible parent may have a variety of replies.

first 10 minutes of the opening scene keeps your attention, but what happens next makes the movie the great. the younger version of cataleya is cute, innocent (looking), awesome, courageous and determined; an appropriate role for amandla to play as an emerging young actress. zoe saldana did a great job kicking ass, while it may seem like a cliche female action movie, the storyline is good. the best action movies never seem to last long enough or have enough fight.

poor tom from HawthoRNe just can't catch a break w/ women! LOL. and i see they brought in jordi molla from bad boys ii to reprise his favorite word "bitch"

The Adjustment Bureau

very, very, interesting and intriguing; the trailer didn't do well with selling this movie at all. i like that anthony mackie plays 1 of the main supporting roles, didn't get that from the trailer either, smh, tsk

Hall Pass
Hall Pass(2011)

not as funny as it appears ... all i really remember is on 1 particular part my my sister yells 'ewwww' 'ewwww' ... now that was funny


first 10, boring. those foot chases were extremely hilarious though.

Captain America: The First Avenger

other than the shield wielding (i want one by the way), i wasn't quite impressed w/ the fighting scenes. didn't get the feeling of "oh he's getting his ass kicked" but oh well. the skinny jokes were a bit funny. very impressive for derek luke's character to confess his HBCU education (Howard); maybe folks missed that part

what i've been trying to figure out is ... how old is tony stark compared to captain america? since Howard Stark looked like he was somewhere in his 30s and captain america's slumber of 70 years b4 being encountering nick fury, confirming the non-aging factor ...

now, the exciting part, what no1 was waiting for ... The Avengers trailer ... FUCKING AWESOME ::that is all::

Horrible Bosses

awesome movie! probably the funniest i've seen all year. jennifer aniston playing a slutty whore and saying "pussy", jamie foxx as mothaf--ka jones and who knew kevin spacey could be so gangsta? NICE


strayed away from the norm, very interesting twist


although the plot was quite predictive, i liked the storyline; definitely something new for movies. didnt like that the characters played high schoolers though

Transformers: Dark of the Moon

started off all over the place for me

more comedic moments, great. i like the new chick only cause she had on a pair of CL w/ every outfit. tyrese in his classic old school ride, i suppose that was necessary? sentinel being the BOSS that rick ross raps about, i liked that. my highlight: optimus murked sentinel w/ ONE ARM ( BOW ). had me thinking that if megatron is deceased, was this the last movie?

the unforseen deception (conflict) made this a great movie.


definitely could have done w/o the first 2 minutes ... a couple of funny punch lines, predictable plot = not impressed

Super 8
Super 8(2011)

5 boys, 1 girl, middle school aged sneaking out of the house in the middle of the night to shoot scenes for a movie ... i can dig it (@ least they're being productive w/ a hobby).

halfway through this flick i still didn't know WTF was going on. but i must say, it does have a good storyline once u figure out what it is. pretty good movie for the pre-teens; great acting for a cast full of young, first-timers.

Scott Pilgrim vs. the World

what would the world be like if we had to fight all of our s/o exes, probably like this

for some reason the awkwardness of characters n movies appeal to me

Little Fockers

ummm, apparently jack still doesn't trust greg, tsk. a couple of funnies, nothing new but older kids

not impressed w/ kevin hart n this movie, but his poor performance was expected. jessica alba's character ... expected

i noticed that owen wilson fixed his nose though

Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides

idk what was the last pirates movie i actually saw AND understood, but this 1 wasn't as confusing as those before it. i was able to follow along, the ending was predictable. johnny depp is obviously the star again, penelope cruz so-so. i mostly enjoyed the guy w/ the bible and the main mermaid.

The Dilemma
The Dilemma(2011)

vince vaughn, kevin james, what more could u ask for though? comedy and sheer sarcasm #NICE

The Hangover Part II

not impressed, wait for the $1 red box rental


action wasn't as great as i expected, however i could watch chris hemsworth ALL day. anthony hopkins always does a phenomenal job. idris elba ... was awesome n his small role, so screw all u FOLKS that hated him playing it! "NEXT!" i always appreciate seeing the stan lee cameos

3D IMAX was not worth it, see it in regular 2D mode, or if it was in regular IMAX w/o the 3D

SN: i have to try the whole pet store scene, although i don't think i could keep a serious face

Jumping the Broom

definitely wasn't expecting this to be what it was, great movie, awesome comedy, star line up ... i did cringe on w/ the lil romeo kissing scene though UGH

Fast Five
Fast Five(2011)

a bit predictable but great action and comedy, the ending leaves room for another movie. i could watch vin diesel ALL day

How Do You Know

1 word: CORNY. reese seems OUT OF IT; she could have done better, or maybe her acting sucks that much. she did better n legally blond

Black Swan
Black Swan(2010)

this girl is crazy, idk what was wrong w/ her

Lottery Ticket

can't believe i wasted my free redbox rental on this; ice cube HORRIBLE; bow wow HORRIBLE as always. loretta, naturi and brandon TYPICAL but probably the best out of the whole cast; teaira marie TYPICAL ::deep sigh::

The Social Network

this movie was extremely fast past; i don't do too well w/ assholes, specifically highly intelligent ones as such; if we all produced something amazing when our s/o made us mad, no one would b in danger of this economy downfall


boring, fell asleep after the twin boys story, would have fell asleep sooner, but they were the only things i remember from the trailer ::shrugs:: didn't understand the whole french part, i definitely do NOT like reading more than one convo of subtitles

Scream 4
Scream 4(2011)

i was thrown for a loop here! i failed going for the obvious in the end and i'm upset about that! the subtle "last laugh" in the ending was great.

wasn't feeling hayden panettierre being put in high school, u could clearly see she's older than bunch.

courteney cox's wardrobe was the BOMB.COM.

actors stood their ground instead of willing being killed. they had a will to live and their instincts kicked in (i can't stand weak individuals). comebacks were quite funny.

"i'm going to slit your eyelids in half so you don't blink when i stab you in the face!" <---- DAMN!!!

Life as We Know It

"sweetie you have s--t on your face" LOL

The Tourist
The Tourist(2010)

i saw some tongue action n the kissing scenes; i like angelina, i like johnny; he's a lot more subtle and sexy n this movie ::shrugs::

Due Date
Due Date(2010)

stalks over w/ head held high "are you ready to apologize now?"
"what!? *expletive* you!!"
"you better check yourself, before you wreck yourself"

Jackass 3
Jackass 3(2010)

sooo, the only parts i enjoyed were the midget fight and when bam got trapped n the snake pit. i really felt him on that 1

Resident Evil: Afterlife

not impressed; cgi was horrible, too fake for me. this franchise doesn't need to be milked any longer, but obviously there's more to come

Battle: Los Angeles

i enjoyed this. very intense movie, the storyline was a bit predictable but it was quite appropriate. the combat seemed very believable, i felt like i was n the movie myself. a lot of soldiers were involved so it was expected that at least half of them would get killed. glad to see more than 1 black person survive this go round. the movie showed passion, heart, uncertainty, dedication, support; definitely appreciated armed services more


the rock was very menacing n this movie; totally different and unexpected; although, he did grow a heart in the end.


tase someone to make them drive? phenomenal! the twists were great, the hubby thing wasn't quite called for, i knew a retaliation was mounting

The Town
The Town(2010)

although the movie takers took the cake this year for male robbing movies, ben affleck did pretty good in this 1 (not much of a fan). great intensity, action and dramatics


4 levels deep into a dream, too much work. i don't do mind tricks and it was a bit confusing; the back story w/ his wife is what made the movie more intriguing and everything click

I Am Number Four

very good story line; a little slow for the action but i enjoyed the main characters; expected to see more of the numbers but i suppose those r left for future sequels


i'm glad i saw this at the $1 movie ... although i did like the dramatics once it finally picked up and i am satisfied with the ending

Tron Legacy
Tron Legacy(2010)

for me not to know anything about the storyline, i enjoyed it; plus it had 2 do w/ technology and programming, sooo it's 5 stars n my book.


pretty funny movie

Grown Ups
Grown Ups(2010)

"this song makes me so horny" ... serious side eye

adam sandler, rob schneider and steve buscemi always make a funny collabo

chris rock has always been corny

For Colored Girls

any person that "identifies" themselves as a woman should go see this AND buy the book :)


pretty decent, not a fan of the "new predators" look though

Vampires Suck

waste of my $10 and 2 hours

why the black vampire had to have the munchies? and pour hot sauce on the victim?

the Tiger Woods stab "she started doing the pro golfer" was a bit funny


all this EYE CANDY ... TI never fails to bring the sexy: tailored suits, eff you attitude - LOVE IT; idris elba getting his hands dirty, flashing the screen - SATISFIED; chris brown redeeming himself yet again


hmm, vampires turn back human; different

The Expendables

wasn't as impressed as i thought i would b; arnold didn't have much of a role; they could have left him OUT; movie didn't really pick up until the middle and it seemed more rambo-ish then kick-ass *shrug;

The Blind Side

sandra deserves all the glory for this; & her wardrobe ...

Ninja Assassin

opening scene: extremely vulgar, bloody (unnecessary);

the remainder of the movie: bloody; not sure if they were trying 2 get across the point of how powerful a katana sword (if that's the type it was) is, but good fights;

Sex and the City 2

abu dabi, i want to go there; glad i didn't pay for this movie; was a bit long, but a great sequel to the first; kim catrall really needs 2 slow her role

The Karate Kid

the son of will smith, i declare; poor jaden, getting beat is no type of fun; but he perservered n the end

Iron Man 2
Iron Man 2(2010)

THE EFFING BOMB! scarlett johansson kicked major hind parts; mickey rourke has never looked good 2 me, but his character n this movie, could get IT! reminds me of somebody i know . . .

The Hangover
The Hangover(2009)

my brother kept telling me i needed 2 c this; the brothe-in-law . . . 2 funny

this isn't the real caeser's palace is it? hey guys, you ready 2 let the dogs out? CLASSIC

Why Did I Get Married Too

i enjoyed, wasn't as predictable as past TP flicks; i always enjoy Tasha Smith's acting

Alice in Wonderland

the 3D hurt my eyes; wasn't a childhood fan of alice n wonderland so i didn't know the complete storyline, so i only went b/c of johnny depp

Brooklyn's Finest

slight twist to the same cop movie story line; not an ethan hawke fan, not a don cheadle fan; but think i sort of liked don 1% more even though his role was a bit cheesy; after the death of the best actor (pretty good for his 1st big screen since tax evasion-LOL) the movie becomes 95% predictable w/ 5% ending shock

Couples Retreat

i signed up for the fun stuff with the touchy feely shit being optional


wow, keeps u watching, wondering; devastation, disaster, the federal govt and it's politics

The Wolfman
The Wolfman(2010)

have always loved anthony hopkins, the real bad guy

Valentine's Day

kind of sucks; "if he said it it must be true cause he's a florist" LOL @ Jamie Foxx

Four Christmases

vince vaughn never disappoints
kooty kate, lol; baby throwing up, then he starts getting throw up tendencies <-- my mom to the T

The Lovely Bones

only disappointment: they should have found her; sorry police-or maybe it was the time setting

Edge of Darkness

1st 15-20 minutes is about as good as it gets, the rest is a slow death


modern day pocahontas

i think the Na'vi tribe should have suspected the outsiders ill intent, but i suppose thats just a part of the never ending circle of giving folks the benefit of the doubt and still getting let down.

Prom Night
Prom Night(2008)

HS prom = teens & sex; throw in a psycho stalker killer and i suppose its a good watch for free on tv; and idris elba is always a good look . . .

The Book of Eli

could have been more adventurous, very boring, but a good story line, what count is denzel @ for dying n movies?

Terminator Salvation

actually pretty good; could have done with a more normal arnold swartzinager terminator instead of the incredible hulk size they had him as

G.I. Joe: The Rise of Cobra

um so what was this about again? too many storylines: black ninja vs. white ninja, love feat. the "deceased" brother, cobra-ness and the line of ancestory . . . great action, a bit poor on acting

Michael Jackson's This Is It

Complete awe, is what i'm in 8 hours after seeing this. Of course i saw it in IMAX, which made the experience just as great. Great choreography, vocals, scenes, the fans would have been in for a really good show if he had made it to those concerts. The dancers were great, the new scenes for each of his songs he was going to perform. He showed no clue that he was tired, he was completely giving it his all. Showed that he was a complete perfectionist, singing the parts of the instruments that the musicians should have had right, every lighting or visual effect had to be on his cue, etc. This is the F**king MAN!!! None can or ever will compare to his greatness, humbleness and perfection.

The Last House on the Left

pretty great, but who really meets some random weird kid and follows him for pot, then stays all day n his apt w/o asking questions? always go with your instincts, we often forget

I Can Do Bad All By Myself

didn't match the stage play @ all; wasn't taraji's best performance, but still good, adam rodriguez . . . smh


ok so, wtf is this movie about? caught it after it started, got lost within 20 minutes of watching

Paul Blart: Mall Cop

sis said it was funny, only saw bits and pieces in the midst of my slumber


1 crazy be-yotch, he was wrong 4 not stopping it n the beginning . . . men, when will they ever get it right?

Get Rich or Die Tryin'

better than thought, loves joy bryant as an actress

Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen

excellent fights, a lot of cursing, "punk ass decepticons" <-- classic phrase

The Taking of Pelham 1 2 3

5 starz, enough said; travolta reached all the way back to pulp fiction with this one

Max Payne
Max Payne(2008)

good story line, poor acting (for the unknowns, including ludacris)

The Curious Case of Benjamin Button

long movie but different, intriguing, storyline

Bride Wars
Bride Wars(2009)

lies, deceit, backstabbing, love, friendship, great movie

Pride and Glory

couldnt really tell you about the relationship between the characters, ok i suppose

Star Trek
Star Trek(2009)

not a trekky but this was pretty good after the first 30 minutes. spock is a pretty strong gentleman

X-Men Origins - Wolverine

was not completely as impressed as i wanted to be; the first 30 minutes, too much was crammed in; the entire plot was unfortunate for the main character. didn't do too much of a good job, even with his 10 minutes of fame. didn't necessarily agree with liev schreiber as sabretooth, ryan reynolds never disappoints with his snide comments. the relationship with gambit and wolverine (as depicted in the comics) was not shown, maybe a wolverine origins sequel is in the make. this movie overall shows that everyone is always for self, no one can be trusted.


terrible, boring, dumb, i fell asleep 3 or 4 times, good thing i didn't pay the $1.50 to see it, LMAO

Fast & Furious

very, very, very good, better than the first fast & the furious movie, definitely worth the movie price.

Madea Goes to Jail

when you get into more than one storyline in a movie, things get dragged out, long and boring, unless the storylines r relevant to each other. the switching back and forth between the 2 in this movie was a bit too much. i did enjoy the comedy punch lines-minus the cheesyness. the delta did a good job, this time . . .


typical vampire falls for human but i enjoyed the movie, expected the main fight to be bigger than what is what, enjoyed the wolves vs. vampire story/respect/agreement. didn't end how 1 would expect, left room for sequel

Friday the 13th

not good, completely predictable, no suspense, still not scary, just horrible

Underworld: The Rise of the Lycans

eh, slightly boring, action good, characters good, too many emotions


a man's love for his daughter, great on the reprise of the uncle rico (napolean dynamite) role

Righteous Kill

very, very twisted plot, keeps you intrigued and guessing

Somebody Help Me

not as cheesy as expected, of course too much sex had to be involved, a different type of bad guy/killer

Death Race
Death Race(2008)

sad set up, blood and gore

Bangkok Dangerous

pretty decent fighting, shooting, assassins, chinese dialogue (fuck your mother, duck fucker, etc.) ending is what sucked


all the actors did a very great job in this movie, it was a whole lot better than i thought.

Seven Pounds
Seven Pounds(2008)

a bit boring, but a great storyline, will smith always does a great job PERIOD

Transporter 3

first hour was a bit boring

Cadillac Records

was a bit boring till beyonce appeared in the etta james roll

Quantum of Solace

boring, guess i need to go back and watch all the bond movies, the fights were decent though

Saw V
Saw V(2008)

getting more confusing as the sequel proceed

Eagle Eye
Eagle Eye(2008)

computers and technology once again, what a powerful thing

Sex and the City

not a sex and the city fan or series watcher, but pretty decent. but i'm so sick of love songs, so tired of tears . . . LOL

The Happening

the previews sucked completely, but the movie actually turned out to be good. strange things . . .

Lakeview Terrace

that damn samuel L! out did himself in this one, took his asshole attitude to a whole 'nother lever. didn't expect it to end the way it did though.

The Women
The Women(2008)

great movie of friendship during trying times

The Family That Preys

very good, buddy slapped the shit out of sanaa, completely over the counter; that was the best slap ever, i gotta get my pimp hand strong.

Street Kings
Street Kings(2008)

pretty decent, more than i expected, great suspense/drama; didn't know forest could fight! LOL, and ced the entertainer, did a good job in his role; and let's not forget house.

Step Brothers

"robert better not get up in my face, cause i'll drop that motherfucker" <--- LMFAO

The Mummy: Tomb of the Dragon Emperor

kind of expected more, the fighting was good

The Dark Knight

OMG!!! this is one of the BEST movies, the JOKER was phenomenal! So good, I hopped to see the next showing (LOL).


I LOVE WALL-E!!! he just wanted some love and company.


great movie, jolie's action @ the end was unpredictable, i wouldn't have done it.


5 star rating because it came out on my b-day! Not as bad of a movie as critics stated, great storyline, "lil ass wolverine outfit" - mike epps, LMAO!

Hellboy II: The Golden Army (Hellboy 2)

pretty decent, too much lovey dovey (which should have been expected). hellboy's gonna be a daddy :)

The Love Guru

knew it wouldn't be good, wasted my money, well my date's money, lol

The Incredible Hulk

better than the 2003 hulk movie. great action and graphics. wasn't expecting for abomination to give up so easily/quickly, guess he wasn't as good as he thought. i love the tony stark proposition at the end.

You Don't Mess With the Zohan

if you are in need of laughs, this is for you :D

The Strangers

kept me guessing what would happen next, shows dumb decisions does lead to death, i would have wounded at least one of them though


another technology movie, pretty good with the different types of murders

First Sunday
First Sunday(2008)

pretty decent, kat williams stole the show, as usual

Iron Man
Iron Man(2008)

totally enjoyed! technology is so awesome (my thesis topic: speech recognition)

The Forbidden Kingdom

jet li's character as the monkey king was a bit too silly, i fell asleep a couple of times

Vantage Point

pretty decent, amazing what can be done with mobile devices and technology (yay computers)

The Brave One

pretty good, when justice isn't served you go crazy, and lose fear of everything

30 Days of Night

ok, didn't expect for hartnett to turn himself to save everyone, everyone should not try to be a hero, i wouldn't have done it (i'm selfish)

The Mist
The Mist(2007)

turned out to be slightly biblical, great ending


actor doesn't fit this character <-- was better in live free and die hard

Meet The Browns

not impressed. great ending (kiss from the wedding <-- i wanna b kissed like that), bloopers were funnier than the movie, especially brown with that damn toupe'


corny/funny, jackie moon, andre 3000 (and his make-up covered tattoos), "love me sexy", patti labelle


really pays to be normal (at least for a while) and not greedy/big headed

Welcome Home Roscoe Jenkins

thought it would suck, proved me kind of wrong. that damn mike epps with the cowboy hat, fiona riding buck and silly monique, very comical


pretty decent . . . next time try to keep the camera still

Shoot 'Em Up
Shoot 'Em Up(2007)

stupid beginning, nefarious characters, better ending; he fell in love with a hooker, was he that desperate?

I Now Pronounce You Chuck & Larry

HILARIOUS! that damn adam sandler and kevin james . . . and ving rhames

I Think I Love My Wife

every whore has a trick up their sleeve when it comes to good, taken men.

War (Rogue Assassin)

subtitles too damn small; boring, confusing beginning. pretty good ending.

Aliens vs. Predator: Requiem (AVP 2)

too many people involved. the kid n the beginning didn't have to be a victim. new twist: alien/predator mix. first avp way better

The Kingdom
The Kingdom(2007)

raw movie! filled with action, killing, bombing, comedy, sarcasm, emotion etc. just what i like, i want a missle launcher by the way :)

I Am Legend
I Am Legend(2007)

pretty good, a little dry and questioning n the beginning. sad background/history/reasoning. good job on starting another smith kid n the acting business (2 down, 1 to go). will proved that men r stubborn; why did sam have 2 die :(

The Hitcher
The Hitcher(2007)

not as bad as thought, some parts were expected

American Gangster

film did start weak, was a little confused in the beginning. thought it was going to be more centered around denzel's character (frank lucas) instead of crowe's character also. momma lucas did a good job. favorite quote: "success has enemies"

Saw IV
Saw IV(2007)

looks like more sequels to come

Why Did I Get Married?

GREAT GREAT GREAT! I needed to see this.

Resident Evil: Extinction

expected more, particularly from the major fight scene @ the end. scene with the crows was pretty on point. too bad mike epps had to get bitten, and sorry ashanti tried to be hero and failed miserably


ORIGINAL better . . . a bit drastic on embellishments

Live Free or Die Hard


Rush Hour 3
Rush Hour 3(2007)

hilariouZ! great ending, but wasn't expecting it to be over n the end

The Simpsons Movie

not a simpson fan, "treasure of i'm a weaner" . . . classic! lol


i think i want to be a sniper

The Bourne Ultimatum

pretty good, Bourne can NOT b stopped, i don't know why they keep playing around . . .

The Hills Have Eyes 2

not a bad sequel, mad the black men were taking out, they were the soul of the movie :)


GREEAAATTTT!!!! was NOT disappointed